9th March 2018

Praise Is My Food

Word From The Father

If you receive a visitor, you will offer him whatever you have. You’ll either offer him food or drink. If he loves you, he will eat whatever you set before him. You cannot offer what you don’t have. If I visit you, what will you offer Me? If you offer Me food or drink, I will not accept it because I’m not flesh. Both you and everything you have are Mine. I Am the Creator. I Am Self-Existing Father.

If you’re in atmosphere of praise and worship, and you praise and worship Me with all your soul, what will happen to you? You will experience some movement in your head and body. It’s a very strange experience. Why will you feel this way? Are you praising yourself or you’re praising Me? You’re praising Me, and your head is swelling. Are you God? You’re not God, I Am God. That means the God you’re serving, the God you’re praising, the God you’re worshipping is living right inside you.

This was why I loved My son David. He loved Me with all his heart and I loved him too. This was why Satan troubled him so much. In everything he passed through, his heart never departed away from Me. Though he ruled over My children, he knew I was the One who enthroned him.

You have absolutely nothing to offer Me. The only thing you can offer Me is praises. As you’re praising Me, I’m happy. Because you cannot see Me, and for you to know that I’m happy, that’s why your head is swelling. I love praises, I love it when My children gather and praise Me. Through this, I know they recognise all My efforts, all My works on them. As you’re praising Me, as you give Me all the glory, My glory will descend upon you. And if My glory descends upon you, your life will never remain the same again.

My Emphasis

Blessed is the man who knows and value his Creator and attributes everything to Him. He will be prosperous in every area of his life. He is the Source of our lives and without Him, we have no life. If He decides to do otherwise with us, we’ll become a thing of the past. Since we have nothing to offer, nothing to render, the only thing we can offer to Him is our praises. This shows we’re grateful for everything He’s done for us.

The more we praise Him, the more He’ll release His abundance blessing upon us. If we have the attitude of praise in everything, we’ll always overcome whatever comes our way. We’ll have the assurance that no matter what we pass through each day, He’ll neither leave us nor forsake us.

Praise is blessing, praise is healing to our soul. If Satan looks into our heart and see we’ve given all to God, and whatever comes our way, we’ll give all praises to the Creator, he’ll leave us alone. If we could change all our requests to praises, we become untouchable and we’re winners.

My Task For Today

1) I will praise the Lord for the gift of life.
2) I will constitute an attitude of praises in everything.
3) I will always praise God no matter the circumstance.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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