9th March 2019

Sex Education Is Abomination

Word From The Father
If a child is born, the brain is still open and during this time, anything can enter inside. The brain closes up gradually as he grows. At a young age, a child can learn five languages at a time and will be able to differentiate each one of them. As it is for good, so also for bad. If you give a child the right information, whatever information given to him will remain with him even after he becomes an adult. If you give him wrong information, it will also remain with him. Word is a Spirit! Whatever word a child hears matters a lot. A child wasn’t meant to be exposed to sensitive information. If he’s exposed to such, it will destroy his glory. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Creator of the universe. No one can destroy My handwork. You can only destroy yourself.

Anything that concerns procreation isn’t what you teach a child. Everything has been programmed into his Spirit and when the time is ripe, it will come automatically. You don’t teach a child how man and woman lay together. It is an abomination to the soul of that child! As you do that, you call a strange spirit to enter his life. If you’re hungry, what do you do? You’ll look for food anywhere and eat. If demons are hungry, what will they do? They’ll also look for food to eat. But the food of each spirit differs from each other. If you expose a child to such sensitive information, what do you think will happen? If the spirit in him is hungry, what do you think he will do? This could lead to incest or rape! By the end of the day you’ll blame the child for his action. Who taught him what to do?

All of you don’t know anything. Aren’t you complaining now? You have not seen anything yet. I Am the Almighty God and I don’t speak anyhow, and if I speak, I mean business. All of you will use your own hands to destroy yourselves. When you’re training a child to destroy his glory at young age, how will he value marriage tomorrow? Even if he marries, how will he treat his wife? As it is for the boy, so it is for the girl. The girl is even worse because I know how I formed her body. I have told all of you several times and I will repeat Myself again and again that, the other side of everything I created is a disaster. If you call strange spirits into action in a child at young age, you must know what you’re breeding. The spirit of sexual immorality is very powerful, and you cannot drive him or her away when they come. They will live with you until you die. This is why marriages are breaking down everywhere. Why should a marriage break down? When there is no love. Why there is no love? Because strange spirits live inside all of you. When you have married already, how can you marry another person? All of you are married to demons already through the live you live every day.

When Adam and Eve committed the same sin in the Garden, what did I do to them? How many years now? Has the evil stopped? All of you are graduating from one evil to another every day. Adam and Eve weren’t meant to do what they did in the Garden because they were too young, and their body weren’t ready for it. This was why it pained Me, and I laid curse on them. Left for them alone, they wouldn’t have remembered anything about sex if somebody hadn’t shown them even though they were naked. I was waiting for the time when they’ll become full adult before I release them to live their lives. This was why I kept them in the Garden. Though they were in their twenties, approaching thirty, yet, their heart was like that of a little child. Sex could have come automatically when the time is ripe. But they destroyed My plan for their lives. This was why hardship set in.

As a woman who carried a pregnancy in your womb for nine months, if you value that child, you’ll not allow anybody to teach him any nonsense that will destroy his brain. Now, all your schools are teaching them what to do to the extent showing them graphic images of man and woman. I will judge all of you. I swear by My name and My throne. I will wipe all of you away. I did it before and I will do it again. Satan was the one who introduced such teachings to all of you for him to gain access into your life early. Train your child the way he should go is what I said. I didn’t say you should train him in your own way or destroy his brain. But remember, whatever you sow you shall surely reap, and I will reward all of you by the end of the day.

My Emphasis
When the Father brought Eve out of Adam, they were both like little children. Remember they had no earthly parents and therefore, there was no sin before and behind them. They were pure and holy. Everything about them was perfect. Their spiritual eyes were wide opened. They could ear the language of animals. They could hear the language of birds. They could even hear the language of the plants. This was how the Father made them. If Adam and Eve were together, they would play with each other, but they had no sense of sex because that area of their lives was still blank. They were still like little children. This could have continued further until the Father saw they were fit for it. Then He would have released them out of the Garden. They would have worn clothes afterwards when they become full adults. But somebody came from nowhere and opened Eve’s brain to it and everything scattered.

When it happened in the Garden, you all know the kind of child that came out of it. This was the reason why Cain became evil child. Did it end there? Hence a certain spirit entered parents, they will share it for their children, and this will give access to Satan to rule the lives of their children. Seth, the last born of Adam and Eve narrowly escaped being hijacked while he was just nine years old. Today, Satan has opened different doors of destruction to the children of the Father. If they don’t learn it in the school, they’ll learn it at home through their parents or their television. Through multiplication of the spirit of sexual immorality in parents, Satan is using this medium to breed demons through parents across the whole Earth.

As parents, if you love your children, you’ll know how to control and care for them. But if you allow strangers in the name of teachers to help you train your children, these strangers will leave but the impact of their teachings will live with your children forever. I want you to understand that when the spirit of sexual immorality is hungry and nothing to quench that hunger, it could also lead to murder. Many of you don’t understand why there are so much trouble among the youth today. A ten-year-old child being sentenced because of murder. The leaders of tomorrow are being cut off from the Earth.

Every act of sin you cultivate, Satan has his own way of requesting its price from you. Unfortunately, your children could become the sacrificial lamb. In the church of God, the church leaders engage the youth in all manner of activities just to wind away the time. But the Father says train your child the way he should go. This is a word of the Spirit. If you teach a child the Word and way of the Father, the Spirit will grow with him. And when he becomes an adult, it will be very difficult to depart from this path. If you fail to train your children in the way of the Father, just remember that no matter how you serve the Father, you’re going to Hellfire. I pray for you today that Holy Spirit will give you the grace to train your children in the way of the Father so that you will not receive the blame in the end in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will ask the Father for mercy if I’ve failed in my duty.
2) I will pray earnestly and take back my children from the hands of the strangers with wisdom.
3) I will live my life in the fear of the Father and teach my children to follow my footstep.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty God, have mercy upon me because I’ve failed You.
2) Jesus Christ, let Your blood cleanse and purify the heart of my children, and remove every trace of evil teachings with Your blood.
3) Jehovah God, You are the Owner of this Earth and the children are Yours. Come down in Your anger and rescue Your inheritance from the hands of the evil ones.
4) Holy Spirit, shine Your light upon my children and let them know there is a glorious life in You in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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