16th February 2019

The Weapon Of Destruction

Word From The Father
If you’ve never been to a house before, you cannot describe how inside looks like. If anybody ask you any question, you have nothing to say. Even if you know the exact location of the house, you cannot describe how inside look like because you’ve not been there before. But if you’ve entered inside, if you’ve lived there before, you can describe everything inside the house. This is why it is said that your primary enemy is a member of your household. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Seer. My eyes move to and fro over the affairs of this Earth.

If you don’t eat, you’ll not vomit anything. If you eat bread, you can never vomit rice. Whatever you eat, that’s what will come out of your body. If you’re tested a day later, they can tell you the kind of food you ate yesterday. Whatever you didn’t do, Satan cannot impose it on you. And if he accuses you of anything, that means you truly did it because he will never lie on you. Every pattern of life you live each day, he’s watching you and he’s building his strategy to destroy you.

If I say your body is My temple, I know what I’m saying. If your body fails to be My temple, it becomes the temple of Satan automatically. You cannot serve two masters, you must choose one. It’s either you serve Me or him. You must choose one. If he comes to you, he knows nothing about you. If he enters your body, he doesn’t know where to turn to. If he doesn’t find his agent inside you, there’s nothing he can do. If his agent is indie you, he’ll be the one to lead him to every corner in your body. He will use him to get every necessary information he needs. You must understand that your body is a world of its own. Though physically you’re small, but spiritually you’re big. You’re a world of your own.

Every weapon he uses to fight each one of you is inside you. If he gets there and he can’t find his weapon in you, he’ll go back empty handed. He can do you nothing. If he gets there and finds his property, whatever he does to you will affect you. All of you don’t understand how things work spiritually. You only know what I tell you. When he went to the Garden of Eden, if Eve didn’t open her door to him, he wouldn’t enter. Until you open your door, that’s the only way he can enter. If she had rebuked him when he advised her to disobey Me, nothing would have happened to her and her husband. But because she listened to his advice, all of you know the end of the story. This is how he does his work. Unless you do something, unless you commit sin, he has no right to trouble you.

Can Satan enter your house without finding his instrument there? Your body is the temple of demons because of your sin. Every life you live is to destroy your life, yet, you think you’re living a good life. There is no good life living in sin. Any man that chooses to live in sin destroys his own soul. Any man that chooses to live in sin destroys his own life. The life you live is not your life. It belongs to Me. Therefore, you must eliminate every evil weapon inside you. Every sin you commit each day, you’re building the weapon to destroy yourself. Get rid of them, so you can live your life in peace.

My Emphasis
If a man is tired to live, he’ll take his own life. And if he takes how own life, he doesn’t know where he’s going. Any man that chooses to live in sin chooses to destroy his own life. Every sin we commit each day is like harming ourselves. As long we keep living this pattern of life, Satan is more than happy because we give him work to do. If you go to the toilet and wipe your anus properly, no fly will run after you if you walk on the street. But if you fail to clean up yourself properly, multitude of flies will run after you wherever you go.

When Samson hasn’t given himself to Delilah, all the Philistines were afraid of him. They wouldn’t walk where he walked because he was a threat to them. They dare not see his face because there they’d meet their end. When Delilah pestered him to death, he surrendered his soul into her hands willingly. Those who couldn’t come close to him were the same people who removed his eyes and put him in chains. Every life a man lives outside his destiny is a life to destroy his soul. Every life we live outside the Father is like harming ourselves. If you purchase a weapon, you purchase it to equip yourself. But the kind of weapon we purchase every day is to equip our enemies.

If somebody offends you and you have no weapon to fight, you’ll let him go, but if you have the weapon to fight, you’ll engage him in fight. You only know the beginning of a fight, you don’t know it’s end. If you possess the spirit of witchcraft and somebody offends you, you’ll use it to harm that person, but if you possess nothing, you’ll hand him over to your God. You only know the beginning of a thing, you don’t know its end. The Father is the Creator of every good and evil. Whatever He tells you to do, if you do otherwise, He knows what the outcome will be. As Christians, you have hands to fight, but you must not use them. Let the Father use them for you. If you use them, you’ll end up paying the price of disobedience. Both good and evil live inside a man, but the evil part of it is not for you to use. If you use it, you don’t know what the end will be. Let the Father use it for you.

When King David married the first and second wives, he didn’t know how many wives he would end up marrying. When it got to the sixth one, he thought he was on top of the world. Little did he know that he was building weapons for his enemies to harm him. The wives he married was the bedrock of his fall. Satan is watching every of our moves. He knows us more than we know ourselves. He knows the weakness of human being because he was there when they were created. Therefore, everything he’ll introduce to you is to destroy you. He knows he has no access to you if you don’t commit sin. He will only advise you, and he knows you must fall his victim. Once you fall into his trap, he’ll strike you.

Beloved, the Word of the Father is yes and amen and nothing to substitute it. If you live in His Word, if you live within your territory, if you fail to yield to the call of Satan, you’ll not arm him to harm you, and you’ll live your life in peace. The world we live is a dangerous place and if we fail to listen to the Word of the Father, our enemies will triumph over us in the end. I pray for you today that Holy Spirit will guide and guard you every day of your life in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will buy the weapon that will destroy me.
2) I will not arm my enemies to harm me.
3) I will listen and follow every Word of the Father.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty God, let my heart be in You all the time.
2) Jesus Christ my Saviour, hold me by Your right hand and never let me fall.
3) Jehovah God, destroy every weapon of destruction that may equip the enemies to destroy me.
4) Holy Spirit, guide and guard my heart and may I never leave Your presence in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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