9th November 2018

Refused To Go Home

Word From The Father

Nobody knows when I created the Earth and set it on motion. All of you can only guess. I know when I created it and set it in motion, and I know exactly when it’ll melt away. You can only know what I want you to know, and whatever I don’t want you to know, I’ll hide it away from you. And no matter how much you study, you’re only wasting your time. I Am the Almighty God. Evil is an abomination to Me.

If you leave your house and travel to another city to visit your friend, will you stay there forever? Won’t you go back to your house? If you refused to go back to your house, what will people call you? All of you came here on a visit and you refused to go back to your house. Everything you’ve laboured for, you abandoned it and settled for peanut. Can’t you see your foolishness.

I know everything I did for all of you to make this Earth conducive for you to live. I know how I settle the Earth for you everyday. All of you destroyed many things through the wisdom I gave to you. You released a lot of dangerous chemicals into the air. If you released dangerous chemical into the air, how will you live? How will you breathe? This is the same Earth all of you carry on your head as if there’s no tomorrow.

Many of you, even though you claim you’re serving Me, because of what you want to eat, you’ll use few years being in a position to destroy the rest of your life because you love the Earth. But you forgot you’ll leave here one day. And if you leave, because you’ve lived a reckless life, you cannot go back to your house anymore, you’ll end up in a wrong destination. And if you end up in a wrong destination, you’ll become like a bird of prey who entered a trapped cage and cannot get out anymore.

No matter how comfortable you live on this Earth, you cannot compare it with the house you abandoned. Your story now become like the story of a woman who abandoned diamond and settled for a piece of ordinary metal. This is the kind of life many of you are living. Since you abandoned your own house, what will happen to it? Strangers will end up taking over your property.

My Emphasis

Jehovah God prepared this Earth for His children to live out of the love He has for them. He didn’t plan that they should live here forever, but only awhile. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned because Satan hijacked the heart of the children through their sin. But the loving Father still made another way in redeeming His children through the precious Lamb on the cross.

Jesus Christ said in the Book of John 14:2 that, “In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” The mansions Jesus Christ was speaking about is beyond human comprehension. There are many worlds out there and even the astronomers confirmed it. The Father created this Earth for a purpose and this purpose hasn’t been met since the Earth was created. The only solution is for the Father to redeem His inheritance by iron hand, and this He did.

The Father laid down rules and regulations to follow, so that through this, He will get the best out of His children. Satan on the other hand continually open strange doors, doors of destructive wisdom to make the children forget their home and be comfortable in sin. This strange comfort has swept many Christians away, and it’s still sweeping many away from the path of holiness. The Father keep telling His children what He expects from them, yet, the children as well continually live in disobedience. They always follow after the voice of the deceiver.

Those who want to go back home must forget about the strange comfort of this Earth and do the will of their Father. The will of their Father alone will help them overcome every trap of the deceiver and make them sail through in the end. I pray for you my dear Friend that Jesus Christ will guide your footstep and help you to walk this path of righteousness and end victoriously in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will not forget I’m a stranger in a foreign land.
2) I will live my life as strangers live in a strange land.
3) I will continually live in the fear and reverence of the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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