8th September 2018

The Power Of Sin - David

Word From The Father

It’s better for Satan not to see any trace of sin in a generation, once he sees it, he’ll always capitalise on it to bring down a man. This was the case with David. Since the day Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden, My children haven’t enjoyed peace. If a man lay with more than one woman in his life time, he’ll share the spirit of sexual immorality for his children. It’s very easy to pray for forgiveness after you committed sin, and it’s very easy for Me to forgive you. Because sin isn’t just an imaginary thing or an object, therefore, the consequence of it will last throughout your generation. I Am the Almighty God. Sin is an abomination to Me.

David was a son who loved and had My fear. Because of his love for women, Satan used it to destroy his glory. At a point in his life, he married six wives and had many children. When he married the widow of Nabal, did Satan penalise him for it? No! But he was waiting for an opportune time. When he was busy fighting his enemies, he had no time to commit sin. But after I subdued his enemies in every area, he had peace to look at naked woman.

When he saw the nakedness of Bathsheba, it ended there. As a King, he should have summoned her and warned her not to bathe in the open anymore. At night, when he went to bed, Satan came to him. Because what the eye sees matters a lot! While he was on his bed, Satan kept bringing the picture of what he saw to his mind. He kept telling him he’s a King and he has power to do and undo. This was why he sent his messenger who brought Bathsheba to him. After he laid with her, she went back to her house. She couldn’t refuse him because every woman of the land wanted to be a queen, and besides, My son was very handsome. Few weeks later, she was pregnant, and she told him about it.

Satan had already planted the baby in the womb of Bathsheba. He knew what would happen. This was why I didn’t allow the child to live after birth because such child wouldn’t have lived a good life. It was the same case with Ishmael whom I allowed to live. I was very proud of My son and Lucifer knew it. When he succeeded in bringing him down with the sin of murder to cover his shame, he committed great sin in My sight. The sin of murder is very powerful. This was why almost all his sons died before his eyes.

Many of you have used David as an example of My love for a man. But all of you failed to look at the negative side of it all. Everything that happened to Solomon was as a result of what his father did. Evil and its consequence never leave. If any of you are wise, you’ll run away from sin as far as you can because the aftermath of sin is deadly and it last for generations.

My Emphasis

David sinned, and the Father still loved him. Many have used this as a reference to justify their life of sin. But they forgot everything that happened to David after he committed sin. Who can pray that his children should murder each other while he’s alive? Even the son that took over his throne was from adulterous woman. Though the Father’s love was upon his son, but the sin of his father would rob him of peace.

David was an orator. He was a Prophet and a King. He had many qualities that surpasses those who have lived before him and after him. He loved the Father with all his heart. This love was also visible when Prophet Nathan delivered the Father’s judgement upon him. He recognised his sin as sin. With all the evil that befall his children, he knew they were suffering the consequence of his sin, and he took responsibility for everything that happened to them.

Right from the day Bathsheba came into his life, his life turned upside down completely. He had no peace anymore because evil must take its place. The Kingdom that was divided during the reign of Solomon was because of David’s sin. Today, David is in Heaven. The Father loved him so much and if not for what happened to him, He would have sent him to this Earth again. But the Father dares not send him because the same demon that stood on his case when he was on Earth is still here and will recognise him immediately he appears. If he comes back to this Earth, he will hang here because they’ll do everything to make him hang, not to go back to Heaven.

Some of the personalities in the Bible were sent to this Earth the second time, but they weren’t able to go back to Heaven because Satan hijacked them as a result of the sin they committed. This is why the Father is weary of sending others to come down to this Earth. Sin is very powerful! It’s better for it not to happen, once it happens, only the Father can control it.

My dear beloved, partakers of the heavenly blessings, count yourself lucky to know the heart of the Father. Count yourself lucky to know what the Father hates, so that you can know your right from your left. The Father loves you so much, this is why He’s telling you to run away from sin, so that your Spirit can go back to Him whenever you finish your journey here. I pray that the power of Jehovah God will uphold you and keep you from falling in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will judge myself every day to know where I stand.
2) I will purge myself every day and give no room for Satan to rule my life.
3) I will live my life in the Word of the Father alone.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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