20th March 2019

Why Do I Go To Church

Word From The Father
As a human being, no matter how careful you are, as long you move around your fellow human beings every day, you must acquire demons to your body. When I brought My children out of Egypt into the Wilderness, I began to teach them what they should do and should not do when they enter the Promised Land. I asked Moses to build a tabernacle for Me so that they would leave their houses and gather in My presence. In this tabernacle, My Priests would remain there all the time. They must not move around the people anyhow because they carry My Ordinance. Anyone among them who failed to carry out My Ordinance as I instructed him would die. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am Jehovah the Mighty-Man-In-Battle. I Am a Holy Father. Sin is an abomination to Me.

I taught Moses many things to teach My Priests so that they could meet the needs of My children. The Priests were everything to them in the time of old. There were no doctors in the land. The Priests were spiritual doctors. I thought them everything necessary to work upon My children so they could live in peace. I asked Moses to do everything, but I didn’t ask him to build any hospital for My children because it wasn’t necessary. As long they observe My Law and Ordinance, no sickness would chain them down. If anything were wrong with them, they would go to the Priest who would tell them what to do. I instituted the Sabbath for them specifically as a special day of the week to gather together before Me and abstain from any laborious work, a holy day for Me, not because of Me, but because of them, a day of cleansing so that they could have peace to live the following week. This is the journey.

Nowadays, all of you call it the church instead of the tabernacle, and you call the Priests Pastors. You must not gather together in the church just for gathering sake. You only gather together to cleanse yourself. While you’re there inside your house, you acquire demons. You acquire them through the food you eat, through the water you drink, through your television and radio, through your internet. As you leave your house to the market or work, you also acquire them to your body. You acquire them everywhere you go! You must understand that all the things you use to surround yourself today weren’t there in the time of Moses and Jesus Christ. Evil surrounds you everywhere! All the demons you acquired during the week, as you gather together in My presence, My Priests will take all of them from you and hand them to Me through Jesus Christ so that you can live in peace. As you go to the church, you only go there to cleanse yourself not for any other business. In the time of old, I instructed My children to enter the tabernacle through one side of the building and leave through the other side. Anyone who failed to listen to My instruction died.

In the church today, all of you will return to your house just as you came. Instead of you to drop all your demons for your Pastors so that he can hand them over to Jesus Christ who will appease them with His blood, you will even acquire some again right there inside the church. Therefore, all of you are sick. If you visit the hospitals today, seventy-five percent of the patients there are Christians. All of you are joking with your life. If you cage all those things inside your body, how can you live in peace how much more to think of going to Heaven? You forget that demons are enemies of Heaven. Until all of you understand what it takes to serve Me and accept it as such, Satan will continually prey on your ignorance. The Pastors too aren’t Pastors anymore because they’re looking for what they want to eat. Through the kind of life they live, they also acquired demons to their body. My question to all of you is this: If Pastors carry demons and the congregation carry demons, who will cleanse who?

Every Ordinance I gave all of you is for your own good. Can any of you tame demons? They can enter you without notice based on the kind of life you live. Many of you don’t understand why I destroyed many people around the Israelites in the time of old. I did what I did so they could live in peace. Upon everything I did, their heart still led them to slavery. None of you knows what it takes to serve Me! You think that going to Heaven is a mere journey. Until you meet My needs, until you attain the percentage of holiness I require, this is the only way Heaven will receive your soul. But if you’re ignorant and you don’t know your right from your wrong, how will you get there?

My Emphasis
The children of the Father are living in ignorance, and no one knows his right from his wrong anymore. Everything the Father did, every Ordinance He gave has become meaningless to this present generation. But no one can cast away the Word of the Almighty. He can only cast it away at the detriment of his own life. Anyone who values his life will embrace the Word and Ordinance of the Father wholeheartedly so that he and his entire household can live in peace. The servants of the Father are living in ignorance just like their congregations. But every one of them forgets that ignorance is a virus that kills slowly even when you least expected.

The first tabernacle was built with woods and fabrics. When they got to the land of Canaan as the Father promised Abraham, they built tabernacles around them where the Priests carried out the Ordinances of the Father. Later on, they were able to gather together in the temple which was built by King Solomon. Inside this temple, you also had the holy of holies where nobody was permitted to enter, not even the Priests. The only person who was permitted to enter there was the High Priest, and if he entered with his demons, he would die. The congregation would drag him out with the chain that was tied to his garment. If the congregation saw that he has overstayed in the inner court as they couldn’t enter there to check on him, they would pull the chain from outside, and he would shake himself and the little bells tied to the bottom of his garment would ring as a signal that he was still alive. This was how hard and terrible things were in the time of old. But blessed be the name of Jehovah God who gave us freedom through His only Begotten Son our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! Amen!

Freedom, when abused becomes meaningless and deadly because the Father thought over everything before releasing Him to us as there was no remedy for sin. The only remedy and permanent solution until everybody return to wherever he comes from are to redeem their soul. A soul cannot be redeemed by just ordinary blood, but unblemished blood is needed so that generations upon generations would benefit from it. Today, everybody takes the grace of the Father for granted. Therefore, the church is no more church, and everybody is living in captivity inside his own body. Christ came to give us freedom, not freedom to commit sin but to serve the Father in holiness and purity of soul and Spirit. Unfortunately, the house of the Father has become a market place where everybody buys and sells what he has. You will buy demons from others and sell the ones you have. This has become a common practice in the church.

If you gather together in truth, something must happen in your Spirit the moment you step into the church of the Father. From the beginning of the Service until the end, every strange spirit must leave your body before you go back home. For this reason, the Father ordained our gathering together. The Pastors are there to carry out the Ordinance of the Father upon their congregation so that they can live in peace until the following Sunday. This is the journey until everyone goes to the grave. And if the Pastor doesn’t know his right from his wrong, how will he know what to do and not do? For this reason, evil is plaguing the church everywhere. The Bible says in the Book of John 8:32 that, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” A soul that seeks for freedom in Christ will get it only if he remains in his territory which is the territory of the Father. I pray for you today that the Holy Spirit will remove the veil that covers your eyes from knowing the truth so that you can receive absolute freedom in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will appreciate the Father for the revelation of His Word.
2) I will lift the veil that covers my eyes through the knowledge of the Word of the Father.
3) I will desist from following strange and unprofitable teachings that don’t benefit my soul.
4) I will be very aware of my environment and allow the Holy Spirit to lead me wherever I go.
5) I will live my life in fear of the Father anywhere I go.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, thank You for the mystery of Your Word which You reveal to me every day.
2) Jesus Christ, wash and cleanse my eyes and heart with Your precious blood.
3) Jehovah God, erase every strange teaching, the teachings of demons that has polluted my system for years.
4) Almighty God, deliver me from every spirit of ignorance and help me to follow Your will alone.
5) Holy Spirit, surround me with Your fire and make my environment uncomfortable for any demon to dwell.
6) Almighty Father, establish Your true Word in my church and empower Your servant to lead me aright.
7) Holy Spirit, open the eyes and heart of Your servants and remove every evil veil that covers their eyes and heart from knowing the truth in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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