7th January 2019

When Sin Goes Before You

Word From The Father
When I chose Abraham, I had My reason for choosing him. I swore to him what I would do. I told him some of the things I would do and hid the rest from him. I Am a Father who doesn’t speak out all My plans because you’re flesh. As human being, if I’m dealing with you, I expect you to listen and follow all My instruction. Unfortunately, no man has ever followed My instruction wholeheartedly except My Son when He came to this Earth. Every man has disappointed Me. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. My work is never an abandoned project.

What I did with Adam and Eve in the Garden, this was exactly what I wanted to do with Abraham and Sarah. Because somebody entered the heart of Sarah to give Hagar to Abraham, sin went before them and My plans for them was aborted. I Am a Father and anything I want to do, I make sure I plan it carefully. When I uprooted him from his father’s house and his country, didn’t I have a plan for him? I needed holy generation on this Earth and I wanted them to come through him. This was why I promised him Isaac so that through him, the whole Earth would be populated with holy children. But somebody vowed to renew what he did to the generation of Adam and Noah. This he eventually did to Abraham because of his weakness.

The birth of Ishmael destroyed many things because where there is love, holiness is not far from there. Even after Isaac was born, Abraham still saw Ishmael as heir of the promise because he was his first born. It’s like a woman who cooked a delicious rice dish and ready to serve it. Somebody came from nowhere and poured some sand into it. She had laboured very well to cook it, and she and her household had to manage it as they saw it. This was exactly what happened to Abraham and Sarah. As human being, no matter how I deal with you, you still have your own heart to make some certain decisions. And if you’re not careful, your decision could ruin all My plans for you.

As I promised him Isaac, so also, I could have brought out a female child from Sarah who would be the wife of Isaac so that both of them could populate the Earth with holiness. This was how I did Cain and Abel in the Garden! But somebody aborted it. After the birth of Isaac, Abraham didn’t place priority on him too much because Ishmael and his mother were still around. Until when I asked him to drive them away, this was why he shifted all his love to Isaac. The same love and understanding that was between him and Sarah right from the beginning wasn’t there anymore. Hence the house is divided, and evil takes its place, everything will scatter. Sarah spent the remaining of her life in sorrow because Abraham saw her as a wicked woman. “You were the one that asked me to sleep with her so that she could produce a child for us; why then do you turn everything against me.” This led to the death of Sarah and I couldn’t do what I planned to do anymore. Sin went before them and somebody aborted their dream.

I Am the Almighty God and My work is never an abandoned project. If I start My work, I make sure I finish it. If I promise you anything, if you’re not careful to hold on to My promise with all your heart, Satan can abort it. Abraham and Sarah didn’t understand fully that I was the One dealing with them because such thing has not happened to any man before. This is why I’m appealing to all of you this morning to always watch your heart. Whatever decision you want to make must be in a way of holiness, not in a way of sin. If Abraham had refused to sleep with Hagar, this Earth wouldn’t have been like this today. The same family I asked him not to go back to, this was where I asked him to pick a wife for Isaac because there was no other option left. This was the beginning of the sorrow of Jacob and his generation. Even the children that Abraham had after the death of Sarah weren’t the ones I could have asked Isaac to marry because they too were dirty.

My Emphasis
From Adam to Noah, from Noah to Abraham, from Abraham to Jacob, the Father has always met with disappointment in dealing with man. Any decision that has to do with life and generation shouldn’t be taken rashly but carefully. Right from the beginning of time, somebody was always there to abort the good dream given to man by the Almighty. Man is foolish as well to always fall into the trap of the evil one because he uses their weakness against them. We all fall into this category!

The Father has gone too far with His children and this Earth and He is not ready to destroy everything now. And no matter how the Earth turns upside down, He is still ready to deal with whosoever surrenders to His will willingly. It is written in the Book of II Corinthians 11:14-15 that, “And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.” The same strategy he used in the Garden, this he still uses today. He will never change. When He tempted Jesus Christ, did he change his strategy? No! What then is his strategy? The things of this Earth. For him to have hand in every blessing of a man, he always makes sure he deals with the root.

Because of what Satan had done to many heroes of the Father through women, this is why the Father segregated them. Alas, Jesus Christ came and didn’t abolish the Law of the Father. Every Law, every Ordinance the Father gave in the time of old stands until today. And if you think you can live otherwise, you’ll manage whatever you see. If an evil woman stands in front of you, can you see it in her? You cannot see it! Even some of these women that Satan used didn’t even know that somebody hid inside them to achieve his evil purpose. This is why you must be very careful the kind of decision you make in your heart so that Satan will not abort your dream in the end. I am a man and the Father speaks to me everyday and reveal all these mysteries to me. If I don’t speak it out, how will you know? This is why you should count yourself privileged and hold the Word with all your heart.

If you plant a seed and apply some chemical to it, the seed will germinate and grow with the chemical. If it’s a fruit yielding seed, where will the fruit end? It will end up in your stomach. If you pour some chemical into a river, the fishes may not die but the chemical will affect them. If you eventually catch the fishes and eat them, the chemical will end up in your stomach. Evil is evil and there’s nothing to substitute it. There are Christians all over the world, yet, the Father keeps lamenting that none of them is coming to Him. Why? Because somebody always beat evil drum to which the children of men constantly dance. They don’t only dance, they also follow his heart and decision. And for the Father to glorify Himself in the life of any man, such man must die to sin. Until you’re dead to the things of this Earth, this is the only way Satan will see you as a madman, useless in his hand. Though you’re useless in his hand, but you’re a hero in the hand of the Almighty. If you’re wise to recognise his strategy or trap through the examples in the Bible or godly people around you, you’ll be able to sail through. I pray for you today that Holy Spirit will guide you in all truth and lead you to the end of your journey in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will be very vigilant so that I won’t fall to the trap of the evil one.
2) I will pray earnestly before making any decision.
3) I will hold on to the Word of the Father with all my heart and follow all righteousness.

My Prayers For Today
1) Jesus Christ, You are the Light of my life. Shine Your light upon me and remove every darkness from my ways.
2) My Lord Jesus, hold me by Your right hand and never let me stray away from You.
3) Jehovah God of Heaven, abort and destroy every strategy of Satan that wants to abort Your plans for my life.
4) Holy Spirit, You are the Spirit of truth. Continually reveal to me all my weaknesses so that I can deal with them accordingly in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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