6th January 2019

When The Wait Is Over

Word From Holy Spirit
A barren woman is hopeful that one day she’ll be pregnant like every other woman and carry her own baby. An expectant mother is happy that she carries her own baby in her womb, and she waits eagerly for the arrival of her new baby. A farmer who sowed and worked hard the whole season waits in anticipation for the time of harvest when his hard work will be rewarded. A man who set out on a long journey hopes that sooner or later he’ll reach his destination. Whatever your circumstance may be, what has a beginning also has an ending. I Am the Spirit of Light. My days are of old. I Am the Revealer of mysteries. In Me there is no darkness.

Who understands the error of his ways? Who can tell when darkness was born? Who is that man who has power over his days? Each day a man lives is determined by Me. Every life originated from Me and there’s no other life outside Me. When hope is born, it gives strength to the hopeless. When the hope of a man is dead, he has nothing to live for. But those who hope in Me shall never be put to shame. They shall renew their strength daily and look forward in anticipation that hope is on the way.

There is time for everything in the life of a man. The time to wait is longer than the time to receive. Whatever I do, I do it perfectly so that you can enjoy it in joy and peace. Those who believe in Me, those who hope in Me, those who put their trust in Me are My joy. This is why We always rejoice when any of Our children crosses this Earth to Heaven. Everyday, I look forward to that faithful one who will cross this Earth to Heaven. Many people die each day, but only few come to Us because they lived their lives in Us. He who lives Our life shall receive the crown of life.

Many waited to receive their blessing, but when their time was near, they lost hope and their enemy defeated them. The world is a battleground. We rescue Our own children every day. You live in a world where evil has taken dominion. You live in a world where righteousness has diminished. Those who do evil are more than those who do good. This is why peace is far away from everybody. But those who wait upon Me shall by no means be put to shame.

I have come this morning to encourage all of you because I know what you’re passing through. Have the faith of a pregnant woman who always have joy when she remembers that one day she’ll carry her baby in her hand. Every expectant mother is always positive in her thinking. Even though there may be a complication awaiting her, she still believes that joy shall be hers at last. I want you to have this kind of hope. This is why you should always wait upon Us that no matter what you pass through, help is on the way. I Am inside all of you. I reveal, and I give you strength. This is My work and I Am near to those who call upon Me.

My Emphasis
When a baby is born, the whole house is full of joy and happiness. Nobody cares what the new mother passed through. Nobody cares how she had sleepless nights. Nobody cares when she had no appetite but forced herself to eat to keep her unborn baby alive. Joy has overshadowed all her pains, and everything is forgotten. If the Almighty God doesn’t put the Spirit of forgetfulness in the heart of a mother, no woman will wish to be pregnant after passing through the first pains.

The Bible says in the Book of Isaiah 40:31 that, “But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” When Jesus Christ was about to ascend to Heaven, He encouraged His Disciples. When He finally ascended to Heaven, two Angels descended and encouraged them to remain steadfast as they are because the same Jesus that ascended would also descend once again. (See the Book of Acts 1:10-11). Many years have passed, and they all died, and they never saw Jesus in the flesh again but in the Spirit. These men were there when everything happened. They knew Him, lived with Him, and knew everything He passed through until His final hour. But this same promise is our hope today that this same Jesus will descend once again. The Saviour ascended physically but descended spiritually to continue the work He started. Even today, He always descend and ascend in the Spirit. This is our hope that He who died, resurrected and ascended to Heaven is alive. Hallelujah!

As each day passes by, we’re getting closer to our end. We hope and believe that we too will see the Saviour in the Spirit just like the Disciples of old. But if we’re able to persevere and endure just as they did, we too will receive the crown which they received. The Father, the Owner of every life waits every day in anticipation for that faithful son or daughter who will cross this Earth to eternal glory. This alone is His joy that every work He did on Earth has never been in vain. For this same reason we should wait patiently upon the Father and His Son by renewing our strength daily with His Word. I have assurance that when the wait is over, a new song shall we sing as we appear in the Glory Land where there’s neither sickness nor temptation, where there’s neither hardship nor poverty. All our lives shall fill with the glory of the Father. But before then, we must keep waiting until when there’s nothing to wait for. I pray for you today that Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth will guide and guard your heart and will renew your strength daily as you await your heavenly glory in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will keep waiting and will never slack.
2) I will remove every obstacle from my way so that I can see the road ahead clearly.
3) I will hold on to the truth which I’ve received.

My Prayers For Today
1) Jesus Christ, You who trod this Earth before me, shine Your light upon me and give me strength.
2) My Lord Jesus, You came to this Earth and the Earth never swallowed You. May I walk in the same path which You trod so that I can end victoriously.
3) Almighty God, give me the Spirit of joy so that my heart can always full for it as I continue this journey.
4) Holy Spirit, I ask You to renew my Spirit and soul every day as I keep waiting upon You in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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