9th July 2018

Malnourished Children

Word From The Father

If you give proper food to a child, that child will grow normally. But if you feed him with any nonsense food you see around, he’ll grow abnormally. Every food brings growth, but there is certain food for certain age group. You cannot give the food of an adult to a baby. If you do, that baby will have constipation, and you should be ready to face the consequence of what happens next. A mother who saw the best food in the market but decided to buy cheap one because she wanted to save money is a bad mother. She loves money more than her own life. So are the servants in My house. I Am the Almighty God. My eyes move to and fro over the affairs of My children.

As My servant, before you deliver any message to My children, you must ask Me “Father, what do you want Me to teach Your children today”. You cannot just go ahead and teach them whatever you want. As a doctor, if a patient has stomach-ache, will you give him medication for injury on his leg? If a patient has diabetes, will you prescribe medication for mental instability? If you do, you must be ready to face the judge for killing if that man dies because of your mistake. So are My servants.

I called you to work for Me. You didn’t call Me, but I called you. I asked you to bring My children back to Me. For you to bring them back to Me, you must prepare their heart and feed them with the food of holiness, so I could destroy every other food they’ve eaten before they came to Me. But what are you doing? You’re feeding them with the kind of food that’ll make them hang on this Earth. I said My children are lost, I found them and handed them over to you to feed, but you’re giving them the same food they ate that made them lost. Not only that, you’re even teaching them how to go against My will. Will I spare your head?

My Word all of you are reading, I used men like you to write it. Many of them had no life of their own. They suffered so much just to obey Me, so that the coming generation would see something to read, so they wouldn’t lost. All of you count it as nothing. But today, because all of you are living in luxury because of My Son, you think that’s all. Now I come again, I asked somebody to teach you and teach My children. What are you saying? Can you stand against Me? Can you put yourself in contest with Me? If you can, come on and prepare yourself. O you foolish and bling servant! Your eyes are blind, and your ears are deaf. I saw somebody I could use to open your eyes and your ears, but you’re not willing to listen. Yet, you continue to feed My children with your food of sin. Take, feed My children; you said no, that the one you’re giving them is enough for them. Are you the owner of the children? I will judge you and your children!

My Emphasis

Many of us are malnourished already, malnourished because of the kind of doctrines we were taught. If somebody is speaking the truth, we value it no more because we’ve eaten the food we loved, the food that’ll lead us to destruction. The Word of the Father is yes and amen. No adjustment to it! Everything the Father called abominations, this His servants taught us is clean because Jesus has come. Did He abolish the Law of His Father? He gave all glory and honour to the Father while on Earth. The Law and the Word of the Father remain the same forever. Hallelujah!

None of us can stand the wrath of the Almighty if He shows up. None of us can dare taste the cup of His anger. The church is full of so many abominations, abominations of the Father. We have polluted the body of Christ with the doctrine of men, the doctrine of demons. Holiness has departed from the church! No one is holy, therefore, let us continue to commit sin, after all, I am not holy too, I’m only trying my best. This is what the servants of the Father are teaching the children! The Bible says in the Book of Matthew 24:35 that, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” And I Peter 1:16 also says, “Be holy, because I Am holy.”

It was the same thing before Jesus came. When a servant of God committed sin, he will teach his followers to do the same. He may not teach them directly, but he knows how he’ll put it. When a servant of God continually says, ‘God is a merciful God’, you must know that something is wrong somewhere. The same God who is merciful is also a consuming fire. This same Word we don’t value, because of it, many were sawn in two; because of it, many were crucified; because of it, many abandoned their own lives in pursuit of the children of the Father, so they could save just a few. In our own days, we have easy life, freedom to do the work of the Father. At the same time, we also have freedom to commit sin. How I wish servants of God will know just a little out of what I know, so they could quickly turn back from the path they’re treading. They’re on highway to Hellfire. They’ve closed the gate of Heaven against themselves and the children of the Father.

As for you, a true child of God, who have the fear of the Father, run away from sin. Investigate properly the food that’s placed before you. Ask the Spirit of the Father in you ‘Father, should I eat this food’, ‘Father, is this food good for me’. So that your end will not be like that of Eve who saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. See Genesis 3:6. It was a food of destruction!

I pray for you this day that Jehovah God who has called you from darkness into His glorious light will give you adequate light to see the path you’re treading. Remember, any Word of the Father that’s not against sin is a word of demon.

My Task For Today

1) I will investigate the food that’s placed before me either is from God or not.
2) I will purge myself of any strange food I’ve eaten, the food of destruction.
3) I will follow the Father blindly, in holiness and purity of heart.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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