9th April 2018

Demonic Attire

Word From The Father

The physical and spiritual world are interwoven with each other. A man can only judge you by what he sees, but the inside is judged by Me. When Adam and Eve sinned, I made their first clothe for them. When I drove them out of the Garden, they made their own garment. Clothing didn’t come because they sinned. I have already programmed their every action into their Spirit. I Am the Almighty God. Evil is abomination to Me.

When I chose Aaron as My first High Priest to carry out My Ordinance, I stipulated the exact attire his brother Moses should put on him and I made it an Ordinance for his generation after him. In the time of old, every of My servants are recognised by the kinds of clothe they wore. I stipulated exactly the kinds of clothes My children should wear including their leaders. Every department in My house had different kind of attire they should wear. No president or prime minister go around with rags. Rags are meant for those who’re mentally unstable because they reason abnormally. Your garment, your attire tells people the kind of person you are.

When My Son came into the Earth, though I presented Him to the world in another dimension, He had nothing, but people met His needs. Those who fed Him brought several garments for Him. Have you read anywhere He dressed in rags? My eyes are watching all of you especially women. As your heart is, so is your physical appearance. You will always turn My Word upside down to justify your evil heart.

All of you should go and ask yourselves questions! Some of My children who had the revelation of Heaven, did they say they saw people wearing the kind of attire many of you wear today? Have you heard them said it? But this is where you’re coming to. You have polluted yourselves and polluted all My children. Sin is abomination to Me. This was exactly what I asked Moses to teach My children in the Wilderness before crossing over to the Promised Land because I knew it would happen. When My Son came, He didn’t teach them the kinds of attire they should wear because they knew already. Today, many of My female servants and wives of My servants are disgrace to womanhood. They’ve turned themselves to daughters of Jezebel. Jezebel is their mother. They’re working for Satan! They’re disobedient, insubordinate, and evil, and they’re teaching My younger children to do the same. All of you should wait and see what’s coming to befall you.

My Emphasis

If you see a soldier, you know immediately the kind of office be belongs to. If you see a doctor, or a nurse, you know who they are. If you see a priest, you know who he is. All of you should ask yourselves this one question. Why is it that a man will dress in a suit even in hot weather and a woman beside him dress half naked and people are applauding her calling her sexy? To every ungodly action, evil is right behind it!

Those who taught you to come as you are, that Jesus loves you just as you are have closed the gate of Heaven to themselves and open the gate of Hellfire wide for you to enter. The Kingdom of God are meant for the children of obedience not disobedience. Many of you are waiting for Jesus Christ to appear in the sky and take you home. You should wait until then.

I have said it time without number that everything the Father created, He created them to produce children. Demons have children, they have generations. They’re sharing their children into their captives and many of us don’t even know. Whatever the Father says it’s an abomination remains an abomination until He rolls the Earth away. The body of Christ is polluted today because daughters of Jezebel have mingled with daughters of Mary. I pray it’s not too late before many of you realise what you’re doing to yourselves and generations. Repent now before it’s too late.

My Task For Today

1) I will not fail myself and fail the Father.
2) I will go back to the drawing board to make myself presentable as the Father stipulated it in His Word.
3) I will strive to yield to the leading of Holy Spirit in every area.
4) I will not be a destroyer of any soul.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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