4th March 2019

The Greatest Wisdom

Word From Jesus Christ
Who is good in Heaven and on Earth? No one except My Father. For out of His wisdom He established His Kingdom. By His strength He established His work among whom I Am the Chief. I Am the First of His strength. Nothing belongs to My Father that doesn’t belong to Me. He existed before Me and for Me. Both of Us are One and Our Word is One. I Am your Saviour. I Am your Jesus who died for you.

If all of you know the work My Father did for you, your heart will full of joy every day. The time you spend in celebrating sorrow, you will use it to celebrate My Father if you value the work He did for you. When somebody thought there is no other way, My Father, out of His enormous wisdom brought forth the idea of My death so that through it your soul would be redeemed. There is no other wisdom greater than this. Nobody knows how He did it except He alone. He knows how He created blood. He knows how He gave birth to all His children. All of Us found Ourselves in existence. We all originated from My Father. We came out of Him.

If you’re sorrowful, you do yourself nothing but harm because sorrow reduces your lifespan. If you’re sorrowful, how do you feel in your heart? But if you’re happy and appreciative, your days will be very long. A cheerful heart gladdens the soul, but a sorrowful one aches it. If there is life there is hope. If you have life you have everything. You have nothing without life because life comes before anything. My Father used the life of Job as an example for all of you. When he lost everything, what happened to him by the end of the day? Everything appeared again from nowhere. Everything he lost, the same place they came from initially, there they came from in the end.

When I was on this Earth, did I have anything in My name? I had neither a house nor a piece of land, yet, I had everything. When Satan said I should worship him so that I could inherit everything, who was he fooling? I came from Heaven and he lives on this Earth. Who is greater among Us? Can’t you see that all of you are foolish? He is cajoling all of you to inherit the Earth so that you can lose Heaven as he lost it. How can you inherit the Earth? He knows your time and days are limited here, and he’s cajoling you to inherit it. If you own a whole nation, will you carry it along with you when you die? Can’t you see that all of you lack wisdom?

There is nothing you need you can’t find in Heaven. You cannot take anything from here to there, but you can bring something from there to here. Whatever comes from Heaven to this Earth will remain with you and your generation after you. And after your departure, We will watch over everything you left behind. And if you come to Heaven, you’ll also have everything. Can’t you see you have nothing to lose for doing Our will? But somebody doesn’t want you to do Our will. This is why he entices you with every perishable thing of this Earth as he did to Me before. I want you to conquer him as I conquered him. If I could do it, you too can do it. This was why My Father sent Me ahead to give My life in exchange for you. Now you have access to Heaven through Me. Deny him! Don’t listen to him. He is a deceiver. Don’t do his will. He knows where he’s leading you to. Come back quickly before it’s too late.

My Emphasis
Jehovah God, You who formed everything out of nothing by Your power, may Your glory continue to extend throughout the universe. Nothing at all I can give to You than to say thank You. Thank You for the great wisdom You used in conquering Your adversary. Thank You for giving up Your Son as an exchange for my soul. Blessed be Your glorious name.

My soul rejoices in Your salvation. Let the righteous hear and be glad. Let the soul of the afflicted burst for joy, for great is the treasure that set them free. If a man is afflicted without any means of escape, then all hope is lost. Thanks be to You Jehovah God who gave us hope of a better life in You. A better life not in a land that is bitter, but a better life in a land of peace, far above principalities and powers, far above sin and sorrow, a land where no evil can dwell. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Hallelujah! Amen!

O how our days is short! If we live a thousand years on Earth, it’s like a twinkling of an eye in a place prepared above. A place purchased for us by the Master. A place He purchased with His unblemished blood. There we shall live and rejoice all day. A place where there’s neither darkness nor night. Songs of joy shall burst out of our heart all the time. There we’ll remember neither pains nor sorrow. Happy shall our soul be when we’re call up there. Hallelujah! Rejoice in the Lord. Hosanna in the highest. Praise and glory be to the name of our God who made everything beautiful for us in His own time.

Beloved, there is peace and joy in serving the Father. Knowing fully well that this Earth is just a place of trial that soon, They will soon call us home to take our place forever. Therefore, work while the day is young. Cleanse yourself and prepare your heart daily. Who know when he will receive his call? I pray that your call finds you in good faith in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will rejoice always and appreciate the work the Father did for me.
2) I will appreciate the blood that bought me freedom.
3) I will prepare my heart each day as if it’s my last day here.

My Task For Today
1) Almighty Father, I bless and give You glory for all the works You’ve done for me.
2) Jesus Christ my Master and Saviour, may the power of Your blood never grow weak upon my life.
3) Jehovah God, hold my heart in Your hand and keep me until the last day when I will receive Your call.
4) Holy Spirit, lead me in Your light as We go along in this journey until the end in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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