3rd March 2019

Who Knows Me

Word From Jesus Christ
I don’t have a Father and I don’t have a Mother. I Am a Father and I Am a Mother. Those who tried Me, those who went to the spiritual realm that they want to really know the Almighty God saw Me raw. I revealed Myself to them. You cannot strife with Me, and you cannot argue with Me. If you want to know more about Me and you don’t know Me, ask your Spirit. As human being, I live inside you. I don’t force you to know Me, but if you want to know that there’s truly God as people say, then you should speak to your Spirit and go to the spiritual realm. Your Spirit will find Me! Your own Spirit will find Me that I Am the Creator. Anyone that does evil does himself harm. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Great Oldman. I Am the Originator. I Am Unbeatable God. I Am Unmovable God. I Am Undestroyable God. I Am the Breeze that controls the universe.

If you want you and your generation to have peace on this Earth, remove your hands from evil. I have the power to silence every demon on your behalf. But the percentage of your fear in Me will determine the kind of evil that will befall you. The percentage of your fear also determines the good things that will happen to you because you don’t want to do evil. If you don’t want trouble, remove your hands from evil in everything including the word of your mouth. I Am a Holy Father and even the children of Lucifer know that I Am their Holy Father and Lucifer is their evil father. No matter how your hair grows and cover your face, you still know the exact location of your head. No matter how Satan does evil, no matter how he uses you to destroy one another, he still knows that I Am his Father. Though he disobeyed Me, and I disowned him. He still knows Me as his Father. Nobody can dictate for Me how to run My Kingdom.

If you create or manufacture anything without remedy, that means you don’t know what you’re doing. If you produce an acid, you must have solution to it in case something happens. You can pray to My Son Jesus to have mercy upon you. Why should He have mercy upon you? Because you did what you shouldn’t have done. Before He came to this Earth, many generations have gone. My Word will never return to Me void. Before I sent My Son to rescue this Earth, many generations have perished. Even before I wiped the Earth away with the flood, they were committing certain sins ignorantly and they didn’t know they were committing sin. The demons that lived inside them lured them in committing those sins.

Some things you people do on this Earth, you think they’re from Me but are not. Some churches were established where everything is done according to the Bible, yet, they were established by agents of Satan. If he appears to you and give you instruction, you’ll think it’s Me. Satan can wear white garment and tells you what to do and you’ll think it’s Me. Unless you carefully weigh everything he tells you, that’s when you’ll know I Am not the One. As human being, you must know that My Spirit is inside you and this Spirit is holy. He and his children can use part of this Spirit in you to confuse you. He has confused many of My children this way. This is why if you enter any church, ask your Spirit question if you’re in the right place. Any church that doesn’t preach against sin is not from Me. I Am a Holy God. Any church that doesn’t teach you how to make Heaven is not from Me. My conclusion for you is to live your life in My fear. Fear Me and obey My Commandments. This is the only way Satan will not drive your heart to and fro.

My Emphasis
No one has ever seen the Father or behold His face. Though He is a Father and a Man, yet, nobody has seen Him. Even those in Heaven don’t see Him unless a handful of people, yet, not every time. Right from the beginning He hide Himself and even not all Angels in Heaven behold His face. This is why out of all His servants on this Earth, just few could speak boldly that Jehovah God Himself speaks to them. Though there is a way He created each of His servants and put His Spirit in them. This Spirit connects them to Him. Noah, Abraham, Moses, the old Prophets like Elijah and co, the Father communicated with them one-on-one. Lucifer knows who the Father is, and he also knows His nature. This is why he uses what he knows to confuse the children of the Father, mostly His servants.

Some of the writers of the Bible couldn’t comprehend that the Almighty God Himself will descend to speak to them. This is why you see something like ‘The Angel of the Lord’. This wasn’t any Angel but the Father Himself. If He wants to appear to you, He appears in a way you cannot understand, but the Word He speaks alone will clue you the Person that’s speaking to you. The maximum way He could appear to any man is for Him to appear to him as an Oldman. Though He Himself is an Oldman, but you cannot see Him. He can choose to appear to you in form of light or and object. But for Him to appear to any man as He appeared to Moses is very rear. If He wants to appear in form of a man, though you’ll see a man, yet, not a man. The man you see is an Angel and the Father will use this Angel to cover Himself. If Jesus Christ appears in His glory, you cannot look at His face how much more the Father. The Father cannot and will not appear to any human being physically.

Many Christians speak about God, yet, they don’t know Him. They don’t know what He can do. If you look at the way He dealt with the nation of Israel, you will understand who He is and what He wants. He is not interested in most things we do or think. Many Christians are of the notion that God will always answer their prayers in their own way. While you’re praying, He is communicating with His Spirit inside you that you’re dirty, and that you should cleanse yourself. If you have headache and you’re praying for healing, He will tell you that you’re dirty, cleanse yourself. How does headache correlate with cleansing? This is who the Father is! He knows why you’re having headache and knows that the human being He created cannot be sick. Therefore, sin brings ordinary headache to you. Cleansing yourself means to confess your sins.

Beloved, the more you walk with the Father, the more you’ll know who He is. The more you know who He is, the more boldness and assurance you’ll have in Him. The most important thing is for you to live your life in His fear and obey His Commandments. This alone will give you peace everywhere you go. I pray for you this day that Jehovah God Himself will plant His fear in your heart and give you a heart of obedience in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will thank the Father for the privilege giving to me to know Him.
2) I will run away from evil as far as I can.
3) I will live my daily life in His fear.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, thank You for the grace giving to me to know You.
2) Jesus Christ, help me to follow Your example and shine Your light upon my path.
3) Jehovah God, plant Your fear in my heart so that I will not stray away from You willingly.
4) Holy Spirit, guide and guard my heart with Your fire and give no room for Satan to share it with You in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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