9th August 2018

The Spirit Gives Life

Word From The Father

The body of man is weak because it was taken from the ground. The body belongs to this Earth, but the Spirit of man is powerful because it belongs to Heaven. Many Angels are embedded into human’s Spirit to assist him in everyday life, but you cannot see them. If a man is pure, both his Spirit and those who’re to assist him remain pure. But if he committed sin and strange spirits overtake his life, he becomes impure. If he becomes impure, those who’re embedded into his Spirit will disappear. If they fail to disappear from him, they’ll become impure too. And if they become impure, they’ll join force together with the strange spirits fighting against every good that comes his way. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Holy Father. I Am a Mystery.

The Spirit of a man is a powerful Spirit, angelic body in human body. This makes a man to be a man. Though the Spirit is made weak through the body, yet, the weakness didn’t come as a result of sin. But if a man sinned, the Spirit becomes weaker. And no matter how weak the Spirit becomes, his light can never be dim completely. Every sin a man commits invites another spirit to enter him. As grievous his sin may be, so also powerful the spirit that’ll enter him will be. If the spirit that enters him overpowers his Spirit, he becomes a walking corpse. I Am the Almighty God.

I formed and created various Spirits in various categories, both good and bad. A good Spirit doesn’t enter a man through sin but through holiness. And if a higher spirit of evil enters a man, they overtake his body completely. Though his Spirit is still alive because the breath of life is still in him, but the Spirit is more or less dead. Because the Spirit is still alive, he still communicates with his host, the owner of the body. And if the owner of the body yield to whatever his Spirit tells him, then he’ll know that something is wrong with him. This is where confession and deliverance come in. As he continues to pray, though his Spirit cannot fight against all the strange spirits in him, the Spirit will seek help from above, and Holy Spirit will come to his aid and help him to fight against the strange spirits.

Whenever Holy Spirit comes down to his aid and help him fight the strange spirits, the same Spirit that became as dead when the strange spirits overpowered him will come alive once again. That which a man sees is nothing compares to what he cannot see. There’s a limit to what flesh can see. But there are those whom I gave special gift of seeing. They are the ones who can see into the realm of the Spirit, yet, there’s a limit because of flesh. Everyone who dwells in the body is prone to sin. But if the body is dead to sin, the Spirit is alive. As human being, the deader you’re in the physical, the more alive you are in the Spirit. If your Spirit is alive, then you’re truly alive. But if your Spirit is dead as I said before, though your body is alive, you’re just like a walking corpse because your body becomes a habitation of demons. The life in the Spirit is the real life. I only use your body as a cover for your Spirit because of the nature of this Earth. The more you give yourself to sin, the deader your Spirit becomes. And the more you give yourself to holiness, the more alive your Spirit will be because holiness is where the Spirit draws his strength.

As a Christian, any life you live must be a spiritual life. Though you’re alive physically, you mustn’t allow your physical life to contaminate your Spirit for flesh profits nothing, but the Spirit which is My Spirit gives life. If you’re dead in the flesh, you’re a friend of the Spirit. How can you be dead to the flesh? When you allow absolutely nothing of this Earth to stain your Spirit. There is a distinction between the flesh and the Spirit. I set everything right from the beginning. None of them are enemy to each other. Though the Spirit is powerful, but without the body, you cannot walk the Earth. But because evil has dominated everywhere on Earth, the Spirit finds it hard to maintain his purity. The more the Earth is polluted with evil, the weaker the body becomes. And if the body that carries the Spirit becomes weak because of sin, it will also rob the Spirit. This is why you must dwell on My Word to keep your Spirit stronger and alive at all times.

My Emphasis

Man was created with Spirit, soul and body. The soul carries the Spirit while the body carries the soul. Both Spirit and soul cannot walk around physically. The soul connects the Spirit and body together. Though the Spirit may depart from a man for whichever reason, but the soul must remain in him to keep the body alive physically even when it’s not active.

The more a man allows everything into his body, the weaker the body becomes. And if he allows powerful spirits, demons into his body, his Spirit will be overpowered. If his Spirit is overpowered, every life he lives in the physical becomes a borrowed life, a life of sin, a life of demons. The Spirit connects a man to the Father. In a man’s life, the connection cannot be cut off completely because without the Father which is the Breath in him, he’ll be pronounced dead.

When Jesus Christ was on this Earth, His Disciples experienced so many strange things. Sometimes they would be in the house with the door locked, they would see Jesus entered without opening the door, just like a ghost. They wouldn’t say anything because He was their Master. Sometimes He would be in the house with them, He would disappear suddenly without notice. Many of you have never asked how He managed to escape lots of death plots against Him, even in the midst of the crowd. He always disappeared among them. Those of you from Africa know what a spiritual person can do, especially the old warriors. They could disappear and reappear. If ordinary man could do this, how much more Jesus Christ the Son of Jehovah God Himself. Because He was more of a Spirit than flesh, He could do all these.

The Master Himself declared in the Book of John 6:61-63 when His Disciples doubted His teachings, and some were willing to stop following Him. “When Jesus knew in Himself that His disciples complained about this, He said to them, “Does this offend you? What then if you should see the Son of Man ascend where He was before? It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.”” And He declared again in the Book of John 3:6 that, “That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit.” Because He was born without sin, His Spirit was very active. Even if a man was born with sin like Enoch, the more he lives a life that’s against the flesh, the more active and powerful his Spirit will be.

In conclusion My beloved, let us continue in the race that was set before us, the race of holiness. The more we fall in love with holiness, the more alive, more active and more powerful our Spirit will be. I pray for you this day that the same power that kept Jesus Christ from falling will keep you and grant you abundant grace to be focus and run the race to the end. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will purge myself everyday.
2) I will keep my Spirit alive by shunning and running away from evil.
3) I will yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit at all times.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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