9th September 2018

The Power On The Chosen

Word From The Father

Before I brought down Samson, I sent My Angel to visit his parents, so they could cleanse themselves before his arrival. If I promise you a son, I know how I drop the son in your womb. Though he’s your son, but I know how I drop him to your body, so you can care for him properly as your own son. He’s not your son, he’s My Son directly from My throne. Any child that’ll do extra ordinary thing on this Earth is from My throne. I Am the Almighty God. My work is never an abandoned project.

Before Samson was born, the parents knew the kind of son they would have. When the son came, what were they supposed to do? They allowed him to follow his own heart and Satan destroyed his glory. If he wasn’t My chosen, why did I answer his prayer before he died? I knew what happened to him wasn’t his fault. Satan lured him into destruction. This is why I hate to send down any of My children from Heaven anymore.

Any child I send down from Heaven is My chosen. I scatter them around in the world, not only inside the church! I send them down in different categories. But the ones in the church are extra ordinary children. Because all of you lack the wisdom of My Word, Satan is hijacking them right before your eyes. All of you should go and search most of your singers who their parents were. Many of them, their parents knew Me in the beginning. If I send down a child to do My work, I didn’t send him down because of money and fame. But Satan is using money and fame to lure them into early grave. Some of them even departed from Me completely and sold their soul to demons. Any child I send down from Heaven is to proclaim My Word anywhere he is. He is to be a good example wherever he finds himself, not example of evil.

Any child I chose, no matter how much he or she committed sin, My power is still in him or her. However, Satan can destroy him or her in a twinkling of an eye. This is why if you know who you are, or you know the kind of child I gave to you, you’ll know how to teach him My way, and you’ll watch where he goes and who he associates with. If you allow him to associate with anyhow person, Satan will hijack his glory from him. This is why I will ask all of you parents question the day you come back to Me. Some of you cannot even see Me because Satan destroyed My children through your own hands. You know where you’ll see yourself.

There is power and there is power. The power I bestow on My chosen are different and it depends the kind of work I want them to do for Me. Some of My children, they’re many in their category, while some of them, it may be only one. If it’s only one, all of you know the kind of work he’ll do on this Earth. But if his parents failed to teach him My way from the beginning, he’ll suffer a lot because Satan would lure him into sin before he begins the work.

My Emphasis

The gift and the calling of the Father are engraved into one’s Spirit before he was born. No matter how hard Satan tries, they remain hidden in him because there’s a way the Father did it. However, he can cut short his mission through sin. If he doesn’t commit sin, Satan can not touch him at all. He knows he can hardly lead him to Hellfire, because of that, he can cut short his life because of sin. If he knows he can lead him to Hellfire, he’ll keep him alive once he got hold of him through sin. He’ll keep him alive, but will constantly watch over him, so that he cannot confess and go to Heaven.

There are many anointed children of the Father everywhere. If you look at the music industry, they full there. But what are they doing? They’re meant to repair the lives of the children of the Father, but Satan is using them to destroy them because they love fame more than their primary assignment. The anointing the Father gave to them, they’re using it on the altar of demons. And if you look at them, once Satan hijack their heart, they cannot live a good life any longer. Before you know it, he may even cut them off suddenly.

In the church today, there is chaos. Many have left the umbrella of the Father and followed their own heart. Once Satan hijack one, he’ll use him to evangelise others to him. When an Evangelist of the Word became a messenger of Satan, you know what that means. As we have different races and cultures, so also Satan derives different strategies in destroying the children of the Father. Back in Africa, Satan has invaded the church big time. This is why holiness has departed from the church. Here in Europe and America, they’re only serving the Father because of what they want. They are serving Him in sin! Satan has replaced the anointing of the Father on them with the things of this Earth. And by the end of the day, they’ll land in Hellfire.

No matter how the Earth turns upside down, it doesn’t stop the Father from glorifying Himself through just only one man or woman in whom faithfulness is found. Are you that one man or woman? Then get ready for all manner of persecution from every side. The anointing of the Father on you carries power and it entices envy and jealousy. No matter what you may pass through, know it for sure that you’re a winner. They want to be like you and they cannot because they’ve swallowed scorpion and lizards. This is why it pains them, and they persecute you everywhere. If you wholeheartedly endure everything, the Father will crown you as He crowned our Master. Also remember that those who stand for holiness and righteousness will face many afflictions everywhere. Remember that pains and sorrow are the passage to eternal glory. Hallelujah! Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will teach My children the ways of the Father.
2) I will flee from every appearance of sin.
3) I will dwell and live in the atmosphere of holiness alone because this is the only way I can fulfil my destiny.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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