26th March 2019

The Earth Is A Dangerous Place

Word From The Father
If you want to walk in the dark, you’ll take each step at a time. You’ll be very careful where you place your feet because you cannot see anything. If you misplace your feet, you may end up falling into a hole or a trap. This Earth is the same as this. If you’re not careful in everything you do, you may end up damaging yourself. That’s not all, if you damage yourself alone, it will be okay for you; it may take your life if care is not taken. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Holy Father. In Me there is no sin.

If you’re living alone, then you know you have no influence on anybody’s life and nobody influences your life too. If you leave your house, you’ll see millions of people like you on the street. All of you are the same, yet, you’re not the same. I know the Spirit that live inside every human being. All of you don’t belong to the same kingdom. You’re from Heaven while the rest are from this Earth. They want to be like you, but they cannot. This is why Satan uses them to trouble all of you because he knows you’re higher than him. You can go to Heaven, but he cannot. For you to maintain your position, this is why I always stress on holiness.

If you have a child, you’ll train him how to live within his territory. If he lives within your compound, your eyes will see everything he does. Before any fly comes, you’ll know. If anything or anybody wants to harm him, you’ll quickly come to his aid simply because he lives within your reach. I Am the Almighty God and the whole Earth is Mine. Though I give you freedom to move around freely, but you shouldn’t go everywhere. If your Spirit is unsettled with any decision you want to make, weigh it again and again. That means danger is looming ahead. Many of you embarked on a journey that swallowed you. Many of you embarked on a journey through which you acquired strange spirits to your body. In everything, always seek My face. If My Spirit doesn’t go with you, then remain in your territory.

My Emphasis
It is better to know your right from your left before making any decision. Many people had a better life while in their country but lost everything when they went in search of a greener pasture. The better life I’m talking about is their spiritual life. Though you may not have much, but if you have God, the little you have will be more than sufficient for you. If you don’t have God, even if you have much, it will not be sufficient for you. The blessing of Jehovah God brings satisfaction into the life of a man. But if he forsakes the Root of life, if he forsakes his God, everything about him is shattered.

The Earth has become a global village where you can explore wherever you want to go through the means of the internet. But as a Christian, when seeking for greener pasture, you’ll forget to choose your destination wisely. There is no land like your own land. If the Father wants you to come from a different land than where you were born, He would have allowed you to be born in that land. Naomi and her family were Jews. But when there was famine in Israel, they moved to Moab. While they were there, the spirit of Moab took the heart of her husband and her two children away, and they died in a strange land. Her good heart alone made her to survive the ordeal.

The Father moved some people away from their land because of one circumstance or another, yet, not everybody who left their homeland should have left. And if the Father doesn’t go with you wherever you go, you’re on your own. As a Christian, you don’t visit just any land on holidays. You must know the kind of spirit that controls the land where you’re about to visit. This is very important! The fact that you’re a Christian alone turns you into a public enemy number one. If you look at the Jews, they were not meant to scatter around, but their disobedience made them scattered abroad. As it is for the Jews, so it is for all Christians. My prayer for everyone is that Holy Spirit will cast out the spirit of ignorance from us all and help us to always make a wise decision all the time in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will not allow my ignorance to drown me.
2) I will seek the face of the Father before embarking on any journey.
3) I will not allow my flesh to control me, rather, I will put the Spirit of the Father in Me into action.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, have mercy upon me for abandoning Your Word.
2) Jesus Christ, wherever I plan to go that Your Spirit will not go with me, cause something to happen so I won’t go.
3) Holy Spirit, take every flesh away from me and revive Your Spirit in me in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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