29th March 2019

Children With Disability

Word From The Father
My name is Jehovah. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I am That I Am. I never die. I alone have power to create human beings. If somebody dies, he doesn’t die but go elsewhere to live. Sometimes a child will be speaking like an old man, it’s true. The child will never fall sick because there’s no sin in him when he died in his previous life. Sin causes many things in your life. If you look at the whole Earth, you can see that many children are being born with disability every day and nobody understands why. If I give you a child, why should he come out with disability? I Am a Good Father and My blessing adds no sorrow. Every child that was born with disability carries the sins of generation. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am a Holy Father. The soul that committed sin shall die.

Whenever some of you gave birth to a child with disability, you’ll say it’s from Me. Whenever any of you gave birth to a child and he dies prematurely, you’ll say ‘the Father gives and takes’. Why should I give you a blessing and take it away from you? I Am not the One! Your sins alone take away your blessings! If sin is accumulated for several generations, it will form one kind of disability. When My Son came to this Earth, there were many cases like this. His Disciples asked Him about the man who was born blind and He answered them shallowly because time didn’t permit Him to break everything down for them. Everything that’s befalling all of you day by day is the result of your sins.

Imagine a generation where one committed sin and nobody atone for his sins and he died, and it went on for many generations. The demons will gather together to form a particular disability in the life of some of them. Some demons could take away your hearing while others could take away your speech. Some of them could take away your legs while others could take away your sight. It depends what they decided to do with you. If you don’t allow demons to come out of you before you die, they will come back with you again whenever you die. If the spirit of sin inside you is sixty percent or above, it will form a disability in the life of your child. Some of them comes as spiritual disability. Such child will be a wayward child completely. Physical disability takes away one part of your body physically.

Some of you are blaming your children for their behaviour. Who gave birth to them? Your sins and that of your generation has turned the children to wayward children. But if you cleanse yourself before you’re pregnant, it’s very hard for Satan to bypass Jesus Christ to give you a disabled child. And if you confessed your sins before you die and you go to Heaven, Satan has no access to you anymore. But if you die and go to the Dark-Planet and you failed to cleanse yourself before you die, Satan has power to visit you there and bring you to this world through your generation. As you come back again, the level of your sins and that of your generation will determine how your life will be.

As you have money unlawfully, so also you can have children unlawfully. Anything you do unlawfully, Satan has right to use it against you. When I created Adam and Eve, did I create them with any disability? As sins continued to multiply on the face of the Earth, many things began to happen in the lives of My children. I Am a Holy Father and My way is pure and holy. All of you that are fighting unlawful war where people were killed brutally, whenever those people come back to this Earth, they’ll come with one disability or another. In the time of old, I gave My children Ordinance to atone for many spirits. If a woman is sick, her husband shouldn’t have sexual intercourse with her. If he does and she becomes pregnant, she’ll give birth to disabled child. If a woman is under her menstrual flow, no man should lay with her because it’s unclean. Many of you don’t understand why I destroyed some of My children in the time of old. I didn’t break down everything for them as I do with you today.

Nevertheless, because of My Son Jesus Christ, I pardon many things all of you do. But there are somethings you shouldn’t do! If somebody is your wife, you can have sexual intercourse with her, but if she’s sick, you must abstain from her because a demon has hold one part of her life into ransom and sickness kicked in. If she’s sick, begin to ask for forgiveness of sin so that Jesus Christ can take over. But as a Christian, you’re not supposed to fall sick because Jesus Christ has carried your sins. If you’re sick, ask yourself question because a demon has taken over one part of your life. This was why I commanded them not to use an animal with defect for sacrifice. As a woman, you would get pregnant several times and aborted it. Satan will pay you back by giving you disability children. In all your sins, Jesus Christ is the answer. Wash your hands clean so that your children and their generation can have peace.

My Emphasis
In a land where evil is being promoted, unbearable trouble will follow. There is only one Satan whose name is Lucifer and no matter any nation you’re born, he has business to do with everybody as long his particle is in them. What is his particle? Sin! When the government of a land gives free access to her citizen to commit all manner of sexual sin, it’s only a matter of time when the repercussion will kick in. If a small tree withers, it takes only few days before it will come to reality. But if a big tree in the forest withers, it could several days because of the water and energy stored in the leaves and trunk. Therefore, every land that promotes evil, every land that rejects God shall not last. In a land where the fear of the Father is far from the heart of the citizens, such land will become the citadel of demons.

If a man is lame and the power of Holy Spirit touches him and he walks, what does that tells you? That means a demon or a set of demons hijacked his legs. Any part of a man’s body which is being used spiritually cannot function physically. When Jesus Christ performed miracles in the lives of the Jews, they received instant miracle. When Naaman visited Prophet Elisha, he received instant healing. The power of the Most High alone can do this. Doctors cannot do it because they don’t have the power. And any land where the power of God is not allowed to operate will suffer much lose in the end. It’s very easy to cleanse a land before demons turns it into a stronghold.

The scientists have tried their best to be able to solve the mystery of disability. They cannot find out because disability is spiritual sickness. The only people the Father gave such power are His servants. And if His servants don’t have what it takes to please the Father, they dare not dash into such healing. Because they don’t have what it takes to heal or deliver the children of the Father, therefore, Satan introduced alternative source of power to them so they could perform fake healing and deliverance. But this doesn’t move the Father because that which belongs to Satan doesn’t last. I pray for you today that Jesus Christ will open your heart of heart so that you will know how to quickly amend your ways before your end comes in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will appreciate the Father for this wonderful revelation.
2) I will ask for mercy because I was once a sinner.
3) I will not allow worldly wisdom to destroy me.
4) I will surrender everything to Jesus Christ and let Him take the lead.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, I thank You for the revelation of Your Word.
2) Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me because I have sinned against Heaven and myself.
3) Jehovah God, remove my heart from every worldly doctrine, the doctrine of demons.
4) Almighty God, I surrender my life to You. Take over and use it as You please.
5) Holy Spirit, let Your fire restore my glory which I’ve lost through sin in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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