14th January 2019

Lay Down All

Word From The Father
If you have a wife and children, houses and cars, all the riches of this Earth, and everything suddenly disappear, won’t you curse Me? These are your closest relative and everything you’ve worked for all your life. Won’t you curse your God? Until you lay down everything at the feet of your Saviour, this is the only way you can value the life I gave to you more than anything. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Holy and Righteous Father. Those who love Me will lay down their life for Me.

A man’s life does not depend on what he has but in My Spirit in him. My Spirit in you is Me Myself. It now depends on how you keep yourself. This Spirit in you is more important to Me than anything. This is why I did everything I did for you. You may have the whole world at your disposal, you still have nothing because nothing belongs to you. Nothing belongs to you because I Am the Owner. I Am the Owner of everything including you yourself. You may decide to work all your life and acquire as much as you can, yet, those things don’t belong to you. If they’re truly yours, you should have gone with them whenever you die. But you cannot go with them because you didn’t come with them. As you came alone, so also, you’ll go back alone. No matter how much you toil on this Earth, you’ll leave everything behind when your journey ends here.

You’re not a Christian until you pass the test of life. I Am the Almighty God and I weigh every motive and action of every man. The thought of every heart is in My hands. Before you execute any plan, I know about it. This is why many of you fail whenever I test you. You fail because you value this Earth more than your own life. All of you have just one thing, the food you eat. The food you eat is the only property you have on this Earth. Without food, your Spirit will starve. If you fail to eat for several days, you’ll end up committing suicide. Food is very important for your body. The animals in the forest, the birds in the sky, the fishes in the ocean, who provides their food? I Am the One! I expect all of you to be wise like Me. But you’re not wise because you love the things of this Earth.

Many of you see your job as your security. You see what you have as your security. Can all these things adjourn the day of your death? Nothing and no one can adjourn the day of your death except Me. I Am the Owner of the spirit of death. If you claim you’re serving Me, let your Spirit and soul know you’re serving Me. Many of you only serve Me in flesh. Your Spirit and soul aren’t in agreement with your body. Many of you claim you’re born-again but you’re not. You’re not born-again because your Spirit and soul aren’t born-again. Until you grow to that stage where the things of this Earth will mean nothing to you even if you have them, this is the only way you’re truly born-again, and this is the only way you have assurance of Heaven. Many Christians died and while They were judging them, They only saw the things of this Earth in them.

I Am the Owner of this Earth and I blessed all My children but in different measures. If you’re a rich man, you must really know what you’re doing before you can make Heaven because your riches will take your heart away from the path of holiness. This is why it’s very hard for the rich men to enter Heaven. This is the race many of you are running every day, you want to be rich. You want to be rich, but you forget that those who desire to be rich invite many troubles upon themselves because the riches of this Earth will end with this Earth. But if you’re rich towards Heaven, though physically you don’t have much, you’re more than the richest man on Earth.

My Emphasis
When the final hour of Jesus Christ was getting close, He was admonishing His Disciples to stay together in love. He was speaking to them about His departure and where He’s going. They didn’t understand what He meant fully. Then Simon Peter assured Him he would go with Him, and that he would even lay down his life for Him. The Master looked at him deeply and told him the greatest shock of his life, his denial. As the Master continued in His sermon with them, Simon Peter kept pondering on what He had just said - “Most assuredly, I say to you, the rooster shall not crow till you have denied Me three times.” John 13:38b. He assured the Master he would lay down his life for Him, but the Master assured him that he would deny Him not just once, but three times.

Oh, we can say to the Father that He is truly the Father especially when life treats us good. But when the other side of life turns to us, He’s no more the Father. He is the Father in good times, not in bad times. But somebody lost all his children in a day. Somebody lost all his possession juts in a day. His lovely wife approached him with anger to deny the Father so that he could die in peace because he was in pains. But the righteous man rebuked his wife and held his integrity. The Father and Lucifer were playing game on the account of Job’s life, but he didn’t know all this at the time, yet, he didn’t deny the Father and he passed the test.

It’s very easy to speak that, “Father, I will die for You”. Apostle Paul made that confession foolishly and he paid bitterly for it. When the anguish of death surrounded him, he started asking Jesus Christ for forgiveness. Many of you promised the Father many things which you failed to fulfil. The Father was faithful to you by keeping His own side of the bargain, but did you keep yours? More than ninety percent of Christians serve the Father because of what they want. This is why the Father is lamenting every day that Christians are dying but He can’t see them. He can’t see them because they don’t get to Heaven. They always head to the wrong destination.

One thing I know about the Father is that He doesn’t give His children a blessing that will take them away from Him. If He sees that He’ll not benefit from the prayers you’re praying, He’ll keep quiet looking at you. But if He sees that your prayers will benefit Him, He’ll answer you. When the Israelites were in Egypt, they were crying because they needed deliverance from their taskmaster. But after the Father delivered them and set His will before them, they started speaking in different tongues, willing to go back to their taskmaster in Egypt. This is the life of Christians today. There are times when the Father will allow Satan to have his way in our lives, not to destroy us, but to shape us in preparation for heavenly glory. This is the time many Christians deny the Father. The Father will in turn deny them on the last day. I pray for you today that Holy Spirit will hold your heart in His hand by hook or by crook so that you can keep your faith and not deny Him in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will ask the Saviour for forgiveness if I’ve denied Him in any area.
2) I will surrender my life and everything I’ve got at the feet of Jesus Christ.
3) I will let Holy Spirit take the lead of my life in everything.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, have mercy upon me for placing the things of this Earth above Your will.
2) Jesus Christ my Saviour, You died for me on the cross of Calvary. I lay down everything at Your feet and I leave them there.
3) Almighty God, You gave me a precious life to live. Help me to cherish and value this life so that I can live for Your glory.
4) Holy Spirit, I pray that You take my heart away from the things of this Earth in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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