20th February 2019

The Unfaithful Husband

Word From The Father
If you find a woman you love, you’ll ask her hand in marriage after which you’ll take her to the altar and marry her in My presence. If you’ve not defiled yourself before you met her, it will be very hard for the spirit of sexual immorality to use you. If your father defiled himself before he married your mother or he married more than one wife, he’ll share the spirit of sexual immorality for you. If you know that such thing is in your family, you’ll know how to guide yourself so that you’ll not put on the shoe of your father. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Holy Father. Sin is an abomination to Me.

If one fall into a pit, others will take heed less they fall into the same pit like him. As a young man, if you’re the type that loved sharing yourself around, you must know you’re laying evil foundation for yourself and your children tomorrow. You’re neither married nor ready for marriage, you’re sleeping around with women. How do you think your tomorrow will be? You’ll live a life of rise and fall. Sexual immorality opens the door of hardship and poverty to you. Every pattern of life you’ve lived will follow you into your marriage. No matter how much you love your wife, the spirit of sexual immorality will use you because you’ve already defiled yourself before marriage. And if your wife had defiled herself as well, the problem will be heavy on you because you’re the head of the family. This is why I said the man and woman must confess all their sins before they’re joined together in marriage.

You were happy when you took your wife to the altar; how come that love turned to hatred or divorce? Because something was living inside you which you failed to deal with. If a father is fond of sleeping around with different women, he’ll share the spirit of sexual immorality for all his children. His sons and son’s in-laws will take after him. As a young man, if you defile yourself with a young woman, you’re making a covenant with that spirit to do the same thing with your unborn daughter. It is better for you to marry at the age of fifteen than to defile yourself. If you know you cannot keep yourself probably because of the kind of life your parents have lived, then you should marry. The time that many of you should have married, you’re there sleeping around, enjoying yourself because you felt you weren’t ripe for marriage. The time you felt you were ripe for marriage, you married and you cannot enjoy the marriage. You can see what your life has become.

Any man that has the spirit of sexual immorality in him cannot come to Heaven. This is the root of every sin and it started in the Garden of Eden. Unless you recognise this as your weakness and work upon yourself, the spirit will keep using you and you cannot achieve your goal. When My Son came to this Earth, did He commit any sin? He committed no sin! Who gave birth to Him? Was it not a virgin? He had no earthly father, and He committed no sin. Yet, Satan was chasing Him around so that He could sow sorrow into My Covenant which I made with Him. This was why He ran away from home before He was finally crucified. If you’re pure, Satan will chase you around with women how much more when you’ve defiled yourself. I have told all of you that the other side of everything I created is a disaster. Unless you have adequate knowledge of My Word, Satan will cut off your mission on this Earth through women.

Many of My children in the time of old disappointed Me, including Abraham himself. I forgave them because I’ve not sent My Son to die. As for all of you today, if I find any trace of the spirit of sexual immorality inside you, you’re going to Hellfire. Some of you, while you’re working in the office, you see another woman more than your wife because you spend most of your waking hours at work. While you’re there, Satan is matching you together spiritually. Before you know it, you’ll lost your heart. If Satan could succeed in matching you together spiritually, if you’re not careful physically, you’ll fall. If you’re sensitive in your Spirit, if you’re close to any woman and you see her in your dream in an inappropriate manner, you must run away from her physically. This is the only way. And if you know you have the spirit of sexual immorality inside you, go and confess your sins immediately. If you fail to deal with it, it will lead you to Hellfire in the end.

My Emphasis
There are two kinds of unfaithfulness – physical and spiritual. You have power over all your physical actions but you have no power over your spiritual ones. If the measure of the spirit of sin in you is higher than the Spirit of holiness, the negative one will overpower you in your dream. This is why you can see yourself having sexual intercourse in your dream. And if you check yourself physically, you know what’s in your heart. The spirit of sexual immorality is like a dog, male and female. Once they enter a man, they overpower the Spirit of sex which the Father put inside you.

Some of our fathers in the time of old didn’t understand why they took some actions. Though in their time, they were able to get away with many things simply because they weren’t expose to most things as we do today. There was no television, internet, telephone, radio, and mobile phone. All these weren’t there for them. As good as these are, they’re all easy means of destruction for Satan to use. For example, a man can watch pornographic image or video on his phone without the notice of anyone. If such man is married, he is unfaithful to his wife. Any man that engages himself in such thing will end up masturbating himself.

Parents must look after their children properly especially the ones chosen to do the Father’s work. The world has become a global village because everyone is highly connected together. As we’re connected together for good, so also, we’re connected together for evil. Children are meant to live under their parents until after marriage so that they could look after their wellbeing. Many parents don’t know what their children do even right there before their nose. Any kind of evil thought will end up destroying their lives tomorrow.

For a man to think otherwise concerning the wife he married in love, that means something is living inside him which he can’t control. The root of every problem starts from the family. If divorce and unfaithfulness could take over the world today, you must know what the coming generation is going to suffer. In a world where people believe in sex education, this leads to destruction of the brain of the children. If you open a child’s brain to sexual knowledge at young age, you’re doing nothing than destroying the brain. Adam was created between age eighteen and twenty-five. Few years later, Eve came to the scene. Both of them were like little children whose body wasn’t ripe for sex. This was the reason why it pained the Father and He laid curse upon them after their disobedience. If a child’s brain is open and you allow all manner of dirtiness to enter, his brain will close up with everything that enters. This is what’s happening in the world today.

In the church, unfaithfulness is rocking the boat of marriages on both sides. Nobody can find solution to it. Until we all go back to the Law which the Father gave in the time of old, peace will be far away from every home. Without the spirit of sexual immorality in a man, his love for his wife will remain intact. This spirit destroys natural love and replaces it with fake love. Everything of sin is very sweet. If a man is unfaithful to his wife, it’s sweeter than when he lays with her because it’s poisonous honey. You must also understand that whatever you do will affect your children and their generation. If you know you fall into this category, the category of unfaithful husband, go and confess your sins immediately. Run away from every other woman and cling to your wife. Hide nothing from her so that Satan will not build any bridge between you. I pray for you today that Jehovah God will deliver you and purify your heart and soul with the blood of the Saviour in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness for being unfaithful to my wife in any form.
2) I will appreciate the love which the Father has put between us.
3) I will find rest and peace in the bosom of my wife alone.
4) I will flee from every other woman and give no room for any ungodly relationship.
5) I will not allow any column between my wife and I.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty God, thank You for the home which You’ve established for me.
2) Jesus Christ, I pray that You have mercy upon me for being unfaithful to my wife.
3) Jehovah God, remove every trace of sexual immorality that leads to unfaithfulness in my life.
4) Holy Spirit, rain down Your fire upon every spirit of sexual immorality and destroy the connection between us.
5) Holy Spirit, sanctify my heart with Your fire and remove every spirit of unfaithfulness from me in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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