10th January 2019

The Evil In A Man

Word From The Father
The Spirit I put in a man is a powerful Spirit that will never die. This Spirit come out of Me. This is why you will live forever. When I formed your body, I created many Spirits to live inside your body. I created them both good and evil. The evil ones cannot control you unless you commit sin. If you commit sin, external evil spirits will join the ones inside you to trouble your life. If you come back and cry to Me, the external ones will leave you. However, you have contaminated the ones I put inside you already. This is the problem all of you are passing through. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator of every creature. Evil is an abomination to Me.

All of you cannot know more than Me. You cannot know more than the One that created you. You can only know what I reveal to you. And no matter how much I reveal to you, none of you can survive this Earth without My grace. If I keep speaking concerning evil, I know why I’m speaking because the hand of evil is very long. If you contaminated the ones I put inside you because of your sin, there is no remedy. The only thing you can do until you die is to control them through My Law. This was the reason I gave the Law and Ordinance for My children to follow so that they can live a peaceful life on this Earth until they come back to Me. I have no other Word to tell all of you more than this. Unless you remove your hands from evil, you cannot live in peace, and not only that, you cannot come back to Me whenever you die.

Most of these Spirits are inside you in the form of tinny worms, but they’re invisible. If you’re passing through some pains in your body, the doctors cannot diagnose the cause of your pains. Unless I make them to appear physically so that they can be seen under the microscope, nobody will find solution to your problem. Many of you believe that education can solve your problem. I Am the Almighty God and the Creator. Until this Earth is rolled away, many things will remain hidden to all of you. I send you to this Earth to live your life and return to where you come from. You can only return to wherever you come from if you live your life in My fear. All of you are like a chicken that her mother is trying to save from death but says she should allow her to jump into the rain. This is the life all of you live every day.

All of you are sinners and if your sins are remembered, you will be very surprised what will happen in your body. This is why I always say it’s better for you not to commit sin at all. If you committed sin and you cleanse yourself by yourself, you will feel the pains in your body and get over it. However, your healing will be a gradual process. But if you wait for Me to come down and cleanse you, many of you will die because of the evil spirits that live inside you. You have contaminated your life to the state of no remedy. My Word is like a mere story, but if the reality hits you, then it’s no more a story. All of you carry evil spirits inside you and you’re crying and praying to Me. I have already given you the best solution so that you can be free. If you open your mouth and confess all your sins, you’ll release the external ones out of your system. Then you can control the internal ones with My Law and Ordinance. But you refuse to open your mouth and you’re offering foolish service in My house. Am I concern about your service? It’s better for you to obey My Word than to render foolish service in My house.

My Emphasis
The Earth belongs to the Father and everything in it. Nobody has any right to set his own rule and abide by it. The Almighty God is the Owner and He alone sets every rule that guides the Earth. It’s very easy to disobey, but facing the consequence of disobedience can be costly. In the past, whenever people came to me seeking for solution to their problem, I quickly jumped into praying and healing them. Yes, the Father glorified Himself in their lives, but that wasn’t what He wanted. For example, I remember a woman who had fibroids in her womb. We prayed for her in the church and when she got home, everything was cut into pieces and flushed out of her system as she went to the toilet. She came back and gave the testimony. People always come around after the service requesting for prayers. The Father would answer and they would come back the following Sunday glorifying Him. Yet, that’s not what He wanted.

The Father wants a permanent solution! He wants a lasting solution. A solution that will make the coming generation to live in peace. Unfortunately, every father, every mother is selfish in seeking solution to their problem. For example, if a woman has cancer, she will concentrate on her healing alone. But she forgets that once such incurable illness enters a family, there’s no turning back; it will continue throughout their generation unless somebody stands to break its curse. This is why you see many Christians running helter-skelter from one church to the other seeking for deliverance and healing. And some of them died along the line because the sickness has overtaken their entire body. Such kind of people, if they confessed their sins wholeheartedly, the Father might eventually have mercy on them so that they could enter Heaven. But this is very rear! It is better for you to prepare for your journey when you’re hale and healthy.

The evil spirits which the Father put inside you cannot control you because they’re less than the good ones. It’s like 70 – 30 percent. Unless you commit sin to increase the 30 percent, this is the only way evil can control your life. The Father knows what He created. When it happened in the Garden of Eden, He knew how the aftermath would be. This is what everybody is passing through today. He didn’t give Adam and Eve any Law to follow. The Law came after they’ve committed sin. Therefore, any of you who misunderstand what Apostle Paul meant when he wrote that “Jesus Christ is the end of the Law” will land in Hellfire if you’re not careful. The coming of the Saviour did not and does not eradicate the Law of the Father. This Law is the bedrock of Christianity today and Jesus Christ only replaced the blood of the animals so that you can enter Heaven. Because of your sin, unless you keep the Law of the Father which is His fear in your heart, you cannot control the ones inside you. If you don’t control them and you allow them to control you, they’ll lead you to committing more sin. This will eventually lead you to Hellfire. I pray for you today that Jesus Christ will constantly cleanse and sanctify your heart with His precious blood in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today
1) I will always pray for mercy because I am a sinner.
2) I will surrender my Spirit and soul to the Master.
3) I will meditate daily on the Law of the Father.

My Prayers For Today
1) Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me and cleanse my heart with Your blood.
2) O Lord, let Your blood stand for me anywhere I go.
3) Almighty Father, release Your fire upon every strange spirit in me and give me peace.
4) Holy Spirit, You are the Fire that consumes fire. Consume everything that fuels evil in me with Your fire in Jesus name. Amen!

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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