8th March 2019

Who Is The Devil

Word From The Father
“We are evil! The kind of evil we do, our great father that started it didn’t know we could go extra mile and arrive at where we are now. The kind of evil he didn’t do before our Holy Father drove him away from where he supposed to be, we do it. The evil our evil father did, that made our Holy Father drove him down, we do more than that. We know what we’re capable of doing. We know we’re evil and we accept it as such because evil is our food.” Who is speaking? The children of My son Lucifer. They recognise their father as evil father. They recognise Me as their Holy Father. And they know they’re evil. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Revealer of Mysteries. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Mighty-Man-In-Battle. I Am the Creator of every creature. Nobody understands My way, but I understand Myself.

All of you are calling ‘devil, devil, devil’. Who is the devil? There is a difference between evil and My children. All of you are My children including Lucifer himself. I told you before that I gave birth to him by Myself. I gave birth to him as I gave birth to you. He was My son until he disobeyed Me. I didn’t give birth to him with evil. I gave birth to him pure and holy. What he did turned him to devil that all of you call him today. As I gave birth to him, so also I gave birth to all of you. And any one among you who does what he did, what will you call him? The devil! Therefore, all of you that choose to disobey My Word are what? The devils! You can be a Pastor, if you choose to disobey My Word, then you’re the devil. I Am the Almighty God. Your disobedience cannot change My Word.

I Am the Almighty God and I can create whatever I like and how I like it. Nobody dares question Me. I Am a Spirit and I can do and undo. If you tie anything, I can go there and untie it and you cannot see Me. And if you untie anything, I can go there and tie it back and you cannot see Me. I Am a Spirit of Spirits. No matter any category you belong to, no matter the kind of name they give to you, I Am above you because none is My equal either in Heaven or on Earth or underneath the Earth in the Dark-Planet. I Am the Creator. I Am the Originator. I Am the Origin of life. Every life came out of Me. I Am a Mystery. I Am Visible and Invisible God. I can do Myself as I like, and nobody dares say a word.

Right from the day I created your father and mother in the Garden that they chose to disobey My Word, evil has never departed from their generation. I Am God and whenever I speak, My Word will not return to Me empty. But you can remove your name from the register of evil. You can seize to be a devil. It’s your choice, the choice I gave you through My Son. If you know the truth, the truth shall set you free. If you don’t know the truth, then I know you’re living your life in ignorance. Yet, I will still punish you for your sins because no sinner will go unpunished. But you know the truth! All of you have used rope to hang yourself. Every day by day, you study more than yourself. That alone is to My advantage not yours. You thought you’re doing yourself good by being educated, but you’re not doing yourself good, you’re doing Me good and I Am happy. You are doing Me good because you know how to read and write. The people of old weren’t educated as you are, yet, I dealt with them in their ignorance. But as for all of you who claim you’re better than the people of old because of your education, you use your own hands to hang yourself because I will use it against you in the end.

Through your education you can read My Word. You can translate it to whichever language you want, and I Am happy for that. I will use the same education to judge you if you fail to do everything you read in My Word because you think you’re wise. The kind of wisdom all of you have, you fail to use it to do good. You’re using it to do evil everywhere because you’re offspring of your father – Lucifer. I suffered My Son Jesus because of all of you so that you can regain what you lost in the Garden. Despite how much you populate the Earth, you only grow in evil every day. There are churches in every corner, yet, all of you gather to do evil. I will judge all of you. I Am the Almighty God.

My Emphasis
Holiness went to the street in the morning and called out, but nobody listened to Her. She went out at noon and called the children of men, nobody pay attention to Her cry. She went out in the evening when everybody returned from their labour, no one was willing to heed Her call. She made the final call at night when everywhere was silent, still, no one hearken to Her voice. Alas, the children of men love unrighteous than righteousness. They love sin more than holiness. But when Holiness was about to return to Her place of rest, a lowly child appeared from nowhere and said, “I heard You when You were calling me; here I am, I’m ready to listen to You.” The Master Jesus said in the Book of Mathew 22:14 that, “Many are called, but few are chosen.”

If you worked hard to build your house and one of your tenants treats it in a way you don’t like, will you be happy and thank him for what he’s doing? You will evict him straight away! But Jehovah God isn’t like that. He gives the children of men long rope, long rope to repent and amend their ways. If you committed sin ignorantly, your Spirit could bear witness that you committed it ignorantly even though you failed to heed his warning. But if you adamantly committed sin when you knew that what you’re about to do was evil, definitely your heart is evil and there is no other name to call you than the devil. The Father takes His time before He passes His judgement because of ignorance and knowledge.

Lucifer wasn’t ignorant when he went to the abode of the demons. If he had stumbled upon them suddenly without awareness, it would have been a different case. But the fact that Jehovah God Himself, his own Father took him and his brethren to the abode of the demons disqualified him from receiving pardon. He knew very well what he was doing, and it backfired on him. He and his children are paying the price until today and they will pay it until the Father rolls the Earth away. Many of us fall into this category! We knew definitely well the mind of the Father concerning what we’re about to do, yet, we went ahead and did it. Apostle Paul was warned trice before going to Jerusalem, but he measured spiritual things with his physical eyes. This changed the course of his ministry and he paid the price for the rest of his life.

As Christians, we must understand that the world has entered the church and the church has entered the world. Therefore, we must be very careful before making any decision or judgement. Else, it may lead us to where we least expected and lucky shall we be if it doesn’t take Heaven away from us completely. I pray for you today that Jesus Christ Himself will paddle the canoe of your life so that you can reach the shore safely in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will ask the Father for mercy.
2) I will pull off every garment of disobedience.
3) I will heed to the call of Holiness and listen to Her instruction.

My Task For Today
1) Almighty Father, have mercy upon me in every area of my life.
2) Jesus Christ my Saviour, erase every mark of evil in my life with Your precious blood.
3) Jehovah God, remove and consume every garment of evil and give me a new name.
4) Almighty God, give me a heart of obedience and surrender.
5) Holy Spirit, let Your truth lead me in this journey in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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