24th January 2019

Remember My Sin O Lord

Word From The Father
If you killed a man, after a long period of time, you might have forgotten you ever did such thing. But if you’re remembered after thirty years, you would have wished you never did it. If you pooed on the ground and left it, you might have forgotten that you ever pooed, but the person who parked it would never forget. Every sin you committed lives inside your Spirit. No matter how long it may be, it will remain there until you die. Though you may not commit such sin again, but it will never be erased. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Holy Father. Sin is an abomination to Me.

If you use a pen to write something on a clean white sheet of paper and you erase it, the mark will be there, though fainted. The mark will be there forever! Every sin you committed cannot be forgotten even if you forgot. You carry it along wherever you go. This is why I gave the Ordinance of Confession so that you can deal with every past sin while you’re still alive. The sin you committed fifty years ago can lead you to Hellfire if you fail to deal with it. I Am a Holy Father and I will not tolerate any sin no matter how little.

If you killed a man fifty years ago, you must confess it out and do restitution before you die. If you fail to do that, the Spirit of the man you killed will keep crying for vengeance. Until you confess your sin so that Jesus Christ can atone for it, this is the only way you can make your way to Heaven whenever you die. Any sin you failed to confess, the spirit lives in you. If you committed murder and you gave your life to Jesus Christ and you failed to confess such sin, the spirit of murder remains in you until you die. Though you may not commit murder again, but the spirit remains in you. This same spirit will stand against you at the gate of judgement whenever They’re judging you.

I Am a Holy Father and My reward is with Me to give to every man according to the work of his hand. Nothing goes for nothing. If you gave your life to Jesus Christ and I remind you of your sin, count yourself blessed because you will not go to Hellfire. If I remember your sin and you fail to deal with it accordingly, you’ll manage whatever you see. I Am a Father and I love all My children, especially those who desire to come to Heaven. Though I want you to come to Heaven, I will not accept you with every strange spirit you cage inside you. Until you open the cage and release them, this is the only way I can accept you to come to Heaven.

Many of you committed all manner of sins and you’re there inside the church. You failed to open your cupboard and release all the cockroaches out of it. You’re praying, worshipping Me, some of you are even My servants. You are rendering service to Me like a blindman. All your service will be in vain if you fail to deal with your sin before you die. Some of you stole money and ruined down the company you worked for. You used the money to build the house you now live. Don’t you know you’re living inside the devil’s castle? You forgot that somebody’s head entered ground because of you. You’re even there preaching on the pulpit and you fail to deal with your sins. Some of you still keep quiet even after I stirred your Spirit so that you can deal with your sin.

When David was passing through various afflictions, he knew he was paying for his sins. Until your sin is remembered and you suffer the consequence on this Earth, this is the only way you have the hope of coming to Me whenever you die. If you like, you can build castles in My name. I Am not moved by your castles, I Am only moved by holiness because that’s what will bring you to Me. Of what good is the castle you built to Me when your children and their generation would live to suffer the consequence of your sins? Am I a wicked Father? Why did you eat sour grape so that teeth could ache your children? Why won’t you enjoy your toothache because you’re the one that ate sour grape?

My Emphasis
Jehovah God of Heaven, thank You for the privilege given to me to know and understand Your mystery. Though a sinner, but grace, enormous grace was given to me to move ahead. It’s not by the work of righteousness but only by Your grace because I was born and lived all my life in sin. Your mighty hand of deliverance has delivered me and led me thus far. Blessed be Your holy name! Hallelujah!

You might have committed a particular sin hidden for many years, if you’re unlucky to come across a servant of God who will point your attention to it so that you can deal with it, all your service will be in vain in the end because where you’re going, They don’t tolerate excuses there. They will judge you based on all the life you lived on Earth. Many of you don’t want your sins to be remembered because facing the consequence can be pricey. Therefore, you forget it and live by it. But one thing is for sure, though Heaven and Earth will pass away, but the Word of the Father will stand forever. No sinner will go unpunished!

If we’re to analyse the sins that led many Christians to Hellfire, they didn’t commit fresh sins, but the sins they committed before they gave their lives to Jesus Christ was the bedrock for their latter days. They thought they served God truly, but they were disappointed in the end. I want you to understand that sin isn’t an imaginary object but a reality. What made the Father killed His First Born to rescue all His children goes beyond comprehension. And for the Son to pass through such agony to glorify His Father, this is why the Father shows no mercy to anyone when it comes to sin. You must also understand that He had lost a once precious son because of sin. That one keeps challenging his Father whenever He forgives us.

Remember My Sin O Lord so I can deal with it. I am the one who was born out of a woman. I was born into sin and lived all my life in sin. Now I have Your knowledge and know that sin is a reproach to my blessing. I cry to You O Lord, remember my sin and help me to dealt with it. Give me the grace to face the consequence and help me to bear it. May Your light shine upon my sinful soul. Tell Your Angels to prepare a place for me because sooner or later I am coming home. I pray for you this day that Holy Spirit the Revealer of Mysteries will reveal your sins to you and give you the grace to deal with them in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness because I was once a sinner.
2) I will pray that Holy Spirit reveal every past sin to me so that I can deal with it.
3) I will do restitution if need be.
4) I will seek the counsel of Holy Spirit before making any move.

My Prayers For Today
1) Jehovah God of Heaven, have mercy upon me because I’ve disappointed Your Spirit in me.
2) Jesus Christ, wash, cleanse and sanctify me with Your blood which was shed at Calvary for me.
3) Almighty God, banish every spirit of sin that stand against my way.
4) Holy Spirit, if I’ve hurt anyone, please speak peace to his or her soul.
5) Holy Spirit, whatever the outcome of the restitution may be, give me the grace to bear it in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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