1st February 2019

He That Thinks He Stands

Word From The Father
“O Lord I will die for You; I will die with You; I will do whatever You want me to do; I will never deny You in rain and in fire; I will do Your will.” It’s not easy! My Word is like a child who carries bomb and thinks he carries ball. When it explodes, the fear of his life will grip him. You’re working or walking with Someone you can’t see, yet, you must put your trust in Him. This is why I weigh every life of My children and pardon their offences in the end because I know that the journey isn’t easy. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the One who weighs every breathe of each heart.

It’s very easy to speak, doing it is very difficult. It’s not an ordinary eye a Prophet will begin to prophesy lies. This is why I want you to always be inside Me so that when the day of adversity comes, you’ll remain standing in Me. Job was My son, he was very proud of Me. Then I said to Myself, let Me test him if he’ll still proud of Me. What I allowed him to pass through, if I allow any of you to pass through it today, you’ll deny Me in no time because the things of this Earth is in your heart. I test each one of you based on the measure of My Spirit in you. Any heart that cannot stand My test loves vanity.

Whenever somebody is passing through any affliction, don’t judge him. You should rally round him and lift him up because none of you know the root of his affliction. This was what the friends of Job didn’t understand, and they failed. This is why you must not judge anyone as well. I Am the only Judge and I know and weigh every heart. The fact that someone is passing through affliction doesn’t mean you’re holier than him. When Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego were passing through affliction from Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babylon, Daniel didn’t mock them. He prayed to Me instead. When the time came that he was also thrown into the den of lion, they stood by him. These are My faithful servants. Those who will stand for the truth, those who will lay down their head for My sake will receive the crown of life.

Have you seen a lion ran away before? No matter how big the animal is, he’ll stand to combat him. This is an ordinary animal how much more you a human being who came out of Me. If your hands are clean, why should you run away? When Moses confronted Pharaoh, why didn’t he kill him? But he was the King of the land! Why didn’t he arrest Moses or kill him? He cannot because he was afraid of him! That’s what I can do. If your hands are clean, leave the rest for Me. Let them do to you whatever they want to do. If they kill you, receive it with joy. This is why I said you should always thank Me no matter any circumstance you may find yourself. I Am the Man-Of-War and the Mighty-Man-In-Battle. Nobody battles with Me and win. I Am always a Winner. Just put your trust in Me and you’ll see what I’ll do.

Many of you denied Me when faced with little affliction. If you could deny Me when face with little affliction, why won’t you deny Me when face with big one? All of you are serving Me by mouth. You think serving Me is being blessed by the things of this Earth. Many of My servants are out there fasting and praying to Me because of My children. They lie on their belly because they have no food to eat whenever they break their fasting. But I Am God and I’ll provide all their needs. All of you call Me Father when your hands are full and deny Me when your hands are empty. Either your hands are full or empty, you must keep trusting Me, you must keep calling Me Father.

My Emphasis
You’re not a Christian until you’re tested. You don’t love the Father until you’re afflicted and sailed through. Many of you think Christianity is all about living in luxury, being surrounded by everything you need. Jesus Christ didn’t promise such thing. This was why He declared in the Book of John 16:33 that, “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” Therefore, Christianity isn’t about the things of this Earth but the things of Heaven.

If you’re given a present for whichever reason, you don’t know what’s inside until you open it. If you’re lured into cult, you don’t know what’s done there until you’re fully inside. If you’re digging a pit, at a point you can see the world around you. As you dig deeper, you can still see the light of the day. This time, you can still come out by yourself. If you dig deeper again, it will get to a stage that you can’t even see anything around you anymore and you can’t get out without the help of somebody. This is how Christianity is. If you remain on the surface, you can never make it to Heaven. Only those who dig deep will enter Heaven.

Many of you are serving God on the surface, this is why you can speak whatever you like with your mouth. If you serve Him deep down into your heart, you cannot explain what you’ll see. But in all this, the assurance of Heaven will consume you. If you’re all alone deep down inside a well in a no man’s land, you’ll rely on miracle to come out, if not, you’ll die there. Christianity is either you die or alive. This is why you can speak boldly that death is a gain if you’re on the right path. Death is a gain because your Spirit and soul is in Jesus Christ.

When Peter was speaking to the Lord, assuring Him that he would stand by Him, he didn’t know that something could happen that would make him deny the Master. He didn’t understand that everything the Master was saying was spiritual, not physical. When the time came, he was shocked to see himself deny the Master he loved most. When Apostle Paul was about travelling to Jerusalem in disobedience to the Spirit of the Father, he thought working for the Father is by mouth. When he faced with death, if not for the grace of the Master, he would have been killed. Serving God is not by mouth! It’s a journey of life and death.

My dear Beloved, mock not, judge not if a Brother or Sister passes through any affliction. Nobody can boast of anything at all. We’re all living and walking by the grace of the Father alone. Whatever you may pass through in this journey, stand firm and remain standing. Deny not the Father! If a commander of a troop runs away during the war, he is not fit to be a commander. A warrior never runs away amid war. No matter what happens, either by death or alive, he’ll stand till the end. We’re warriors, warriors of Jesus Christ, and we must not give up. Let us rejoice every day as we steer ahead. We shall be rewarded for all our services in the end. I pray for you this day that Jesus Christ our Master will hold us by His hand and lead us beyond the scary mountain in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will neither mock nor judge anyone.
2) I will follow the example of the Master alone.
3) I will surrender my heart totally to the Father because He owns me.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, if I’ve denied You in anything, have mercy upon me.
2) Jesus Christ, You are the Example sent by the Father to this Earth. I pray that You help me to follow every obedience and righteousness.
3) Jehovah God, I know You will not allow any situation or circumstance to swallow me. Help me to see beyond this Earth so I can always put my trust in You.
4) Holy Spirit, I ask You to remove every doubt in my heart and give me the Spirit of boldness in this journey in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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