3rd February 2019

The Ordinance Of Restitution

Word From The Father
When you were coming to this Earth, I gave you everything you need. If you lost it for whichever reason, you must cry to Me and I know what to do. But if you take whatever doesn’t belongs to you, you know what that means. Every good and perfect gift comes from Me and My blessing adds no sorrow. It’s better for you not to eat than to eat the bread of shame and sorrow. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator. I Am the Giver of every good and perfect gift. I Am a Holy Father. Sin is an abomination to Me.

If you committed any sin and you took something from somebody unlawfully, the next thing for you to do after your confession is to return whatever you took so that you can have peace. If you confess your sins and the item you took still remains with you, the demon which is attached to the sin you committed still remains with you because that item still remains with you. Until you return the item, you will not have peace. If you return the item, then you remove the demon from your life. There is no other way for this. If you’re in need of money and you don’t have, you’ll ask somebody to lend you pending the time you’ll return it to him. This is a good practise rather than taking what doesn’t belong to you. If you take something on behalf of somebody and he doesn’t know about it, that’s called stealing. But if you cajole somebody who willingly give it to you hoping to get something back from it, that’s called fraud. Many of you have committed all manner of atrocities and put others in sorrow, yet, you’re there in My house praying to Me. Confess your sins and return whatever you’ve stolen or defrauded so that you can have peace.

All of you should sit down and look back where you’re coming from. You’ve lived all your life in sin. You’ve committed all manner of atrocities. You took somebody’s money. You shed somebody’s blood and took over his possessions. Now you have all you need in life. You gave your life to Jesus Christ and closed your mouth. You’re lying! You must confess your sins and return everything you’ve taken so that you can have peace. If you killed somebody, you must go back to that person’s family and ask for forgiveness. Until you suffer for whatever you’ve done, you will never have peace. There is no shortcut to Heaven. The road to Heaven is pure and holy. If you want to come to Heaven, you must wash your hands clean in everything. Many soldiers went to war and killed people unlawfully. All the wars you’re fighting today are unlawful wars. Anyone that falls into this category will never see peace because the innocent blood he shed will keep crying. If you confess your sins, you must make restitution. Any man that shed innocent blood must confess his sins and do restitution. Everything I counted here are physical sins.

You have spiritual powers and you know who you are, you know everything you’ve done. Though people see you as saint because you’re unsuspecting. Nobody sees you as evil, but deep down in your heart, you know who you are. I Am the Almighty God and the Great Seer. I know and see everything. What’s done in thick darkness, I see it because darkness is as light to Me. You must confess all your sins and atrocities you committed spiritually and do restitution. I will forgive you all your sins, however, you must follow My Ordinance. You must do accordingly so that you can have peace. I know that many of you fall into this category! You’re there in the church rendering foolish service to Me. For all your service not to be in vain, you must confess your sins and do restitution.

No matter how deep your sin may be, I Am a Merciful Father and I will forgive you. But I Am a Righteous Judge and I will not destroy one for another. I want you to have peace on this Earth and come to Heaven. However, I work on principle. You must confess your sins, do restitution so that every demon you’ve acquired through your sins can return to where they came from. Nobody knows the secret of evil more than Me because I created it. This is why I always say you should wash your hands clean because the other side of everything I created is evil. If you invite evil into your life, there’s no remedy. The only remedy is the Ordinance I gave to you. Confess your sins and return everything you took from anybody. I Am the Almighty God.

My Emphasis
Yesterday, I taught about confession, but today, I’m teaching about restitution. Many Christians are of the notion that once you give your life to Jesus Christ, you’re forgiven already. Sin isn’t an object but a living being. The forgiveness we’re talking about isn’t an issue of wiping a slate clean with a liquid. It has something to do with another life living inside you. This life is an obstacle to your life, and this was why the Father sent Jesus Christ to die. Everybody is talking of the blood of Jesus Christ, and that it washes white as snow. Imagine you have a wound on your leg and a worm is feeding on it. How pleasant will that be? Every demon in every man who came to Jesus Christ must feed on His blood to appease them out of the life of that man.

Some of these demons are old men and women. Until Jesus Christ sit down with them and reach a consensus, this is where they’ll tell Him what they need before they’ll leave you alone. You may see some people who gave their lives to Jesus Christ, they confessed their sins, yet, they died. There is a sin and there is a sin. Nothing can atone for the sin of some generations except they pay with their own blood. The Father will atone for their soul and send them to another generation so that they can come back to this Earth and live a normal life. I am not speaking anything to scare anybody. I am saying this for all of you to know and understand that sin has no remedy. The only remedy is to follow every Ordinance of the Father. Many servants of God will tell you there’s nothing like confession. You must understand that the Father needs no counsel from any man before He does whatever He wants to do. Those who accept it as such will see peace.

The Bible says in the Book of Numbers 5:5-10 that, “Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the children of Israel: ‘When a man or woman commits any sin that men commit in unfaithfulness against the Lord, and that person is guilty, then he shall confess the sin which he has committed. He shall make restitution for his trespass in full, plus one-fifth of it, and give it to the one he has wronged. But if the man has no relative to whom restitution may be made for the wrong, the restitution for the wrong must go to the Lord for the priest, in addition to the ram of the atonement with which atonement is made for him. Every offering of all the holy things of the children of Israel, which they bring to the priest, shall be his. And every man’s holy things shall be his; whatever any man gives the priest shall be his.’””

If you’ve taken anything from anybody and that person is not alive anymore, you must seek for a member of his family and return it to him. If he has no relative at all, you must return everything to the church. Why? Everything you took from anybody unlawfully are possessed by demons. If you return it to the family of the owner, you remove the demons from your life. If he has no relative, you must take it to the church where the blood of Jesus Christ will appease the demons. The property will then become of the church. The church will in turn meets your needs. Because nothing belongs to you anymore, demons have no right to torment you anymore. Whatever you own unlawfully will be possessed by demons. No matter how you serve the Father, you may even be a Pastor, you will not have peace. Until you return everything to the owner or his relatives or the church, this is the only way you’ll remove the demons away from your life. This was why the Father established charity in Europe because many people fall into this category in the past. This charity started from the church. May the grace of Him who shed His precious blood be with you and give you peace now and always in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will pray to the Father and His Son for mercy because I am a sinner.
2) I will return everything I took unlawfully back to the owner.
3) I will follow every Ordinance of the Father with all my heart.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, have mercy upon me because I’ve transgressed Your Law.
2) Jesus Christ, cleanse my heart with Your precious blood.
3) Jehovah God, give me the grace to follow and obey Your Ordinance willingly.
4) Holy Spirit, speak peace to every heart of those I’ve wronged in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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