7th March 2019

The Spirit Of Holiness

Word From The Father
There is no human being without a Spirit and that Spirit is Me. The Spirit has no duplicate and is one. The Spirit is holy as I Am. Without the Spirit, you cannot be alive. The Spirit keeps you alive. Even if evil spirits want to use you, they cannot use you without the Spirit of holiness in you. This is how I programmed everything to work. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator. I Am the Giver of life. Everything came from Me, and everything will return to Me.

As human being, My Spirit in you is the Spirit of holiness. A demon cannot operate in you on his own without My Spirit which is in you. You must understand that the spirit of sin is also in you based on your generation. When I created Adam and Eve, did any demon operate in them? No single demon was in them. Their disobedience gave demons access into their lives. Before demons can use you, they must use part of the Spirit of holiness in you, else, they cannot function on their own.

A woman who possesses the spirit of witchcraft cannot lead herself to the coven on her own accord. The spirit takes her forth and back. The Spirit of holiness in her is still active and without this Spirit, she cannot go to the coven as well. This means she operates with two Spirits at the same time. This is why she’s called double-minded person. Anyone who is double-minded cannot act on her own. While she’s there in the coven, her body is laid to rest in her room. If somebody enters and wakes her up, it takes some seconds before her Spirit which is My Spirit in her and the spirit of witchcraft could descend to her body, and she will disappear from the coven. This same evil spirit in her could make her remember everything that transpired in the coven, and if she sees any member of her coven, they can both continue their discussion further.

Many of My servants are controlled by the spirit of witchcraft which they gave themselves to. Some of them are saying if it’s not good, why did God create it. But they’re foolish and stupid because they lack wisdom. I created you for good and I will not give you evil because witchcraft is evil. The spirit of witchcraft blindfolds you to the truth and everything you do is right in your own eyes. There are times when you’re in your conscious mind when the spirit gives you rest. That time, you’re operating alone with the Spirit of holiness in you. Then you can reason like every other human being. But the spirit of witchcraft dominates your entire being and you have no power over it. This is how I programmed them to work. I Am the Almighty God. I Am not a man.

I created you to do good, not evil. This is why I put Myself inside you. The Spirit I put in you is a holy Spirit not evil. The Spirit is meant to do good. And if you fail to do good, what do you think you’ll do? That means Satan will add his own to it and you’ll begin to do evil. For example, a priest in the village that all of you call herbalist, I created him to do good not evil. An herbalist is a person who cares for patients just like a doctor. Both of them fall into the same category. But an herbalist operates spiritually. He sees what a doctor cannot see. The same herbs he supposed to use to cure his patients, he can use it to do them evil. Yet, he is using the same Spirit of holiness I put in him couple with an evil spirit to do evil. This is how it works.

Those of you who love good should continue to do good. You must run away from evil so that you won’t corrupt the Spirit of holiness in you. This Spirit keeps every human being alive. The more you have My fear, the more alive this Spirit in you will be. But those of you who love to do evil should also continue with it. I will reward you when the time is ripe. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Holy Father. Evil is an abomination to Me.

My Emphasis
The Father created human being and put angelic body into him. This angelic body is the Spirit of holiness. Without this Spirit, nobody will be alive. This body of flesh reduces the power of the Spirit so that you can live comfortably as a normal human being on this Earth. If the Father allows you to live your full life as those who live in Heaven, every human being will run away from you because you can appear and reappear at anytime just like Jesus Christ when He was on this Earth.

Though the power of the Spirit is reduced, yet, he is fully alive. The more sin you commit, the weaker he becomes. This Spirit is a world of his own which was formed to carry other spirits, but all of them are meant to work together for a common purpose, to help you fulfil your course on this Earth. But if you commit sin, an evil spirit enters automatically which overpowers the Spirit of holiness in you. You must also understand that evil spirits don’t live alone. They carry others along with them. If a man is possessed by demon and you want to cast him out, there you’ll come to understand that he is not alone. When the madman of Gadara met Jesus Christ and the demon began to speak, He asked him what’s your name, and he said, “‘Legion’ because we’re many”. Therefore, evil spirits don’t live alone.

The Spirit of holiness in a man is for good not for evil. When the Father was dealing with Moses, He had to first remove most of the spirits of sin in him before He could use him to perform those wonders. This is why the Father always implores us to keep our Spirit pure because to expel evil spirits aren’t so easy as you may think. Some of them will never leave no matter what you do. They’ll end up becoming part of your life until you die as it happened to Apostle Paul. Only death will separate you and them. But if a man committed less sin, it’s very easy to cleanse him. And the less his sin is, the more active and powerful the Spirit of holiness in him will be.

The body of Christ today has gone far in sin. They’ve gone far in evil. This is why the Father holds back pouring His Spirit upon His children. You must understand that if the Father releases His Spirit, it depends on the kind of Spirit He meets inside you. If He meets the Spirit of holiness in you active and alive, this is where you’ll begin to prophesy, praising God. But if He meets demons in you, the fire will torment them, and they’ll begin to speak through your mouth. You must understand that Holy Spirit is like fire. This fire empowers the Spirit of holiness in you while the same fire torments the demons in you. If the demons in you are less powerfully, they will flee without any resistance. But if they’re powerful, they will want to resist the fire of Holy Spirit. And the more they resist, the more problem they put themselves because the fire will become intense until they cannot resist Him anymore. This is where they’ll begin to speak through your mouth. As born-again child of God, the Spirit of holiness in you suppose to grow stronger everyday as you live your life in the Father not the opposite. I hereby pray for you today that Holy Spirit will have mercy upon you and give you the grace to walk in His way and do His will so that the Spirit of holiness in you can continually be alive in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will ask the Father for mercy because I am a sinner.
2) I will purge myself and prune my Spirit with fasting and prayers.
3) I will equip myself with the Word of the Father every day.

My Task For Today
1) Almighty Father, have mercy upon me because I am a sinner.
2) Jesus Christ, You are the Light of my life. Let Your light overpower every spirit of darkness in me.
3) Jehovah God, rain down Your fire like a brimstone and let every stranger flee my abode.
4) Holy Spirit, take over my life and let the Spirit of holiness in me be alive and powerful in You in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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