5th March 2019

Wisdom On The Way

Word From The Father
In the multitude of words, adequate information is given. Information can either edifies or pull down. If you’re wise in your own eyes, folly is not far from you. He who hastens to speak without listening will stumble with his lips. If you have the strength of an ant and want to race with a horse, consider your strength before you step out to race. If My Spirit in you leads you to race, even though your strength is limited, you have nothing to fear because the horse may not win the race. I Am the Spirit of Truth. I Am the Revealer of Mysteries. My days are from of old. I Am Holy Spirit. I Am the Great Advocate.

Many of you love yourself, you value yourself more than anything and you don’t care what will happen to those around you. A tree doesn’t make a forest. Every life around you have a purpose to play in your life especially if all of you have a common goal. But if you find a trace of evil in any man, run away from him as fast as you can because he’ll rub you with his evil. If your ways are pure and holy, be at peace anywhere you go because I will always be with you. As long there’s no barrier between Us, I will always stand for you. However, you must be wise because evil lucks in every corner. Evil cannot befall Me because I Am a Spirit, but you’re flesh. Therefore, be watchful.

The way of a fool is wise in his own eyes, his actions are justified by fools like himself, but he doesn’t know that disaster and folly follow him wherever he goes. If a man doesn’t have My fear, he’ll run into his own ruin quicker than he can ever imagine. The fear a man has in Me gives him boldness and though he’s just a man, yet, he has the heart of a lion because he’s fearless. He believes he can pass through any obstacle without delay. Yet, he’s a man. He who have Me, though have nothing physically has everything because the Earth is Mine and everything in it.

He who understands his error early will quickly retrace his steps, but he who lacks wisdom will run the race of futility. If you lack wisdom and knowledge, how can you measure the course of life? Through wisdom a city is built, and a city will end up becoming a nation. A ruler has a big heart because he considers everyone to be his. He who relax before the time of harvest will by no means reap vanity. My Word today is a Word of wisdom. Let My Spirit in you decode everything. Use it as you go along in this journey.

My Emphasis
One is a man, and another is a woman, both together are human beings. Without one there is no other. Though one was made because of one, yet, none is more important than the other. The one that was made before one and the one that was brought out of one both have common goal, to populate the Earth. Through two people, a village is born. A village will become a city and will go forth and become a nation.

There are different sources of wisdom, but the wisdom from the Most High supersedes every other wisdom. Not every wisdom gives direction because many leads to ruin. If a man isn’t wise in his dealings, he will run when no man pursues him. Each day by day, man wakes up early to chase for his daily bread. If he’s not wise, he’ll end up bringing folly to his house. O Lord my God, may I not lack wisdom in this journey!

If you sleep, you’ll wake up; if you wake up; you will sleep again. Your life goes on its cycle until the end. Why won’t you tread gently and carefully? If you’re in haste, you’ll run and wait for your train. When you know you’re going to wait, why running in the first place? Take each step as it comes, slowly but watchful, slowly and gently. Grace is given to all men to live their daily lives. Those who values such grace profit from it. And those who abuse it come quickly to a cross road where confusion engulfs their heart. But those who draw wisdom from the loins of the Almighty shall live like a sheep in the greens where the grass withers not. I pray that Holy Spirit will give you wisdom to take each step of your life in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will seek wisdom above gold.
2) I will value every wisdom I receive each day.
3) I will not run ahead of the Father but will patiently wait as He instructs me.

My Task For Today
1) Almighty Father, You are the Owner and Giver of wisdom. I pray that You give me wisdom to walk this path.
2) Jesus Christ, You came and conquered every power of lawlessness. Empower me each day I walk and lead me by your right hand.
3) Holy Spirit, may Your truth prevail over sin as I live each day in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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