28th January 2019

The Carnal Church

Word From The Father
If you look into the world carefully, you’ll see different kinds of churches everywhere. All of them call themselves Christians. Looking at them alone, you’ll not see the trace of Holy Spirit in them. They are of the world and belong to the world. They write their own law and abide by it. These are institutions of Satan. Satan established them to pollute My own church which was established through My holiness. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator. I Am the Great Judge. I Am a Holy Father. Sin is an abomination to Me.

A church where the Pastor and the members aren’t concern about Heaven is a carnal church. They love to live their lives like the people of this Earth. They love to acquire everything as the people of this world. Their message is centred on worldly activities. Nothing about them is spiritual. Demons operate there freely without limit. I Am the Almighty God and I Am the only One who sees through the heart. As human being, if you look at their physical appearance, they’re not people to call Christians. Their women have no shame at all. They live their lives as their heart desires. They belong to all manner of forum, the forum of evil.

If you look at many churches, they only gather for gathering sake. As they gather there during the day, they also gather again during the night for their evil meeting. After the meeting during the day, they’ll tell each other “see you tonight”. These are the witches! These are the ones who destroy the glory of the few innocent ones in their midst who don’t know their right from left. A woman can be pregnant and have miscarriage because they’ll suck out her baby. They inflict incurable sickness on people in the name of Jesus Christ. They can go to their coven and cause anything to happen. They evangelise, bring in new converts and initiate them. Even their Pastor is among them. This is where you see them perform fake miracles. I Am the Great Seer and My eyes see everything.

In the church, the youth have their own forum. They gather together to perform all manner of celebrations. They commit all manner of sins and nobody to question them. There you see the most teenage pregnancy. They commit abortion at will. They say Jesus will always forgive you if you commit sin and ask for forgiveness. There you see most single mothers. They don’t recognise sin as sin. They have no boundary for anything. Every life they live is based on this Earth. But they call themselves Christians.

Their men engage in all manner of atrocities. They do all manner of dubious businesses everywhere. They have liberty to commit sin without limit. If you look at them, they’re very rich. They lavish money around. They even help each other out at no cost. They practice the word in the Bible but omit the ones that judge their heart. They drink and party. They engage in extra-marital affairs everywhere. Every time they’re having meetings. Many of them are into cult and you will never know. As you see them, they take good care of their Pastors. They don’t allow them to lack anything. Without asking them, they know what to give to them. Their Pastors live in luxury everywhere.

Is this church? Is this the kind of church I established? Is this why I killed My Son? Do they think of Heaven? Do they even know that Hellfire exists? Where is holiness? Where is righteousness? If your Spirit and soul married with sin and evil, why do you call yourselves Christians then? It’s better for you to come out clean. Let people know who you are. Come out from among them! Come out, you who love your soul! I Am the Great Judge and My reward is with Me. I will give to everyone according to the works of his hands.

My Emphasis
The world is passing away and with its lawlessness and uncareful soul will perish therein. The world is full of churches. There is church in every street, yet, atrocities upon atrocities pile up in the world. Christians are everywhere, yet, sin is ravaging the land. The wicked has taken over the soul of the naïve and initiated them into evil. Nobody knows who is who anymore. Arise O Lord my God, judge the soul of the wicked.

Many years ago, when I left a particular church, the Spirit kept revealing many strange things to me concerning the church. Inside the church was full, jam-packed with people. There I saw men with only towels in their waste. They were committing different kinds of sin everywhere. The youth were doing theirs in one corner. Women had their own forum. A lot of things were going on right there in the church. Then I asked a man the whereabouts of the Pastor and he said to me he is somewhere. This revelation went on for almost a year. Today, I understand better why the Father was revealing such thing to me.

Some years ago, I had another revelation concerning a church somewhere in Europe where the Pastor was conducting marriage for two women. I woke up and wasn’t too surprised because I know the Pastor and the church, and I’ve been there before. How many should I count? About twelve years ago, I was invited to a crusade in one country in Asia. Two different Pastors invited me to two different churches respectively. One of them had already publicised the crusade. He sent me an invitation letter to obtain visa at the embassy. He later sent me an e-mail asking me to help in raising money at the crusade because they’ve spent much money in organising it. I replied him and told him that God called me to save souls not to raise money, and besides, Heaven comes first before anything. He didn’t reply me, and I didn’t go for the crusade.

Many men and women have turned God’s institution to worldly one. This is why Christianity has no value anymore. But the Almighty God is neither weak nor slack in acting. He only buys time before He accomplish His mission. In a world where evil ones, fake churches have overtaken everywhere, the few who believe in holiness and righteousness have no impact at all. But death will surely come one day. Those who desire to go to Heaven know what to do. Beloved, if the church you attend falls into this category, I charge you to leave there immediately!!! Your soul is more valuable than that. The Father needs His Spirit which He put inside you. That Spirit must not go to Hellfire. Therefore, flee when the sun is still shinning before the cloud comes and rain of disaster follows. May the grace of Him who died for your soul be with you in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will think look around me and judge where I worship.
2) I will seek the face of the Father in prayers to know my next course of action.
3) I will value my soul more than anything and will feed on undiluted Word of God.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, You created me to live for You and for You alone. Save my soul from wrong and deliver me from the cage of Satan.
2) Jesus Christ, I pray that Your death upon me shall never be in vain. Lead me to the path of righteousness for Your name’s sake.
3) Almighty God, if there is any power that has caged my soul, set me free from this evil cage.
4) Holy Spirit, open my spiritual eyes wide to see the world around me in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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