17th April 2019

If Anyone Is In Christ

Word From The Father
After the flood, due to Noah’s sin, everybody continued their lives as they pleased. Before I turned to Abraham, the people of the land were living their lives as they pleased. It wasn’t easy for a grown-up man to forsake everybody around him and embark on an unknown journey. It’s easy for you to embark on a journey if you know your destination. His own case was different! He had neither orientation nor destination at all. He just followed My instruction blindly. I Am a Wise Father and I know how to capture the heart of My children. I promised him a nation, yet he had no child. This covered his sight and he obeyed Me blindly. He had choices of returning to his root when he faced hardship on the journey, but My fear in him wouldn’t let him take his own decision. He passed through many sufferings because of Me. For this reason, I also overlooked his mistakes because it wasn’t easy at all. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator of every creature. I Am the Breeze that controls the universe. I Am Omnipotent God. I Am Invisible God. Every character is found in Me.

Yes, Abraham was living like every other man before I called him. He committed sin like every other man. He did everything like every other man. But when I turned to him and began teaching him My way, everything about him changed. Though it wasn’t easy at all, but he followed My instructions. This applies to all of you. All of you weren’t born into Christianity. You made your own choice along the line. You have committed many sins before you came back to Me. I accepted you with all your multitude of sins. I never penalised you for anything because you were ignorant like the Israelites in Egypt. I pardoned you as I pardoned them. Now is the time for you to dance to My own music.

Before you came to Me, before you gave your life Jesus Christ, both you and everything you acquired belonged to you. The moment you gave your life to Us, it now depends on the kind of spirit that’s attached to everything you have, this will determine if you’ll still keep them or not. If you have ordinary slippers in your own way, you must get rid of it how much more what’s bigger than slippers. This is the problem many of you have. You cannot give your life to Me and hold on to the devil’s property. You must be ready to forgo all. If you married more than one wife before you came to Me, you must settle the rest and stick to just one. If you have built a house unlawfully, you must vacate the house and give it to the church so that Jesus Christ can appease the spirit with his blood. But as for you, you cannot live there anymore. If you acquired a car unlawfully, you must surrender it. If you have millions of money in your account and you know how you gathered it, you must surrender everything to the church. This was why a young man came to My Son asking Him question, but when My Son answered him, he was sad and went away with sorrow. What was the answer of My Beloved Son? It is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter Heaven. O yes! Many Christians fall into this category.

If you’re in Christ, everything about you changed completely. The orientation of your life and your destination must change. Your thinking and reasoning must also change. The kind of cloth you wear must change. The kind of food you eat must change. The kind of people you associate with must change. The kind of places you go must change. The kind of job you do or the way you do it must change. The way you speak must change. The way you look must change. The way you walk must change. In fact, everything about you must change. How many Christians are ready to embark on such journey, the journey of holiness? This was why My Son said the road that leads to Heaven is very narrow, and only few people pass through that road. It is narrow indeed!

I once asked one of My servants who had more than one wife to settle his two other wives and cling to his first wife alone. This became a major bone of contention between him and some of his church members who had more than one wife and they left the church. If I gave an instruction to My servant and you leave the church because of that, that means you have another Heaven you’re going. When My Son was feeding people with bread and fish, they were happy. “Rebecca, Dorcas, James, Reuben, all of you come and let us go; this Jesus is feeding people with bread and fish.” Those who couldn’t walk begged people to carry them. They all went because of bread and fish. He didn’t trouble Himself because He knew He had the resources. When He opened the mysteries of Heaven to them and what they must do to enter there, they turned back and stopped following Him. This applies to many of you today.

My Emphasis
It is very easy to read the Bible but to understand it is difficult. It is very easy to memorise the Scripture but practising it is difficult. Unless your spiritual eye is open to the things of Heaven, you cannot obey the Word of the Father. If you look at everything that surrounds you and the kind of hardship that lies ahead of you, you’ll think otherwise. But Jesus Christ knew what was ahead of Him. Though He didn’t know that’s how everything would be before coming to this Earth because the Father hid it away from Him. But when the final moment came, He knew what was ahead of Him. For this reason, He prayed that His Father should take the cup away from Him but not by His will.

The Bible says in the Book of II Corinthians 5:17 that, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” If a child is born into a fold, it’s easier for him to know and follow everything that’s being practised there. But if he’s an adult before entering the fold, he must be ready to adjust his pattern of life before he can master everything that’s done there. This applies to every Christian! Many children that were born into so called Christian homes lived or are living in ignorance. This is why you could see a child born into such family giving his life to Jesus Christ at the age of fifteen or twenty or even more. As parents, if your life is right with Jesus Christ and you have children in Him, every child you have must have the knowledge of Jesus Christ by birth, just like the Jews were born into Judaism. As a Christian, if the case of your children isn’t like this, you know already where you’ve failed. This is why the Father wants to change everything, reteach everybody so that they can know their right from wrong even in young age. It is better not to taste sin at all than to taste it and later find a way to cleanse yourself. It is deeper than how all of you understand it.

The Jews weren’t serving God because of Heaven. They were serving Him because of the Covenant that was made with their father Abraham in which they were heirs. Either they like it or not, they’re heirs of the Covenant by natural birth. But today, everybody was born differently into different culture and way of life, yet, the Father expect us as Christians to train our children in His way so that everything will become natural as they grow up. If you were already a Christian before you started producing children and your children aren’t Christians by natural birth, then you were not born-again genuinely. The Jews know their identity and never hide it wherever they are all over the world. This is how the Father wants the church to be. Unfortunately, we’re far from this stage. I believe and know that the remnant who give themselves to the truth early will eventually lead their children in the way of the Father as they go on producing children, and they will grow to be able to speak out boldly that, “I am a Christian, and I was born a Christian”. I pray for you today that the blood of Jesus Christ will never be in vain over your life in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will appreciate the Father for this revelation.
2) I will ask for mercy for living in my own world of ignorance.
3) I will allow Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit to take the lead of my life from now henceforth.
4) I will accept the Word of the Father wholeheartedly and obey it as such.
5) I will pray to Jesus Christ to remove the spirit of this Earth away from me so that I can have the boldness of standing up for Him even to the point of death.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, I thank You for this great revelation.
2) Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me for living too long in ignorance.
3) My Lord Jesus, I hand over my life to You today. Please take the lead of my life.
4) Jehovah God, I accept Your Word as it is. Give me a heart of obedience to Your Word.
5) My Lord Jesus, remove the spirit of this Earth away from me so that I can have the boldness to stand up for You.
6) Holy Spirit, blindfold me to the things of this Earth and open my eyes wide to the things of Heaven in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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