13th February 2019

What Defiles A Man

Word From The Father
I created food for you to eat to keep you alive. You may decide to put a dirty pot on the fire and cook a fresh meal with it. If you eat it, nothing may happen to you. The worst that could happen to you is to have a stomach upset. Whatever enters your mouth goes into your stomach and passes out through your anus. This is the food I created for you to eat. The food that enters your mouth only defiles your body alone, but any food that enters your mouth and defile your Spirit is more than ordinary food. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am a Holy Father. Sin is an abomination to Me.

I created clean and unclean animals for you to eat. The reason why unclean animal defiles your body is because it’s life. I know how I created them. Anything unclean is more than just physical thing, it goes beyond that. If you eat unclean animal, you empower the spirit of sin in you to act. If you feed unclean spirit with unclean food, you only increase his effect in your life. But if you feed him with holy food, it’s an abomination to him. You will reduce his power. If an evil person offers you food to eat, it’s more than just ordinary food. Because he is evil, that food will take your glory away because he knows what he’s doing. But the food I created cannot take your life away. If you eat clean food in unclean way, either with dirty pot or unwashed hand, you’ll only have stomach upset.

Everything that comes out of your body are spiritual beings. These are the things that defile a man! That which defiles a man works with his heart, it works with his Spirit and soul. This is what leads a man to Hellfire. Your food that you eat into your stomach, either with dirty pot or hand cannot lead you to Hellfire as long you don’t steal it. But what lives inside you defiles you and send you to Hellfire. This is what I’m talking about. Whatever defiles a man does not defile him alone but his entire generation. Whatever defiles you defiles your blood because your life is in your blood. And the blood connects you to all your generation.

Before you commit a crime, you’ll first of all plan and execute it in your heart spiritually before you bring it into physical. You don’t just commit a crime without premeditating it first. Your heart would think it back and forth because My Spirit in you is dead. If My Spirit in you is alive, he will warn you before you do anything. Demons are always there to do there work, and they don’t work without sin. This is why any man that allows multitude of sin inside him is a dead man. He invites strangers to ruin his life. If you look at every Law and Ordinance I gave in the time of old, they’re all physical so that your physical life will not affect your spiritual life.

For example, if a man has the spirit of stealing and he knows how to control himself through My Word, he will defy the power of that demon. Though that spirit is there spiritually, but he will not put it into action physically. But if the spirit is a very powerful one, he will force you to act physically. But if the spirit is not in you, how will he force you to act? This is why I keep saying you should run away from sin. For example, all of you have the spirit of sexual immorality inside you because of the foundation of your life. Though the measure of it varies in individual. As a man, if you don’t associate with a woman, tell me how that spirit will disgrace you. Though the spirit may be using you to destroy yourself but will not use you to destroy another person. Until you understand all My abominations, you cannot please Me. And if you don’t please Me, tell Me how you’ll enter My realm of joy.

My Emphasis
If you’re hungry and you have no money to buy food, you’ll ask somebody to help you. But if somebody inside you pushes you to steal that food so that you can fill your stomach, you commit two sins. Though that food may be a clean food, it becomes unclean automatically because of stealing, and you also feed the spirit of stealing in you by doing his bidding. If nothing is there to push you to act in a way you wouldn’t act, you’ll live your life in peace everywhere you go. Every man is prone to sin, but the measure of the Spirit of the Father in you will help you to keep yourself on the right track.

If your Spirit and soul isn’t clean, you become dead to the things of the Spirit. Before you fall into a pity, you’ll not know because the Spirit of the Father in you cannot alert you. Even if he alerts you, you’ll not hear because the smoke of evil in you has covered him. Everything that defiles a man are living beings living inside him. When Achan took one of the holy things, he didn’t see it as something evil. Though he knew what he did was bad, but he didn’t see it as evil. There’s a difference between bad and evil. What is bad affects a man alone, but what’s evil affect the entire generation. When he did it, he didn’t know it would affect the whole nation. They went to war and were defeated. They couldn’t win again until he was fished out and punished accordingly.

Most things the Father did in the time of old, many of you may see it as barbaric, but demons themselves are barbaric. You cannot look at their faces twice because they look horrible. Yet, these things live inside human beings. For example, the spirit of sexual immorality is like a dog. If the Father should pick a man and begins to bring out the spirits in him one by one, you’ll be shocked what you’ll see. Some people have more than thousands of evil spirits in them, yet, they still behave normal physically. Yet, these spirits communicate with them in their heart spiritually. For them to have a total control of a man’s life, they’ll always lead him to do what’s contrary to his life, the life of the Father in him. Sometimes you may have some thoughts in your heart, yet, there’s nothing like a thought. There’s a living being inside you speaking to you. How does he speak? He uses every organ of your body to act, especially your heart. Anger, hatred, malice, unforgiveness, stealing, sexual immorality, seduction, lust, adultery, fornication, masturbation, homosexualism, lesbianism, pornography, lying, murder, witchcraft, idolatry, envy, jealousy, selfishness, lewdness, drunkenness, fighting, disrespect, unlove, cheating, loose in tongue, gossip, fraudulent, and so on and so forth, all these are living beings that live inside human beings. They take absolute control of their lives.

When Jesus came to this Earth, time didn’t permit Him to touch many subjects. Though He touched some shallowly, but most times, He concentrated on His Disciples, yet, there was a limit He could teach them because of time. Many Christians misunderstand what He said in Matthew 15:10-20 and Mark 7:14-23 concerning defilement. Most things He said weren’t said because He wanted to say them, but one question or another led to them all. Therefore, you should always read a whole paragraph or better still a whole chapter for you to get the true picture of whatever you’re reading. In Matthew 15:2 and Mark 7:5, the Pharisees asked Jesus Christ “Why do Your disciples not walk according to the tradition of the elders, but eat bread with unwashed hands?” This led to the whole teaching about food that goes into the mouth. He didn’t declare all food clean as some Christians believe.

Your heart is the engine of your body and it’s the source of your life. Everything that goes on inside there are spiritual not physical. If the Spirit of the Father in you is highly active, alive, you’ll be able to work and live against every negative spirit speaking inside you. You cannot stop them from speaking unless you’re dead, down in the grave. As long you’re still human being on this Earth, alive, they will keep speaking. This is why the Word of the Father is there for you to know your right from your left so that they (the spirits) will not lead you astray. These are the things that defiles a man. If you fail to do their bidding every day you live, you’ll conquer their power. If you conquer their power, then you do the will of the Father. If you do the will of the Father, nothing will hinder you from entering Heaven. This is what all the teachings are all about. I pray for you today that Holy Spirit will always help you to be on alert so that nothing and nobody will be able to double cross you on the way in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will ask the Father and His Son for mercy for allowing anything to defile me.
2) I will listen carefully to what speaks in my heart.
3) I will always use the Word of the Father as a weapon to oppose the word of every strange spirit.
4) I will not allow anything to defile my life both physically and spiritually.
5) I will confess my sins regularly to break the power of any strange spirit.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, have mercy upon me for allowing anything to defile me.
2) Jesus Christ my Saviour, wash my heart clean with Your precious blood.
3) Jehovah God, break and defile every power that speaks against your Word and will in my life.
4) Almighty God, deliver my blood from evil.
5) Holy Spirit, fill me with Your fire and power and make me to live a life that is pleasing before You in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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