21st February 2019

The Unfaithful Wife

Word From The Father
If you marry a man because of what you want, if that thing is no more there, your love for him will fade away. When I created Adam, I knew he couldn’t do everything alone, most importantly to bear children. I Am a Father and as I Am, so you are. I created the Earth for all of you to enjoy. If a child is born, he will grow old and die, but somebody else will take over from wherever he stops. A child cannot be born without you. The Earth is useless without you. This is why husband and wife own the Earth because through them, the Earth will be populated. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am a Holy and Faithful Father. Sin is an abomination to Me.

As a woman, when you were born, you’ll live and grow under the care of your parents until a man asks for your hand in marriage. Whenever a man asks for your hand in marriage, you’ll leave your parents and move to your husband’s house. Both of you will set up your own family and begin to produce children. If you’re pure as your husband, both of you will have a peaceful marriage. If you’ve defiled yourself before marriage, it will work against your marriage. Every man that lay with you will release his seed into your body. This seed will be there forever. This is one of the reasons a woman doesn’t have a good marriage.

As a woman, you need a man that is compatible with you both physically and spiritually. If you marry to a man who is incompatible with you, it could lead to unfaithfulness tomorrow. If your parents have chosen the part of evil, it will rob you tomorrow. If your husband lacks money, it is your responsibility as a wife to support him so that I can open doors unto him. But if you cross your heart against him, you automatically call Satan to rule your life. Many of you don’t understand why you pass through many problems. Until you’re free of sin, this is the only way you can have a peaceful home.

To every problem, there is a solution. If you seek the right solution to a problem, you’ll enjoy it. If your husband is unfaithful to you and you too choose the way of unfaithfulness, you will bring evil upon your children tomorrow. As a young girl, if you choose the way of the world and you’ve invited all manner of demons to live in your body, you can never have a successful marriage because you cannot marry two husbands at a time. The demons in you will stand in the way of your joy and your husband will be the one to pay for it. He may be unfaithful to you. If somebody tells you that you’re the root of your husband’s unfaithfulness, you’ll never believe. The demons you invited into your life when you were young will fight against your husband in every way.

As a woman, before you’re joined with your husband, you must go to your Pastor and confess all your sins. Once this is done, your husband must do the same thing before both of you come together. If both of you come together without you confessing your sins, you’ll share the same evil for your children. It takes two to fight. Even if your husband is unfaithful to you, you as a woman mustn’t choose the same path. If you love your husband and your home, you will rise and seek appropriate solution for the peace of your home. But if you fail to do this, you will reap whatever you sow. I Am the Almighty God.

My Emphasis
Man shall leave the father and mother and cling to his wife because both of them are one flesh. But if there’s another man on the scene, especially spiritual one, then there’s chaos in your life. The spiritual controls the physical and if this is not sorted quickly, it will lead to a bigger problem. Many marriages are breaking down because both husband and wife lack spiritual understanding. This is why it’s better for you to seek the face of the Father before marriage to avert future problem.

Many girls were virgins before they left their parents home for school. While they were in school, they found themselves in situations that was bigger than them through which they defiled themselves. Some eventually turned themselves into campus prostitutes. By the end of the day, the spirits took over their lives and they have no control over themselves. If they’re lucky to find a husband, it will be very hard for them to keep the marriage because of their past. The fact that you’re a Christian doesn’t exempt you from passing through the problem of life. Unless you’re genuinely born-again, this is the only way you’ll have the knowledge how you’ll deal with the issue of your life.

Everything you did or do is like sowing a seed either good or bad. If you sow a seed, you expect to reap the fruits of your labour. If you sow evil seed into your life ignorantly, you’ll reap it even when you least expected. Whenever you marry, you’ll reap the fruits of your labour as much as possible. If you’ve given your life to Jesus Christ and you think your past is washed away, that is the greatest misconception. Unless you open your mouth and cleanse yourself before you go into marriage, this is the only way your past will not work against you.

The church lacks spiritual understanding. Many Christians believe if they give their lives to Jesus Christ, all their problem is solved. The Father works on principle and if the right path isn’t followed, there can never be a solution. The people of old passed through many problems in their time. This was why the Father gave them strict Law for them to follow so that their generation wouldn’t pass through what they passed through. Today, all of you take everything for granted because of Jesus Christ. But you forget that Jesus Christ didn’t come to this Earth on His own accord without the command of the Father. Until you follow every Ordinance laid down by the Father, this is the only way peace can reign in every marriage. If you know you fall into this category, seek help quickly. The foundation of your freedom is confession. This will pave way for every other thing that follows. I pray for you today that Jesus Christ will wash your heart with His blood and renew your life in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness for being unfaithful to my husband in any form.
2) I will appreciate the love which the Father has put between us.
3) I will find rest and peace in the bosom of my husband alone.
4) I will flee from every other man and give no room for any ungodly relationship.
5) I will not allow any column between my husband and I.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty God, thank You for the home which You’ve established for me.
2) Jesus Christ, I pray that You have mercy upon me for being unfaithful to my husband.
) Jehovah God, remove every trace of sexual immorality that leads to unfaithfulness in my life.
4) Holy Spirit, rain down Your fire upon every spirit of sexual immorality and destroy the connection between us.
5) Jesus Christ, cleanse my womb with Your precious blood.
6) Holy Spirit, sanctify my heart with Your fire and remove every spirit of unfaithfulness from me in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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