19th January 2019

Spiritual Agents - Witchcraft

Word From The Father
I created different kinds of Spirit beings in different categories and I sent many of them to this Earth on assignment. You may look at yourselves as the same human beings, yet, I know the kind of Spirit I put inside individual. If you look at your fingers, none is equal with the other. So also, I created each of you as I wanted. I created you to do good not evil, all for My own purpose. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator. Evil is an abomination to Me.

If you sleep on your bed, you cannot dream without My Spirit in you. There’s a certain measure of the spirit of witchcraft inside all of you, this is why you can dream. Without that, you cannot dream. I put this Spirit in you for good not for evil. If you look at witchcraft, it’s like a dream, yet, you know what you’re doing. If you had a dream, you can relate your dream to anybody. They may understand you, but none of them was in your dream. This is a mere dream. If you had a dream and you saw certain people in your dream, whenever you woke up and you relate your dream with them, if both of you continue the same discussion you had in your dream physically, that’s not a dream. That is witchcraft! I Am the Almighty God and I will not give My children poison to eat. I know who I Am, and I know what I created. Every evil spirit I created, the minimal measure of it is inside all of you. This is why you can differentiate between good and evil. I your Father, there’s evil inside Me. This is why if any evil happens anywhere in the whole universe, I quickly get the signal because everything came out of Me. I will look and investigate where the evil is coming from and what triggers it. But I didn’t give you the spirit that you cannot control. If you have it, you know where you got it from.

I could have sent My Son down to this Earth without Him passing through a woman, but if I had done that, the mission wouldn’t have been accomplished. I wanted Him to pass through the same channel as all of you. I wanted Him to be born and live as all of you. In fact, I wanted His feet to touch this Earth. His death was paramount than anything because I needed His blood to fulfil My mission. Without His feet touching the Earth, the mission wouldn’t have been accomplished. And if He had failed, His own case would have been worse than Lucifer because His feet touch the Earth. All of you should open down your ears wide and listen to Me! I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator. I know how I created and programmed everything.

If I send down Angels on errand to this Earth, even if they appear in the nature of human being, they have a limited time to carry out their mission because they weren’t born through a woman. Lucifer himself knows his limit. This is why he’s using all of you as his agents. If you have the spirit of witchcraft, the spirit cannot use you to do anything unless your body is put to rest. Some of you who have higher one can sit down quietly somewhere and the spirit will take you to the coven. As long you’re active physically, you cannot go anywhere else. You cannot live two lives at a time. Satan knows the secret of all this. If you sleep on your bed, under no circumstance must your feet touch the ground again. If you do that, you commit great evil. I created that thing for different purpose, not for what all of you are using it for. If you sleep on your bed, you still sleep on the ground because your bed doesn’t suspend itself in mid-air. While your body is on the ground, your Spirit will go elsewhere touching the ground to do evil. You have committed great evil and I will torment your soul either here or there. No one can compete with Me. If you know you have such spirit, drop it immediately because I didn’t give it to you. You know where you got it from.

Satan knows his limit. But he’s using you to commit atrocities and you think you have power. Unless the spirit of witchcraft overpowers you, you cannot do such evil and he knows. This was why I rejected him! Anyone among you that falls into the same category as him will be rejected no matter how powerful I created you to be. Many of My heroes came to this Earth and did great evil. They cannot come back here again because I chain them down where they are. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I hate evil. I hate witchcraft. Remove every evil from your hands. Go to your Pastor and confess to him who you are.

My Emphasis
The Spirit of man is very powerful because he originated from the Father Himself. Whatsoever the Father didn’t give to you becomes sin once you have it. Many Christians are saying if witchcraft isn’t good, why did the Father create it. The Father created it for His own use alone not for anybody else. You must understand that even in the hospital, not all doctors have access to every drug. There are some drugs, they’re not to be used anyhow. This is why the signature of senior doctor is required before such drug could be given to the patient. Some drugs contain heroin and cocaine, such drugs are far from the reach of mere doctors. And if the effect of such drugs leads to death, an enquiry would be carried out to know why it happened. The Father created many Spirits both good and evil for His own use alone.

Any Spirit which the Father doesn’t give to you either good or bad turns you to a puppet of Satan. He uses you to carry out his own mission. Hence you possess such spirit, you’re marked for Hellfire. On this Earth, he’ll use you to freeze the blessing of everybody around you. And whatever reward he gives to you will be taken away from you. In the end, he will take your own life in return. In the Book of Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14, the Father made a distinction between clean and unclean animals. Why unclean? Any animal that eats blood or human carcass is unclean. Such animals are created for the use of the Father in case of war. The evil spirits are predators! They eat one’s life. Remember that every life of a creature is inside the blood. This was why the Father gave Ordinance in the time of old to appease them with blood of clean animals not unclean animals. If the Priest wasn’t careful and gave them unclean animals, they would take his life instead.

As human being, you cannot pour blood into your cup and drink. You can only pour water or juice into your cup and drink. This is how the Father created you. Whatever differs from this becomes an abomination to your body. Nobody dares touch his faeces and put it into his mouth. Whoever does such thing is insane. But spiritually, some people drink blood. They turn faeces into a delicious meal for other people to eat. After eating such food, your system will be polluted, and this will eventually result in sickness physically. Whatever the Father calls abomination remains abomination forever.

Satan lives in the space, not on the land. He uses human beings against themselves. He needs physical body to touch the ground. You must understand that the Father drove him away from Heaven to this Earth, yet, in the spirit. He wasn’t born as human being to live on this Earth. Whatever he does, he does it spiritually. For him to be able to carry out many assignments, he needs human beings as his agents. And anyone that possesses the spirit of witchcraft falls perfectly into this category. You will do good physically and do evil spiritually. Because you possess such spirit, you cannot do otherwise because the Father programmed them to work in a way that nobody has control over them except He alone. For you to be set free from such power, you must confess your sins both physically and spiritually in the presence of a servant of God and abstain completely from all manner of sin no matter how little. I pray for you today that Holy Spirit will set His fire on you and help you to live a righteous life and take all manner of abomination away from you in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will search the depth of my heart to know where I belong.
2) I will ask the Father and His Son for forgiveness anyhow I’ve committed spiritual sin.
3) I will surrender my Spirit, soul and body to the Master willingly.
4) I will live and dwell on the Word of the Father and obey every Law and Ordinance.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, have mercy upon me because I am a sinner.
2) Jesus Christ my Saviour, let Your blood appease every bloodsucking spirit out of my life.
3) Almighty God, You created every Spirit both good and evil. I pray that You remove every spirit You have not given to me.
4) Holy Spirit, rain down Your fire upon my Spirit and soul and let every trace of evil be removed.
5) Jehovah God, every power that wants to drag me into the mud, fight against them and give me peace in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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