6th March 2019

Mind What You See

Word From The Father
Your eye is a world of its own. If you have no eye to see, you cannot commit visual sin. Though you can communicate with people, but you neither see nor know who they are. You cannot describe them at all. If you don’t commit visual sin, then you’ll live a sinless life. Whatever your eyes see, both your Spirit and soul see it together. Whatever you see can either have positive or negative impact on your life. The Spirit that control your eyes is very powerful because with your eyes you can see the whole world. Through your eyes, everything goes into your heart and brain. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am Omnipotent God. I Am Omniscient God. I Am the Authority. Whatever I didn’t create can never exist.

As a Christian, you should control the affairs of your eyes. Whatever you see have significant impact on your life. If My son David hadn’t seen the nakedness of Bathsheba, nothing would have led him into killing another man for the sake of covering his dirty secret. If Reuben hadn’t seen the nakedness of his father’s wife while bathing, nothing would have led him laying with her. Your eyes are very powerful! As a thief, how can you steal if you don’t see? As an adulterer or fornicator, how can you commit such sin if you can’t see the beauty of women? When My Son said that if one of your eyes causes you to sin, pluck it out and throw it away, He wasn’t saying you should remove your eye physically, it’s a thing of the Spirit. Whatever you see, you know how you feel inside you. And if you’re uncomfortable with whatever you see, you know what to do. Get rid of whatever makes you feel uncomfortable. Besides, you weren’t born with whatever makes you feel uncomfortable.

If you’re watching any movie that promotes sin, it’s like reverting your life backward because the spirits will chase you spiritually. Any movie that promotes idolatry and witchcraft play big impact on your life. This is why if you forsake any road, you don’t go back there anymore. Some of My servants said people shouldn’t watch television, yes, based on their own personal experience. This isn’t from Me because everything has good and bad side. But as My own son and daughter, you should know what My Word says concerning everything. If you’re watching a movie that promotes holiness and righteousness, which demon will chase you for it? Can you watch a movie without television? If you’re watching a movie that promotes Heaven, a movie that makes you afraid of sin, which demon will chase you for it? Rather, they will discourage you to watch such movie so that you can continually commit sin and do their bidding. They know that the quicker the cup of your sin is full, the quicker they can cut short your life. And even if they’re unable to cut short your life, you’ll go to Hellfire. Why should they encourage you to do My will? Why should they encourage you to go to Heaven? Can darkness and light be in union?

Everything you see around you have two sides, physical and spiritual. This is why those who say they’re teaching little children sex education are foolish. They’re carrying out the assignment of Satan. He knows that’s what could destroy the glory of human being. And the earlier they’re exposed to it, the quicker he can destroy their glory. This is what he does to all of you and you think you have wisdom. He has planted many things around you to the extent if you’re not careful, you’ll battle with your eyes all your days. This is why you must be very careful what you see or watch. You must be very careful what you do. Many of you don’t understand the reason why crime has increased on Earth. All those graphic images on your television and newspapers give information to the spirits of other regions or nations to do the same thing. As you have boundary physically, so also you have boundary spiritually. As you have boundary on the land, so also you have boundary on the sea and sky. Some things may happen in some lands spiritually and the spirits of other lands may not know about it. But Satan has given all of you wisdom and you think you’re wise. Today, all of you are connected as those living in one village. This is why crime is increasing every day. With everything all of you use to surround yourselves, you still claim there is no God. How can you live in peace with all these things if you say there’s no God?

My Emphasis
That which you see goes into your heart. Your heart works upon it and keep what it wants to keep and throw away the ones it wants to throw away. The one it wants to keep will be stored in your brain pending the time it will need it again. But everything works spiritually. Any negative information which is stored in your system can be called into action by Satan at any time as he did to King David when he saw the nakedness of Bathsheba. I have said it before that it didn’t happen instantly as it was described, rather, it happened later when his body was at rest. Satan came to him and called that information from his brain into his heart. Then the action followed.

As human being, the Spirit of holiness has power to fight against every stranger that wants to pollute your body. But if you give the stranger access after the Spirit might have warned you, the power of the strange spirit will determine what will happen to you next. If the stranger can overpower the Spirit of holiness in you, no matter how much you resist him, he will always overcome. But if you heed the call of the Spirit and shun the call of the stranger and refuse him access into your life, then you’re a winner.

Everything that doesn’t promote the Kingdom of the Father automatically promotes the kingdom of Satan. And that which promotes the kingdom of Satan is enmity to Heaven. As a Christian, the fact that somebody calls himself a Christian doesn’t mean he should invite you to any gathering and you agree to go. The Word of the Father and the Spirit in you must always bear witness to everything before you act on it. For example, if somebody calls himself a Christian and wants to celebrate his birthday, ask questions before you leave your house. And even before you agree, you must know him to an extent before you attend. And finally, you must ask your Spirit, the Spirit of the Father in you if such gathering is where you should go or not. An ordinary gathering can take ten years away from your life. Everything that doesn’t glorify the Father glorifies Satan.

Those of you who love watching African movies must know exactly what you’re watching and why you’re watching it. They shoot those movies because of money and they put themselves into so much risk spiritually. If you’re able to interview some of them, they’ll tell you what they encounter in their dreams. And everyone that watches the movie partakes from what the spirit will do next. You must understand that those movies promote idolatry. If Satan is using the image of those who acted the movie of Jesus to confuse Christians because they’re sinners, how much more movies that promote idolatry. Remember that you were from idolatry linage and you can call the spirits forward to act in your life again. Those spirits drink only blood. Be careful and watchful what you see or watch. I pray for you today that Holy Spirit will give you wisdom how to live your daily life in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness any area I’ve gone astray.
2) I will call back my Spirit from the realm of darkness back into light.
3) I will rather engage my eyes with what will promote my Spirit than engage them with the things of this Earth that leads to destruction.

My Task For Today
1) Almighty Father, have mercy upon me and cleanse me from every unrighteousness.
2) Jesus Christ my Saviour, erase every evil memory with Your blood.
3) Jehovah God, break everything that ties me to evil.
4) Almighty God, destroy every evil altar in my heart and build Your shelter there.
5) Holy Spirit, let Your fire consume everything that connects my eyes to evil in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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