8th October 2018

When I Refuse To Act

Word From The Father

When the action of a man overshadows his sense of reasoning, he feels everything he does is alright, it’s okay. If it backfires, he begins to cry and pray to Me. But if he had weighed his action before executing it, he wouldn’t have fall into the trouble that warranted him crying and praying to Me. If you fall into a deep pit, you’ll cry loud for help hoping somebody will hear your cry and rescue you. If you’re lucky enough, someone will come to your rescue. If you’re not lucky, that’s where you’ll meet your end. But if you believe in miracle, I will rescue you only if I know you didn’t fall into the pit by following your own heart. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am the only One who rescue and deliver.

When Jacob followed the desire of his mother, what happened to him? He suffered! His sin turned him into a slave. He became a slave to his uncle. While he was there, he was crying to Me and because of My Covenant with Abraham, and he as the heir of the Covenant, I came to his rescue. If I hadn’t come, he would have been a slave to Laban forever. I gave him wisdom what he would do so he could have his own livestock because his uncle cheated him greatly. By the end of the day, his uncle thought he stole his flocks, but he didn’t steal. I was the One that did everything to favour him.

When Daniel was thrown into the den of lion, he didn’t know what would happen to him, but he had the assurance he wouldn’t die. I rescued him. When his friends exercised their faith in Me, I didn’t disappoint them either. I rescued them. But many people fall into similar predicament and nobody to rescue them. I Am the Almighty God and nobody will dictate for Me.

Many of you love to follow your heart because you think I’ll come to your rescue if you cry out to Me. Many were disappointed! I didn’t rescue them because I Am not a foolish Father. You cannot deliberately go on your own way and think I’ll rescue you if you cry to Me. No, you’ll die there. Hence you follow the desire of your heart willingly, you should also enjoy the pain that follows willingly.

Miracle, healing, and deliverance come after you’ve sinned. If you don’t go on your own way, you’ll not cry to somebody to help you. For example, if you’re not ill, you won’t go around seeking for healing. If you don’t lose your blessing, you won’t go around seeking for miracle. If you’re not possessed by demons, you won’t go around seeking for deliverance. How many should I count? If you cry to Me and I answer you instantly, you should count yourself lucky because not everyone has such opportunity. Many of My children trusted in Me and I didn’t rescue them. I didn’t rescue them based on My Law. If your sin is more than holiness, you’re lucky if you don’t lose your life when the consequence comes. Where was I when they killed all the Disciples of My Son? Where was I when they killed many of My Prophets? I Am the Almighty God and you cannot predict My action at all. Your Spirit is more important to Me than anything. Many people were ill, they fasted and prayed hoping I would heal them, but they were disappointed and died. This wasn’t all, they also went to Hellfire. If you know the truth, the truth shall set you free only if you recognise your wrong as wrong and follow the right process which I laid down long time ago. You must open your mouth and confess. This is the only way.

My Emphasis

Many Christians believe in a God who will always do whatever they need. They believe in a God who will always answer their prayers. They think Christianity is all about praying to God, asking Him for what you don’t have. This is why their prayer is only based on Matthew 7:7 which says, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Due to their desperation, servants of God on the other hand cajole them into sowing a seed.

The Father is a just Father and many times you’ll be disappointed because of what you’ll see. A young girl who prayed earnestly for the healing of her sick father met with disappointment when he finally died. He believed in a God who will always heal whenever you ask for it. Many Christians are of this notion. They neither know nor understand that the Father only deals with Spirits, not flesh. Whenever the case of a man is judged in the spiritual realm, whatever the judgement is will manifest physically and people only see this manifestation. My father was sick, I prayed for his healing, but he died. They don’t know why he died. Individual case is judged on its own merit. It depends on the kind of sin that man committed. If the spirit which is attached to his sickness has overtaken his body completely, he will die because if the Father wants to begin to cleanse him, he can’t stand the pain. Therefore, he will die. If he is judged and his holiness supersedes his sin, he’ll enter Heaven.

Many Christians love to judge their case before the Father like Job. They love to justify themselves whenever they’re in one trouble or another. The Father is a Spirit, and He only deals with Spirits. If He deals with flesh, no human being on this Earth will go to Hellfire. Never! The Spirit in a man is what makes him to be a man. If the Spirit in him meets the percentage requires to enter Heaven, he will enter whenever he dies. The body is only the shelter for the Spirit. If demons are in a man, the body will be their shelter as well. Though people only see a man, but the Father knows every Spirit that lives in him either good or bad.

The Father is a Father that loves challenge. If you’re in the Father and the Father is in you, whoever challenges you challenges the Father. The Father will prove Himself to such fellow. This can only happen if your hands are clean. Many people put their trust in the Father, hoping He’ll act on their behalf. If your hands are dirty, how can you expect the Father to fight for you? The Father is a Holy Father, not a dirty Father. Therefore, if you want anything from the Father, then you must be holy. You must obey His Ordinance and Statutes. That’s when He’ll stand for you in every area. I pray for you that the Holy Spirit will empower your Spirit to overpower every power of spiritual slavery in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for mercy for serving Him in my ignorance.
2) I will focus all my attention on Heaven alone.
3) I will not allow the trouble of this Earth to envelope me away from the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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