26th February 2019

Woman, Release That Goat

Word From The Father
If you call somebody to give him something or he requests for it by himself and you agree to give it to him, you will release it without any obligation. It’s your property and if you agree to give it to him, you must surely release it to him unless you cannot trust your own word. If somebody ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage and you give your consent, your responsibility is for you the parents to run around them and perform necessary right and send them away to start their lives together. This is the normal and usual way for everybody on this Earth. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Great Seer. My eyes see everything that happens on this Earth.

When I asked My Son to come to this Earth, it was an agreement between Us that when He comes back, He’ll inherit everything. When He came or even before He came, I had every right to withdraw Him back. I didn’t do that, but I gave Him all because I love you. When He was passing through torment because of you, it was very easy for any man to surrender and look back, but I encouraged Him to continue and look beyond this Earth because of My children. When He finally made it, I and everybody in My Kingdom were happy. This is why you can pray for forgiveness in His name today.

I Am the Almighty God and never a talkative. If I speak, I mean business. I don’t speak anyhow and if I speak, I speak because of the love I have for all of you. Why are you so wicked? Why do you possess evil heart? When somebody asked your daughter’s hand in marriage, she brought him to you and her father, and both of you gave your consent. After the marriage right, you turned her into a goat. You put rope on her neck pulling her towards you. How can she enjoy her marriage? You’re enjoying your own marriage, this is why you could pregnant and gave birth to her. If your own mother had put rope on your neck, would you have peace in your marriage? I Am the Almighty God and I Am not a man. I see everything that happens in every home.

If you tie down a goat, you’ll be the one to feed him because he cannot move around in search of his food. He will only eat whatever you offer him. His freedom is restricted. He cannot move around freely. This is what many of you do to your daughters! Yet, you’re there inside the church rendering foolish service to Me. Am I evil like you? If I Am evil, I would have allowed you to die in your sin. Instead, I gave you My Son freely to redeem your soul. Why do you choose evil? As I’m speaking now, you know your heart! You know your heart and I know it too. Release that goat and let her enjoy her marriage! Let her deliver all the babies in her womb. Your daughter is lamenting on her bed every night. She has no peace in her marriage because of your wickedness. She has no one to run to except you. But you know what you’ve done. You know what you’ve done because you’re evil. This is what many of My daughters are passing through all over the Earth.

I Am the Almighty God and the Great Judge. I don’t judge as you judge, and I don’t see things with the same eyes as you do. My eyes are brighter than the sun and I see everything done in thick darkness. If I want to judge all of you according to your wickedness, there will be an outcry everyday throughout the whole Earth. From nation to nation, from city to city, from town to town, from village to village, from hamlet to hamlet, from street to street, all of you are evil together. No one is good! The gifts I gave to you to look after on My behalf, you turned all of them to your property. Are you the owner of the children? Can you create a single hair? Can’t you see you’re foolish? You think you’re wise, but your wickedness has blindfolded you and you cannot think straight any longer.

My Emphasis
The life of a mother could easily influence her children either positively or negatively. It’s very hard for children to see the wrong of their mother, but if they do, the tension between them could be disastrous. A baby lives at least nine months in her mother’s womb and during this period, a lot of spiritual activities go on which could have impact in the life of the unborn child for the rest of his or her life. For a woman to carry a baby in her womb, the Father categorises this as the greatest work of motherhood. And if a mother carries a baby in her womb and delivers him or her, her first stage of work ends, and the second stage begins. The second stage of her work could last for several years until marriage. Marriage is the end of this second stage. The last and final stage is the stage of encouragement. There she lives to pass on experience of life to her children and also help in looking after her grandchildren. This is the work which Jehovah God has bestowed upon every woman.

As a mother, once you accomplished the second stage of your work on your children wholeheartedly, you will have peace. But if you fail in your duties for whichever reason best known to you, you cannot have peace. Your peace comes if your children are living peacefully and put into practise everything you’ve taught them while they’re with you. But if you taught them your own way instead of the way of the Father, you will end up managing the mess which you’ve created over the years. But a good mother gives herself peace because she has sown a good seed over the years and now that her children are well and settled in their marriage, peace surrounds her everywhere.

It is an abomination to the Almighty if you as a mother has an ulterior motive in doing whatever you do in the lives of your children for whichever reason best known to you. While your daughter is in her husband’s house, you’ll torment her soul. And when she has nobody to turn to, she’ll turn to you for advice and you know what to do. But you cannot open your mouth to tell her that you’re responsible for whatever she’s passing through. As a godly mother, if you trained your daughter in the way of the Lord, you should be able to carry your grandchild in your hands exactly nine months after her wedding. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case for many mothers. Right there before your nose, your sons and daughters graduated in evil and you could do nothing about it. When they come back to you seeking for solution, you know what to tell them because deep down in your heart, you know what you’ve done. Men may be blind, but Jehovah God is not blind.

The joy of a godly mother is to see her daughters prosper in their marriage. But the Father sees what no man can see. He sees the heart of everybody. And if you fall into the category where Satan uses your heart to sow tears into the lives of your children, you know what that means. The Father will surely reward you! Many mothers served the Father but were denied Heaven because of the part they played in the lives of their children. My prayer for you today is that Holy Spirit will open your spiritual eyes in time to know where you’ve missed it so that you can quickly amend your ways before it’s too late in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will ask the Father for mercy any area I’ve wronged Him.
2) I will sit back and think where I’ve missed it and quickly make amends.
3) I will use my experience to shape the lives of my children and coming generation.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty God, have mercy upon me any area I’ve wronged You.
2) Jesus Christ, You laid example for me to follow. Help me to train my children in your fear and way.
3) Jehovah God, remove every evil in my heart and help me to maintain my position in you.
4) Holy Spirit, let Your light overpower every darkness in my life and household in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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