9th June 2018

Multiplication Of Sin

Word From The Father

If you have two cups of water and you give one to someone who needs it, I will return double back to you. As it is for good, so it is for evil. If you commit one sin, it’ll be multiplied five times. If you commit two sins, it’ll become ten. This is why sin covers the whole Earth. No matter how sin covers the whole Earth, that will not change My Word. I Am the Almighty God. Sin is an abomination to Me.

Nobody can blame Me for anything because I know the work I did because of all of you. All of you should check your hands and apportion the blame to yourself. I have shown you the way of holiness and many of you hate it. What else do you expect Me to do? Should I come down and die for you? Far be it! Whatever you put your hands, you’ll live to enjoy it either good or bad.

Any sin you commit will be multiplied by five. It will remain in you until you start producing children. Each child you produce, you’ll share whatever sin in you for them. This is everlasting chain that can never be broken. There are churches everywhere. Why does sin multiply everyday? Because all of you are far from the truth of My Word. You can do anything to get whatever you want, even though you’re serving Me, because your Spirit is dead. I’ve been speaking against sin right from the beginning and I’ll continue to speak about it until the Earth is gone.

How can a man keep himself pure in this world of sin? By yielding to My Spirit in him. If you obey My Word and follow all My Ordinances and Statutes, My Spirit in you will become alive. Until you learn to obey and follow My Law, your Spirit will remain dead. How many people understand this?

I did not kill My Son for you, so that sin can multiply on Earth. I killed Him to reduce sin. If sin continually multiply and you build churches everywhere, you must know your hands are dirty. Your hands are dirty, and you know it! I destroyed the Earth because of sin. I called Abraham because of holiness. I chose Moses because of holiness. I killed My Son because of holiness. All My dealings with this Earth is all about holiness. Until all of you learn how to be holy, peace will be far away from you.

All of you should look around you, in your family, in your place of work, everything you lay your hands upon and judge by yourself if they’re all holy. You cannot surround yourself with dirtiness and still think you’re serving Me. Each day you live in Me must be different from your yesterday. If your holiness doesn’t increase each day, you must know you’ve missed it while you’re still alive.

My Emphasis

As human being, look around you and see if you can see the fear of God. No, all you can see is sin. From the family to the community, from home to the place of work, from home to the market place, everywhere is full of evil. Parents have lost their right over their children. The law of the land has taken power from parents and gave it to their children. Power has been taken away from the husband and handed over to the wife. The world the Father created peacefully has become a habitation of disaster. Unless Jehovah God come down quickly to judge the Earth, every righteous soul will be swallowed.

The body of Christ has become the forum of evil. Holiness is far from the house of the Father. Does it change the Father? Not at all! Even if this Earth turns upside down, the Father still count on the remnant who will stand for Him even to the point of death.

Satan has placed his agents in every key office to make life difficult for the children of the Father. You don’t have your own company where you’ll work. You cannot produce your own food. Your life depends on others to survive. This he uses against the children of the Father everywhere. Arise O Lord God and vindicate the innocent.

Death is gain for those who forsake sin and follow the Law of the Father. Even if death will take you away before your time, because you have the fear of the Father, because you’ve chosen not to eat Babylonians food, your soul will be saved for eternity. But the Father has promised you long life and prosperity even in the midst of turbulence. Therefore, rejoice in the Lord.

Sin is a reproach and a destroyer. Let those who fear the Lord depart from it. Let them wear righteousness as a garment and holiness as a cap on their head. This alone will give them peace in this crooked world, and also lead them home when their journey ends here.

My Task For Today

1) I will flee from sin as much as I can.
2) I will mingle not with the wicked and sinners.
3) I will have the fear of the Father in everything.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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