16th January 2019

Your Life In A Movie

Word From The Father
If you touched an object and you were asked either you touched it or not, you can deny it. But if your finger print is taken and analysed, you cannot deny it. As human being, everything about you is created uniquely to your body alone. Your blood, your saliva, your fingerprint, your footprint, your DNA, everything is created uniquely to your body because your body is connected to your Spirit and soul and everything is programmed to work together just for you alone. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator of every soul. Whatever I do, I do it perfectly and Am proud of Myself.

Many years ago, there was nothing like photo or video. If there was, at least, somebody might have taken the picture of My Son when He came to this Earth. All these are physical evidence of existence of somebody. You may deny anything, but as long there’s physical evidence to prove, then you cannot deny it. This is physical. If all of you can move from the life Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden until today, how do you think the spiritual world is? I Am the Almighty God and I know everything I created. Either you have physical evidence or not, every second of your life is documented and this will be used to judge you whenever you die.

The very moment you gave your life to Jesus Christ, another chapter of your life begins. However, somethings are carried forward and this is where many of you missed it. You cannot live your life outside My Law and Ordinance and think you’re coming to Heaven. Every Law I gave, every Ordinance I gave, I gave it for a reason. And if I ask you to observe something, you must accept it as such. If you built a new house, you’re very happy about it. You’ll buy many new stuffs that fits your new home. You’ll throw some of your old stuffs away and take the rest with you. This is what many of you are doing. If you give your life to Jesus Christ, everything about you must change. Nothing from your old life must be taken with you. You must throw everything away. The only thing I expect you to take with you is your own life, nothing else. This is why is very difficult for you to cope on the journey. The saddest part of the story is that any life you live after you gave your life to Jesus Christ will stand either in your favour or against you. This is what will be used to judge you.

You may live a certain lifestyle that nobody knows about, in your closet, yet, it will stand against you in the end because everything is recorded in your Spirit. Every life you live, you live it with your Spirit and soul either good or bad. This is why you cannot deny it in the end. I Am the Owner of Heaven and Earth and no life you can live without My knowledge. If the people of this Earth live their life contrary to My Word, I don’t expect Christians to follow their footstep. My Kingdom on Earth was established many years ago and Christians are My ambassadors. Where are My ambassadors today? They’re nowhere to be found! You live in all manner of lawlessness, break My Law at will, yet, you expect Heaven to accept you. Your Spirit judges and stands against you already. And if you fail to quickly make amend, you’ll manage whatever you see.

My Emphasis
Every life you live is like a movie scene which cannot be erased. What will be your reaction if the video of your past life is to be played before you? I know that many Christians don’t believe in Heaven. This is why Satan could hijack their heart easily. He knows what their end will be, but they have no clue what’s awaiting them. It’s like a man who committed a grievous crime; when he was interrogated, he denied it vehemently; but when the CCTV footage was played before him, he was speechless.

The life we live could be hidden to man but not to the Father because every darkness is as light to Him. Everything done secretly is opened to the spiritual world. Some may wonder why Christians are being cut off suddenly. This is because of hidden sins! Before this happens, Holy Spirit would warn you several times and if you don’t listen, it now depends the kind of judgement passed on you in the spiritual realm. This will determine what will happen to you in the physical realm.

During the early stage of my ministry, I had several challenges which I couldn’t understand. When the Father appeared to me one-on-one, He made known to me how the spiritual and physical world are interwoven together. Many Christians today pass through affliction and they cannot place their hand on what could be the cause. We do many things ignorantly, yet, these are against the will of the Father. Satan will not spear you because you’re ignorant. In fact, he wants you to be ignorant so that he can have the opportunity to afflict you. As Christians, we need wisdom to live our daily lives because we’re now in the era where Christians have liberty to do everything. This has brought many pains on many and sent many to the world beyond. The Word of the Father cannot be broken and it remains pure and undiluted until the end. But those who’re wise will understand that wisdom, knowledge, and understanding are rooted in righteousness and holiness. If we understand it as such, we’ll be able to escape the wrath that follows every act of disobedience.

Those who desire to live a peaceful life in the Father will wash their hands clean from every manner of sin and purge their heart daily so that Jesus Christ can wash them with His precious blood. Once we were babies and now adult. The time is coming when we’ll attain the years assigned to us on this Earth and go back to where we came from. Then the script of our life will be given to us and there won’t be any chance for plea. I pray for you today that Holy Spirit will help you to live in Him from now henceforth until the end of your life in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness.
2) I will rid myself of every past and present sin.
3) I will surrender my heart willingly to the Master.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, have mercy upon me for every life of sin I’ve lived.
2) Jesus Christ My Saviour, wash my heart clean from every stain of sin.
3) Almighty God, whatever is hidden in my past, reveal it to me so that I can deal with it now.
4) Holy Spirit, uproot every stubborn sin that lies in the root of my life in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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