19th March 2019

If Parents End In Hellfire

Word From The Father
If you read through My Word the Old Testament, you can never see anything like Hellfire in it because I’ve not declared it open. I cannot declare it open when I’ve not taught you what it takes to come to Heaven. And you cannot come to Heaven unless there’s blood for your atonement. Though I gave My children the Ordinance of sacrifice, to atone for their sins whenever they sinned, but such atonement cannot lead you to Heaven. A blood of a holy person is needed to atone for your sin before you can enter Heaven. For this reason, I brought down My Son whom I love, the First of My strength to die. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am not a wicked Father. Sin is an abomination to Me. Everything I do is perfect.

As a Christian, My Laws and Ordinances are there for you to keep and observe, and everything is sealed through My Son. The blood of My Son alone redeemed your soul and that of your generation and as many are those who believe in Him. You must believe with your heart not just by mouth. Until you believe with your heart, this is the only way you can do My will. And until you do My will, you cannot enter Heaven. If you give your life to Jesus Christ and you fail to meet the criteria to enter Heaven, you will end in Hellfire. The danger of this is that, the same demon that stood on your way from obeying My Word will also stand on the way of your children so that they too can go to Hellfire. This is why I pity as many of you that take My Word for granted. My Word is your life, but you don’t value it. You value the things of this Earth than My Word.

Many of you believe that as long you give your life to Jesus Christ, you’re on your way to Heaven. You’re only deceiving yourself! You must know what it takes to go to Heaven so that you will not obey the desire of your heart because the desire of your heart is contrary to My will. I Am a Father and I love My children. I hate it as My children die everyday and go to that dark place. Though I created it but not for My children. But My children hate Me, they love the Earth. Anyone that loves the Earth loves evil. I only send you here to live for awhile and return to Me. Why should you go to Hellfire? Because your heart is evil, because your heart is dark. Whatever causes your heart to be dark will lead you to Hellfire. And if you go to Hellfire, your children must hold Me tight before they too will not land there. If your parents go to Hellfire, you must hold Me tight before you will not land there as well. Any spirit that leads somebody to Hellfire is powerful. The lesser ones are here on this Earth while the most powerful ones are caged there in Hellfire and they must not come out. If the ones here hand over their victim to the ones in Hellfire, they will turn back and continue their work on the children of their victim.

Many of you claim I Am not a wicked Father, that I cannot send My children to Hellfire. When My Son was on this Earth, didn’t He speak about that horrible place? If you don’t believe, it’s your choice. But I tell you the truth, until it happens to you, you’ll not believe. Those of you whose parents died as Christians, if you want to know where they are, pray to Me and I’ll reveal to you so that you will know how to work hard to go to Heaven. The journey which all of you embark is not a joke. You must forsake all. You must abandon all because if you don’t abandon all, somebody is there who will use your ignorance against you. Many of My children served Me in ignorance and they thought they were on the right track but were disappointed when they died. If there’s any evil in you, you must get rid of it while you’re alive. If you fail to get rid of it, you’ll be disappointed in the end. Therefore, you must count yourself lucky and blessed to have this kind of uncommon opportunity to know your right from your wrong, to know what it takes to serve Me. I Am the Almighty God and I love you. If any of you have any question, ask My son and I will give him the answer to your question. I Am the Solution to every problem. No matter what you’re passing through, there is a solution to it. Do My will. Embrace My Word with your whole heart. Do not deviate from it. Through this you’ll end your journey victoriously.

My Emphasis
Many of you are thinking in your heart may be Hellfire is just a fallacy, that it doesn’t really exist. Both Heaven and Hellfire are dark in your sight because you’re flesh. These two places cannot be seen by flesh but by Spirit. Before you can have a revelation of Heaven, your body must be put to rest here completely. It also depends on the level of your holiness, this will determine what will happen to you. If the level of your holiness is low, that means death is inevitable before you can visit those places. But if the level of your holiness is satisfactory, then your Spirit can be summoned to go there while your body is at a state of rest here. The spirits of sin in you must be banished completely from you before you can visit Heaven. This is the only way you can visit there.

Despite all the enormous knowledge the Father has poured upon His children, many Christians are still ignorant of these things. Presently, if the Father should visit the church, the outcome of things will be unbearable. Parents-children relationship isn’t a mere thing. The Father wants to see that parents truly teach their children His way. But if the parents didn’t have the knowledge of the Father at the early stage of their lives, how could they teach their children His way? By the time they have the knowledge of the Father, the children might have grown up, able to lead themselves. This is the danger. Even in the church today, many parents left their children behind in all things and carry on with their own lives. The Father always judge both parents and children together because if your holiness cannot influence the lives of your children, that means you’re not truly holy.

There was a female pastor who died some years ago and landed in Hellfire. Right now, if you look at the lives of her children, especially her first daughter, though a pastor as well, she’s also on her way to Hellfire. Many Christians are serving the Father in the dark. They believe that as long they participate in all church activities, they’re on their way to Heaven. As Christians, your Spirit, the Spirit of the Father in you must bear witness with your way of life. That Spirit constantly condemns every of your action while you’re alive because he is holy. It is the part of the Father in you. As the Father is a Light, so also your Spirit. But if you give yourself to the spirit of sin to rule your heart, you will not hear what the Spirit is saying anymore. Your heart will become as hard as a stone. But the Bible says in the Book of Micah 6:8 that, “He has shown you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?” I pray for you today that Holy Spirit will shine His light upon your heart and help you to walk in His way daily until you depart this Earth in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will thank the Father for this revelation.
2) I will strive daily to do His will.
3) I will judge myself and my ways every day to know where I stand.
4) I will make sure I follow in the footstep of the Master who shed His precious blood for Me.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, thank You for the mystery and revelation of Your Word.
2) Jesus Christ, You came to this Earth and followed the heart of Your Father. I pray that You lead me and never allow Me to follow my own heart.
3) Jehovah God, every spirit, every power, every personality that doesn’t want me to do your will, remove them from my way.
4) O Lord, every power that has vowed to see my end in Hellfire, Holy Spirit, rain down Your fire upon them.
5) Holy Spirit, shine Your light upon my heart and remove every trace of darkness from it in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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