8th January 2019

The Life Of A Disciple

Word From The Father
If you’re passing through any affliction, check your hands. But if you’re walking for Me with all your heart and you’re still passing through any affliction, count it for joy. Be rest assured that I know everything you’re passing through. Can you see birds on any tree without a fruit? Never! You can only see birds on a tree with fruits. As My chosen servant, because the soul of millions of people ties to yours, you’ll pass through many troubles. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am a Holy Father. Sin is an abomination to Me.

When My Son came to this Earth, those He called His Disciples, which work were they doing? Some of them defrauded people before they could make ends meet. Some of them were fishermen. Is it easy to go fishing in the cold? You’ll wake up very early in the morning and go fishing inside cold. You’ll be there for hours without catching any fish. But these were men of higher spiritual powers! Yet, they lived a low life, a life of hardship and poverty. You know the kind of spiritual powers My Son had when He was on this Earth. This should give you the clue the spiritual hierarchy His Disciples belonged to. They were powerful spiritually. They lived a low life because of the sins of their generation and their own sins.

While they were with My Son, He performed many rituals to heal them. He cast out many demons from them. Several times He prayed into water for them to drink. They also ate the last supper together several times. His light covered them and their dead soul were revived. But when the moment of truth came, when the soul of My Son was in anguish, the light left them because evil has taken over because of the betrayal of Judas. Though I wanted Him to die, but not through any of them. When they went to the garden to pray, they were sleeping because the light has left them. By the end of the day, after the day of Pentecost, their lives never remained the same again. If not for My Son, nobody would have heard their names. My Son searched for them one by one because they were not ordinary people.

Many of My servants are there today, their names are reigning all over the world. Some of them were foolish by adding earthly titles to their names. Because of who I created them to be, nobody could have heard their names no matter how educated they are. Some of them think their education brought them thus far. No! My work advertised them. How many doctors are in the world that nobody hears their names? How many lecturers are there that nobody hears their names? No matter what you become, it’s all by My grace because I created you to be. Because you failed to run away from sin, therefore, Satan led you far away from My route. This brought affliction upon you like the Disciples of My Son.

I Am speaking to the youth, those I choose to lead My church tomorrow. I will do wonders on this Earth and the cup of many of My servants will fall. But My church must not be left like sheep without a shepherd. Therefore, if you know you’re My chosen one, wash your hands clean especially when you’re still single. It’s very easy to cleanse yourself when you’re not married and have no children. It’s very hard to wash away any sin you committed after you’re married and had children.

My Emphasis
The world is full of churches everywhere, and there are servants of the Father everywhere. The Bible says in the Book of Matthew 22:14 that, “For many are called, but few are chosen.” The unchosen ones have polluted the heart of the chosen ones. Senior Pastors have brainwashed Junior Pastors because of their lifestyle. The junior ones now believe that the work of the Father is about inheriting this Earth. This is why you hear all manner of atrocities committed every day by the servants of the Father. They could go to any length to get whatever they want.

The life of a disciple is a sold-out life, a lonely life. You’re on your own! No matter how hard or rugged the road may be, you must not be tired. Jesus Christ said in the Book of Luke 9:62 that, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” You must not look back! If a chief warrior goes to war, he owes everything to his warriors and his entire nation. No matter how fierce the battle may be, he’ll make sure he stands firm. It’s either he lives or dies. This is the life of a warrior. The Disciples of old stood firm in their faith for the Master who ascended to Heaven right before their eyes. This alone gave them assurance to stand firm and never look back. This was why they counted every hardship, every sorrow, and every temptation for joy. Therefore, whoever embarks on this journey will follow in the footstep of the old Disciples.

It is written that, “A sinner will not go unpunished.” Yes, no sinner will go unpunished! This is a general Law for every sinner and there’s no exemption. And any chosen of the Father who committed sin will face a severe penalty. The more terrible your sin is, the more severe your punishment will be. If it means for death to take your life so that your soul can be saved for eternity, it will happen. This was the joy of the Disciples of Jesus Christ who found joy and happiness in their affliction. My appeal hereby goes to the youth, the young Pastors and next generation of Pastors that no trace of sin should be found in you so that nothing Satan can use against you. Through this, your journey will be smoother and easier than ours. I pray for you today that the same grace that sustained the servants of old will also sustain you until the end in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will ask for mercy because I was once a sinner.
2) I will let prayer be my food so that I can have enough strength for the journey.
3) I will stand firm in my faith and will not look back.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, I pray that You have mercy upon my soul and cleanse my heart with the blood of Your Son.
2) Jesus Christ my Saviour, lead me in Your truth because Your Word is truth.
3) My Lord and my God, take away from me everything that wants to take me away from Your path.
4) Holy Spirit, let Your fire continually burn in my heart so that I can remain focus in my journey in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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