3rd January 2019

Flush Yourself

Word From The Father
The ear that human being uses to hear word is inside, not outside. The outward one is just for fashion. If your inner ear is blocked, that means you’re deaf. You may hear with your outward ear, but if the word doesn’t get to the inner one, it means nothing to you. It will be like a mere smoke that fades away. My Word is not buy-one and get-one free. My Word is one, and My Word is holy. I do not speak My Word to promote devil, I speak to demote devil. What’s not good is not good. As a Christian, if you’re not satisfied with whatever your Pastor preaches, then you should go into My Word, the Bible. My Spirit in you will set you free. If you don’t believe in your Pastor, believe in My Word because many Pastors preach to gain this Earth, but you want to gain Heaven. How can you attend a church where the Pastor wants to gain this Earth and you want to go to Heaven? That means both of you are incompatible! Carry My Word and read it every day, starting from the beginning. As you’re reading it, the Spirit in you is gaining from it. There you’ll find out what happened to those who disobeyed and those who obeyed. Through this, My fear will enter you, which is the beginning of wisdom for you. I Am the Almighty God. I Am A Righteous God. I Am One and only God. My Word is truth, My Word is one.

As you’re reading My Word and applies it to your daily life, you’re preparing yourself for the reward that’s awaiting you. The Bible that all of you carry in your hand it’s Me. If you give your life to Jesus Christ for twenty years and you still don’t know your right from your left, you must know that the clock of your life is ticking. Before it’s too late, you must find solution to your life. If your Spirit disconnects from your body, no turning back. If you go to the supermarket and take a basket, as you’re dropping the items you need into the basket, if you mistakenly drop one into your bag, after you’ve paid at the check-out, on your way out, the alarm will blow. This is how your life on this Earth is. You may do anything and hide it from man, but nothing is hidden in My sight because darkness is as light to Me. Many are called but few are chosen. The way They will judge the Pastor, so also, They will judge the members. The category you belong to will determine where you’ll go. The life you live on this Earth matters a lot. As you built your house, you built toilet inside. If you go to the toilet and pooh, you’ll flush it so that it won’t smell. The same body I ask you to keep holy is the body you also use in committing sin. If I say your body is My temple, you shouldn’t use the same body to commit sin. Therefore, flush yourself. Don’t let sin overpower your body.

If you leave your house to attend a service, each minute you spend in the church matters a lot. And if you go there and you cannot take something tangible home, that means you waste your time and your life. Each time you spend in My presence is important. This is why you must know the kind of church you attend. You must know the kind of person that stands on the pulpit preaching to you. Many Pastors interpret My Word to meet their needs, not the needs of My children. By the end of the day, both they and My children will face the consequence. I Am more than happy that many of you are educated, you can read and write. Therefore, you have no excuse whenever you die. And because many among you who died were given excuses that their Pastors didn’t teach them, this is why I decided to come down and teach you by Myself. The ball is now in your court. It’s left for you what you want to do with the Word you hear.

My Emphasis
The Word of the Father is a Spirit and every bit of it goes a long way in the life of those who hear it. The Word of the Father is life, the life of every human being. And if this Word is not valued, that means the hearer has no life. Jesus Christ said in the Book of John 6:53 that, “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” Anyone who hears the Word of the Father and do accordingly has life in him. But anyone who hears it and fails to do accordingly is dead. A man may have all the riches of this world, if he doesn’t have the life of the Father in him, a piece of paper is better than such man. He is like a door that’s opened, anything can enter inside.

Each time you hear the Word of the Father, the Word of holiness, something happens to your Spirit. This Word is like water and soap that cleanses your Spirit and soul. If your Spirit is clean and your body is dirty, then you have less work to do. Without you using sponge and soap, if you dip yourself into the river, you’ll come out clean. But if your Spirit is dirty, then you need to work hard to cleanse him. The Spirit in a man is invisible, yet, he follows you wherever you go. This Spirit groans in you every time because of sin. The more you hear the Word of the Father and take it to heart, the cleaner and free your Spirit will be. As you recognise sin as sin and holiness as holiness, you’ll be able to choose which path to tread. If you choose the right path, the path of holiness, the Spirit in you will be very light.

Sometimes in your dreams, if the enemies are chasing you, instead of you to run, you’ll fly because your Spirit is very light. But if you cannot fly, that means your Spirit is heavy. Jesus said in the Book of Matthew 11:28 that, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Jesus wasn’t talking of physical load you carry on your head but spiritual load which is invisible. This is the load of sin that weighs down your Spirit. Such load will hinder you from living the life of the Father. Hence you fail to live the life of the Father, this load will rob you your eternal glory. Therefore, flush out every debris from your system so that your Spirit can come alive once again. I pray for you this day that Jesus Christ will bathe you with His cleansing water and blood and make you whole again in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will always ask for mercy because I am a sinner.
2) I will let the hunger of the Word consume my heart.
3) I will flush out every spiritual debris from my system.

My Prayers For Today
1) Jesus Christ my Saviour, have mercy upon me and cleanse me from every unrighteousness.
2) My Lord Jesus, I drop every load of sin at Your feet this day.
3) Almighty Father, consume every fleshy desire with Your fire and establish Your own desire in me.
4) Holy Spirit, baptise me with the fire of Your Word in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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