12th April 2019

Where Are The Saints

Word From The Father
Everywhere is full of churches but the quality I want isn’t there. Everywhere is full of Christians but the saints are nowhere to be found. I called in the morning, no one heeded My call. I called in the noon, no one heeded My call. I also called at night, yet, no one heeded My call. I Am a Father who loves His children. I will never abandon My inheritance but will keep calling and chastising them. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator. I Am a Holy Father. I hate evil; I hate sin; I hate abomination.

My heart aches when I see the path My children chose to follow. I know more than all of you, and I know that your chosen path will lead you to destruction. I Am not a wicked Father. I want you to have peace anywhere you live. But if you fail to hearken to My voice, if you fail to do My will, how can you live in peace? If you put your finger into the anus of tortoise, will he spare you? He will cut off your finger with his shell? All of you are behaving like blind children. You have eyes but you cannot see. Can you put fire on your roof and sleep? This is what all of you are doing everywhere.

Whenever you gather together in My house, I see what all of you are passing through. As you’re praising and praying to Me, I would come down and speak to you. None of you could hear Me because your ears are blocked. Sometimes, whenever My servant is preaching on the pulpit, I would drop a word into his heart, but he would ignore it and carry on preaching what he chooses. How can you do My will if you cannot hear My Word? How can you come back to Me if you fail to do My will? You’re not the one that created yourself. All of you originated from Me. This was the practice of the people of old. I cried, I wailed, I groaned, I shouted, yet, they didn’t listen to Me. They didn’t listen to Me because they chose the way of destruction.

You’re the one that willingly come to Me. I didn’t force you to serve Me, but you came to Me out of your own will. Why won’t you do My will? My will is not burdensome. My Word is not too hard to follow. My Word is your life and hope. If you fail to obey My Word, you do yourself more harm than good. I’ve been using My Prophets to communicate with My children right from the beginning because no one can see Me. My own children killed My Prophets because their heart was evil. They chose destruction than life. I have come again as I came in the time of old. I cannot abandon the word of My hand. You are the work of My hand and I cannot abandon you. This is why I keep speaking so that you can forsake your own way and follow My way. My way is the way of holiness.

My house is a place of solution, not a place of social gathering. If you want to socialise, you should gather together elsewhere. You cannot turn My house to a social club, and I keep quiet. Why then do you gather in My name if you don’t want to hearken to My voice? Why do you gather in My name if you don’t want to do My will? My house is for holiness not for sin. But all of you have stretched forth your hands to commit many atrocities and you fail to turn back, you fail to amend your ways. Will you live forever? Can you bribe the spirit of death not to come to you? You cannot bribe him, he’ll surely come to you when your time is ripe.

My Emphasis
The Father sent Jesus Christ to die so that His children would be saved. Those who wash their hands clean from sin, those who willingly come to the knowledge of the Father and are ready to obey His Word, those who forgo everything of this Earth and embrace the things of Heaven wholeheartedly, these are the saints. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of the Father, yet, grace and life were given through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Hallelujah! No one can deny what he keyed into his Spirit as long he’s alive. But the Father loves His children and will not abandon them. For this reason, He sent His only begotten Son to carry away their burden.

Today, the children of the Father gather everywhere in the name of church. All manner of atrocities goes on there. Yet, the Father will not abandon His inheritance forever, but will keep speaking and chastising them, and who knows may be a remnant will hearken to His voice and follow Him. When Jesus Christ was teaching His followers, they were amazed by every Word that came out of His mouth. At a point He had many followers. Even when they saw that He fed thousands of people, they trooped after Him. He once told them they were following Him because of the bread and fish, that they should long after the bread that leads to eternal life. When He began teaching them the deep secret of Heaven, many of them deserted Him and stopped following Him. He didn’t trouble Himself but turned to His inner circle and asked them if they too wouldn’t stop following Him. But Simon Peter answered Him that he knew He had the Word of eternal life in His mouth.

Once you were a sinner, dead and buried in your sin, but you later came to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and decided to follow Him. You were neither blindfolded like a criminal nor cajoled into following Him. By your own will you made the decision because you chose to go to Heaven. Why do you now choose to follow the path of this Earth? Why do you choose to forsake your first love? This Earth profit your soul nothing than destruction. But if you will follow the footstep of the Master, you’ll receive the crown of life in the end. I pray for you that Jesus Christ will hold your heart in His hand and will never let you fall in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will sit back and think very deep about my spiritual life.
2) I will judge myself to know where I belong.
3) I will remain focus and give no room to any distraction at all.

My Prayers For Today
1) Almighty Father, Your way is the way of holiness and peace. I pray that You help me to remain in the path of righteousness and peace.
2) Jesus Christ, help me to judge myself each day and give me the grace to hold on to You until the end.
3) Jehovah God, remove every distraction from my way.
4) Holy Spirit, let Your light guide my path and may I never walk in darkness again in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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