13th April 2019

Repentant Heart

Word From The Father
If you commit any crime and you’re caught, you will either admit to it or deny it. If you deny it, then your heart is evil, but if you admit to it, then you may receive a pardon. If you’re pardoned, it’s left to you what you want to do about your life. You may decide to commit another crime again or desist from such life. But if you’re caught again, you’ll never come out of it. If it’s a habit and you cannot control yourself but hate what you’re doing, that means something lives inside you that controls your heart. You can come out of it. For this reason, I sent My Son to carry your sin. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am a Holy Father. Evil is an abomination to Me.

When My son David committed an atrocity and was confronted by My servant, did he deny it? He said, ‘I have sinned’. It’s only a man that admitted his crime that would say ‘I have sinned’. It’s only a man that admitted his wrong that would say ‘I am sorry’. Many of you committed grievous sins, yet, you’re there cajoling people that you’re holy. Who is holy? I Am the only One who knows who’s holy. David killed Uriah and took his wife. Though he repented, he lived to face the consequence. He knew that everything that happened to his household afterwards was the consequence of his sin.

Some of you, even when My Spirit is judging you, you still have adamant mind to deny it simply because you’ve chosen the path of destruction. Can you hide anything from Me? Can you cajole Me? Can you hide behind one finger? This is what many of you are doing there inside the church. Your hands are full of sin. Some of you shed innocent blood in various ways, yet, you’re there rendering sinful service unto Me. Even some of My servants are involved in bloodshed, yet, they’re there preaching on My pulpit. If you defile My altar with blood, what then are you preaching to people? You cannot deny what lies within your heart. You cannot deny the crime you committed by yourself. Even if the law of the land doesn’t catch up with you, will I spare you? The kind of life you live doesn’t impress any man how much more Heaven. If your hands are full of sin, how can you preach repentance to My children? And if you fail to preach repentance to them, that means you shut the gate of Heaven upon yourself and them. You will not enter, and nobody else should enter.

I Am the Almighty God, and My way is not your way. I know why I loved My son, David because he had a simple heart. He loved Me more than anything of this Earth. I know that such people are targets of Satan. But he didn’t deny the crime he committed. He admitted it and was ready to face the consequence. Any soul that wants to enter My realm of joy must surrender his heart solely to Me. If your heart is solely for Me, no matter what happens, you’ll still hold on to Me. You will not deny Me in anything even if you commit sin. Any soul that values Heaven will not hold on to the sins he committed. Many of you love your sins, and this is why you find it hard to confess them so you can receive freedom.

The clock of your life is ticking every day. The clock of your life is ticking each second you live. You cannot deny it that your clock is ticking. Each second you live, your lifespan is diminishing. Each second you lose, you cannot regain it back. Therefore, you must use every opportunity of life you have judiciously.

My Emphasis
King David had the right as a king to do and undo. He could put anyone to death at will, but he had the fear of the Father. Though being a king, he recognised there was another King whose throne is superior to his. Therefore, he wouldn’t act callously. Despite all his cautiousness, Satan was still able to capitalise on his weakness to hurt him. When Prophet Nathan confronted him, though indirectly, through parable, his anger raged and was willing to put to death anyone that carried out such callous act in his kingdom. When the Prophet brought his attention to the root of the matter, his heart melted and said, ‘I have sinned’. He was ready to face the consequence of everything that followed.

Many times, we tend to believe we’re wise in our own eyes. As the chosen of the Father, we’re like a hot cake for Satan to devour. He won’t waste any opportunity he has to strike us. He knows if he could get us, he’ll get millions of people whose souls are tied to ours. For this reason, the Father constantly speak concerning sin so that we will be cautious of the kind of life we live. If by chance we’re double-crossed by the enemy and we commit sin, He still expects us to admit our wrong. The church today has gone far away from the truth. Yet, the Father will not stop using his servants to proclaim His heart to His children peradventure a remnant could be saved through their word. The Father leaves the veil that covers His children. If He should remove this veil, nobody will want to go to church anymore because Satan has taken over everywhere.

The Word of the Father is pure and true. This undiluted Word alone is the solution to everything that plagues the church of God. Until holiness and righteousness are being preached undilutedly, this is the only way the children of the Father will be cautious of the kind of life they live. Right now, we’re all far from the truth, and God knows, if anything should happen, I wonder who will make it to Heaven. The body of Christ indulges in sin every day, and nobody takes it to heart. The custodians of the Word are nowhere to be found, and the few who’re ready to spearhead the true Word of the Father are being persecuted everywhere. The fear of the world has rendered many Christians dumb and could not speak out while lawlessness takes the lead in the house of God.

No matter how far and deep the church has gone in sin, this doesn’t change the position of the Father. He still requires holiness from all His children because He knows that holiness alone will bring them to Him. As one who has the fear of the Almighty, I charge you today to have a rethink and a change of heart. The Father loves you and will do everything to rescue your soul. Yet, He will not tolerate lawlessness and will not allow the guilty to go unpunished. Therefore, recognise your wrong as wrong and embrace the Word of the Father with your heart. Wash and soak your garment in the blood of Jesus Christ and remove your white robe far from charcoal. For every good work you do, there is a great reward awaiting your soul. May the peace of the Father and His Son be with you now and always. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will ask the Father for mercy any area I’ve wronged Him.
2) I will be truthful to myself and come clean in every area.
3) I will feed my Spirit and soul with the Word of Life.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, have mercy upon me and cleanse me with the blood of Your Son.
2) Jesus Christ, remove every lie from my heart and plant Your seed of truth in it.
3) Jehovah God, whatever wants me to remain in spiritual bondage for life, remove it far away from me.
4) Holy Spirit, let Your truth prevail over my life in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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