29th January 2019

The Spiritual Church

Word From The Father
The Earth is full of different people, colour and race, yet, I Am the One who created them all. I, the Almighty God never discriminate the work of My hands. If I do, then I commit sin. When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden, I couldn’t destroy them because of the kind of work I’ve done in their body. Though this could have been a permanent solution to the problem of this Earth, but I wouldn’t do that because I knew what I’ve done. For this same reason I didn’t wipe the entire Earth away but left Noah and his family. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Mighty-Man-In-Battle. I Am Omnipotent Father. I Am Omniscient Father. I Am a Holy Father. I Am the Originator. Sin is an abomination to Me.

Every church I established on this Earth is a spiritual church, not a carnal church. If I ask you to establish a church, I would give you the Name, Law and Ordinance to follow. I will control it by Myself. If you look at the way I dealt with Moses and the Israelites in the Wilderness, this is how I do My work. And any church that doesn’t believe in spiritual activities or remove the Ordinance I gave to her has removed My glory away from within her. In the time of old, I used My servants to meet the needs of My children in their own little way. Before I called Abraham, people have been living on this Earth and I always met their needs. When there was no church, I Am. Before I brought down My Son to complete My work, I Am. Everything I do in the lives of My children is spiritual not carnal. All because of your sins.

If all of you look around the church, you can see that My children have changed many things. Some Christians believe this, some believe otherwise. Every item I asked Moses to use in the time of old had a significant meaning. It’s spiritual! The reason why all of you feel things are easier today is because you’re committing sin. If I allow things to be done like the time of old, the death toll will be high everywhere. When the Disciples of My Son began their work and Ananias and his wife Sapphira wanted to sow evil into it, what did I do to them? They died instantly! In a church where the level of holiness is very high, this kind of thing always happens to put fear in the heart of others not to do the same thing again. I Am not a wicked Father. I Am a Holy Father. Sin is an abomination to Me.

Whenever all of you gather together, I must always tell My servant what to do because each time you gather together, I must do My work. My work is to eliminate every demon you carry so that they will not accumulate inside you and turn to something else. This is My work, and this is the journey. This is why My servants of old were always careful the kind of life they live, and how they associate with everybody. I wanted them to concentrate on My work so that they could have time for Me and My children. But today, everybody wants to be a Prophet, everybody wants to be a Pastor. You don’t know what you want to be. You’re on the warfront and if your hands are not clean, you’ll die.

All of you should understand that the fact that I brought down My Son doesn’t mean My work is finished. In the time of old, My Son assisted Me in My work, but nobody heard about Him. I showcased Him to the whole world because of your multitude of sin so that you can come to Heaven through Him. If all of you think your journey is easier than the people of old, you’re only deceiving yourselves. In fact, your journey is harder because the people of old had no access to Heaven, but you have. Therefore, every Law I gave, every Ordinance I gave stand until the end of this Earth. I only substituted one thing which is very important to Me – the blood. This was why I brought My Son to die. Every item I gave every church has a significant meaning. Nobody should joke with such item at all. The staff or rod, bell, garment, incense, candles, oil, rosary, cross, all are for your healing and deliverance. Everything will remain as it is until the end of this Earth. Whichever church you attend, holiness is all I need. Holiness within and without, holiness in everything because I Am a Holy Father.

My Emphasis
Those among you who grow up where idolatry is being practised, if you read your Bible very well, you’ll see that most things the people around you practise are found in the Bible. This is to tell you that the dealing of the Father with His children is one. In a village or town where there’s neither church nor anyone who believes in God, the Father still has business with them. He created everybody and He has His own way of dealing with them. However, He hates sin. If you look at the children of Israel today, they rejected Jesus Christ. Therefore, until today, they still practise every Ordinance which the Father gave to Moses in the Wilderness, including using animals for sacrifice which He had abolished two-thousand years ago because of their ignorance. Animal sacrifice is the Ordinance the Father gave to appease demons, but the blood of Jesus Christ redeemed the soul of a believer and grant him access to Heaven.

A spiritual church is always lively. There are spiritual activities manifested physically in a spiritual church. Christians have disbelieved almost every Ordinance of the Father because they thought Satan is in action. You must understand that Lucifer who is called Satan imitates the Father. Until you believe in something, it can never work for you. Jesus Christ Himself, while He’s on this Earth, He performed different miracles in different ways. Today, He still appears to those who don’t even know Him. He wouldn’t introduce Himself to them because they don’t know Him. As a Christian, the Father Himself could appear to you in your dream and perform some ritual on you, all because of your sin. But if you don’t believe in such thing, you’ll wake up and start rebuking the devil. What an ignorant Christian you are!

The Father didn’t institute the church for a place of social gathering. It’s a place of spiritual activities. If you want to socialise, go to your house! The church is not meant for that. The church is a place of prayers. This was why Jesus Christ scourged those who desecrated it in His time. The church is a holy place, not a carnal place. The Father Himself knew we cannot stop committing sin no matter how little, yet, He wants us to live in peace. This was why He instituted the church so that His children could always gather together to worship Him. And as they worship Him, He will cleanse them. This is all! This is why a church shouldn’t be built just anywhere. It should be in an isolated place, not around living area.

Beloved of the Most High, count yourself lucky if you’re in a church where you’re being taught every Ordinance of the Father. Count yourself blessed if you’re being taught about sin and righteousness. You must value it and appreciate the Father every day. Every item the Father asked His servants to use in His house is important. Nothing should be thrown away. Above all, if you want to meet the need of the Father, run away from sin. I pray that Holy Spirit will give you a heart of understanding in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness if I’ve labelled His Ordinance as evil.
2) I will ask Holy Spirit to give me understanding of His Word.
3) I will accept every Ordinance of the Father and do accordingly.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, You formed me in holiness but I was born to this Earth in sin. Have mercy upon me and renew my life.
2) Jesus Christ, You came to set me free from every spirit of ignorance. Open my spiritual eyes and give me understanding of Your Word.
3) Jehovah God, whatever it takes You, eliminate every spirit of sin in me and give me the grace to live above sin.
4) Holy Spirit, You are the Revealer of mysteries. Take away every trace of unbelieve in me and wipe my memory clean of every man-made religion and ordinance in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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