4th February 2019

The Ordinance Of Deliverance

Word From The Father
I created different categories of demons both male and female and they’re more powerful than each other. They all have one thing in common – blood is their food. This is why if a man allows any of them into his life, they don’t want to leave. They’ll feed on him and his generation. Every demon has his abomination. If you feed him with an abominable food, he’ll run away from you. I know how I created all of them and also know how to eliminate them completely. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am the Mighty-Man-In-Battle. I Am Jehovah the Man-Of-War.

If you’ve passed through confession, you only scatter the demons. If you break the nest of bees, you’ll not wait to see what follows. After confession and restitution, deliverance must follow immediately because the demons are angry. Though they’re inside you but you didn’t know because you didn’t touch their dwelling. The very moment you remove the veil that covers them, then you become their enemy. Though they look at you as their master because you shelter them, and they respect you for it, yet, they’re always enemies to you because they feed on your life. Through fasting and prayers, you’ll break their wings. This is not what you do on your own, this is the work of My servant. I will reveal to him what he should do so that you can receive your deliverance. I may ask him to give the demons their abominable food through which he’ll break their powers. I Am the Almighty God and the Owner of every secret. If I don’t reveal to you, you’ll never know. If you look at My Son, when He came to this Earth, all the miracle, healing and deliverance He performed weren’t the same. Individual solution was different based on their sins.

Many of you gave your life to Jesus Christ many years ago and you failed to confess your sins. While you’re there in the church serving Me, the demons are there with you. For example, anyone who possesses the spirit of witchcraft, no matter how she gives her life to Jesus Christ, unless she confesses, she’s only serving Me in vain. Demons want you to disgrace yourself. Until you disgrace yourself, they will not leave you alone. I Am the Almighty God and the Owner of demons. You can only know what I reveal to you. You can close your mouth and serve Me for hundred years, the demons will be there inside you. If you want to prove Me wrong, watch your dreams closely and you’ll see them.

What you’ll not do physically, many of you see yourself doing it spiritually. Unless you open your mouth and confess your sins and pass through deliverance and baptism, you cannot have peace. I have done everything I could do for all of you. Most importantly, I killed My Son. The blood of My Son paved way for your redemption. And for you to live your life in peace on this Earth, you must deliver yourself from every power of demon. You may be a gossiper and you see nothing wrong in it. That one alone could take your blessing away from you. You must confess your sins and deliver yourself from the spirit of gossip. Your own may be anger. The spirit of anger can uproot a big tree from its root. You must confess your sins and deliver yourself from the spirit of anger. How many should I count? All these sins, all these demons stand as obstacle to your life on this Earth. If they stand as obstacle to your life, what about your spiritual journey? They’ll rob you of the glory of Heaven in the end. Even after you’ve passed through every Ordinance, you must watch your ways, else, they’ll come back to you again.

My Emphasis
If you recognise your sin as sin, then you’ll confess. This will lead you to returning everything you’ve taken. But dealing with the spiritual side of it is harder. This is why deliverance comes in. For example, if you stole an item in the market twenty years ago, the demon entered you right there. Now you’re living in a different city or country entirely. After you’ve confessed your sins, though you cannot return what you stole anymore, but the equivalent amount of money will be paid to the church or given to a charity through prayers and the lead of a servant of the Father. While you’re fasting and praying, you’ll go on a spiritual journey. Whatever has to do with Spirits either good or bad, the Father doesn’t scatter them just anywhere. He makes sure He settles them properly. While you’re passing through deliverance, in your dream, you’ll see yourself in that same market where you stole an item twenty years ago. The demon entered you there, you must also drop it there. But this time around, you don’t go there physically, but spiritually.

Many of you joke with the things of the Spirit and hereby jeopardise your destiny. Jesus Christ committed no sin, yet, He embarked on a forty days and night fasting. Any human being born through a woman must deliver himself out of evil. Jesus passed through it and laid the example for us to follow. Moses, while he was on the mountain with the Father in those forty days, the Father fed him heavenly food to eliminate all the demons in him and replace them with His own Spirits. You must understand that you as human being, you’re a world of your own and billions of demons can live inside you alone. The Bible says in the Book of Mark 5:9 that, “And he asked him, what is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.” This man was possessed by demons and Jesus asked the demon (not the man) his name, and their boss answered ‘Legion’. A legion comprises up to six-thousand soldiers. I want you to understand that each set of demons have their own family. Ten generation of demons can live inside one man.

While conducting a deliverance for a sister many years ago, the demons in her spoke out. When I asked their names, they said: Trible, Commando, Goliath and Delilah. Trible was their master. He’s a bloodsucking demon who entered her life because her parents used to sacrifice human beings to him. There are many instances like this. Any man who wants to be delivered from such demon must be steadfast in Christ. And any mouth through which demons spoke, unless such person is completely sold out to Christ, he or she cannot make it to Heaven because the measure of the Spirit of the Father in you must supersede the measure of evil spirit in you. During deliverance, when Holy Spirit comes down, the measure of which one is higher will speak through your mouth. And during this process, if the servant of God isn’t careful, the demons can mislead him easily. Some of them can begin to prophesy. This is all lies.

Some demons have the face of human beings while some have the face of animals. I have seen somebody jumped like a monkey during deliverance because the demon wanted to leave. During deliverance, you experience many strange things and if the Father doesn’t stand behind you, you can lose your own life. This is why a servant of the Father must have the calling to deal with such thing. I have had series of spiritual attacks, yet, that didn’t stop me from carrying on with the work and absolutely nothing will stop me. Therefore, if you fall into such category of those who needs deliverance, you mustn’t play with it. During your deliverance, you’ll travel on series of journeys. Through this you’ll know if you still need to do more or not. After deliverance, baptism follows. I pray for you today that Jesus Christ who shed His precious blood for you will stand and fight for you in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will pray to the Father and His Son for mercy because I am a sinner.
2) I will stand to fast and pray.
3) I will pray until I’m fully delivered.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, have mercy upon me because I’ve sinned against You.
2) Jesus Christ, feed every demon affecting my life with Your blood.
3) Jehovah God, every stubborn spirit, give them the food of abomination to eat.
4) Holy Spirit, rain down Your fire upon my entire being and consume every power of darkness tormenting my soul and give me peace in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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