9th May 2018

Lonely Road

Word From Jesus Christ

There was a man in a village, he woke up very early in the morning to work in his farm. The weather was cold because it was harmattan period. As he was walking on a lonely and narrow road that leads to his farm, water droplets from overnight dew were wetting his tattered cloth. Yet, he didn’t succumb to the hardship but forged ahead because the work in his farm was more important to him than anything else. I Am Jesus Christ, your Saviour. I came, I endured every hardship of this Earth because I knew it’s only for a while.

If anyone wants to walk with Me, he must forget about everything around him and follow Me. He must overlook everything else and mustn’t succumb to pains and hardship because it’s only for a while. I came and endured it and now you could call upon Me and I’ll answer.

This man had wife and children, yet, he forgot about them all because of the work in his farm. He knew his life depends on it. Though he loved his wife and children, but he couldn’t care for them without the produce from his farm. This is how the race of Heaven is. Everything around you are important, but Heaven is more important than everything.

Many of you, including My servants couldn’t endure water droplets from the dew, but turned back and followed the comfort that last only for a while. Anyone who cannot deny himself and everything around him cannot finish the race, he’ll hang on the way. No journey is too hard to take if you know the importance and the reward from taking the journey.

When I was arrested, I had the choice to deny My Word. If I had denied all the Words I’ve spoken, they would have set Me free. But I knew how important the journey is to My Father. It was an agreement between My Father and I that I must pass through those rough routes. By the end of the day, I made it and My Father was very happy. This is why you’re saved today. As you’ve chosen to follow Me, forge ahead like that farmer. Don’t look back because hardship last not forever.

My Emphasis

If you embark on a journey of holiness and think you’ll see many people on the road, you’re only deceiving yourself. The Israelites cried in Egypt for rescue. When the Father saved them with His mighty hand and led them to the Wilderness, when the journey became tough, they wanted to turn back. The journey of holiness is a tough and lonely journey. For you to finish it, you must see beyond this Earth. In as much your eyes can only see the things around you, you cannot finish the journey.

How can you see beyond this Earth? Jehovah God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit are invisible, yet, you believe in Their existence. If you’re living in a room and somebody tells you there’s a mansion behind your main wall and you must believe it. The kind of life you live in your little room will determine if you’ll inherit the mansion or not. This is how the journey of Heaven is. You must believe by faith. You must see beyond this Earth to believe such thing.

My Master and Saviour declared in the Book of Luke 9:62 that, “No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” Therefore, continue ahead. If you embark on a journey and somebody promised to give you a huge amount of money, no matter what you face on the road, you’ll endure it because of the huge reward. But the promise of the Father is more than money. Money cannot buy Heaven. You’ve decided to embark on the journey; forge ahead by faith and by His mercy and Favour, you’ll sail through. May His peace be upon your soul. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will allow nothing to discourage me in this journey.
2) I will focus on Him who died for me, so I could end well.
3) I will see through the realm of the Spirit by faith because there lies my end.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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