8th March 2018

Light After Darkness

Word From Jesus Christ

If you’re facing any challenges in life, rejoice, because I passed through it before you. Your present circumstance or situation cannot determine how your tomorrow would be. When I was on this Earth, when My moment of darkness came, it was very tough. I Am your Redeemer, the One who died for you.

When I was arrested, those who arrested Me were rejoicing. As they were crucifying Me, they were laughing and celebrating, but My Father was sorrowful because of Me. It was very painful to Him because He couldn’t turn back the hand of the clock. I was suffering and in deep pains. Look at Me My son, it’s not easy. I was in pains, but they were rejoicing, mocking Me. It was a moment of gloom and darkness. The whole Heaven was in total silence and in sorrow. There was darkness in Heaven because of Me. I didn’t eat any food, they were beating Me. In addition to it, they nailed Me to that cross. It wasn’t easy My Son! It’s very painful! My Father and all the Host of Heaven were worried about Me. But it all last only a moment. As I closed My eyes in death, I ascended to Heaven and My Father and the whole Heaven rejoiced at My arrival. I descended back to Earth with the Angel who came to carry My body. I descended to the Dark-Planet to sign all the necessary documents. Then I ascended back to Earth and appeared to many. My moment of darkness was over and forgotten, it’s now My moment of rejoicing.

No matter what you’re passing through, I Am the Answer. I died for you for this reason. I Am your Solution. Bad moments don’t last forever. My own moment of darkness lasted only a moment. Yours will not last long too. A new song you shall sing because you put your trust in Me and My Father. Your present situation won’t kill you, it will only make you stronger. No matter how thick darkness may envelope you, I Am the Light of the world and the Light of every life, I will shine My light upon you and every darkness will disappear.

My Emphasis

A homeless man for twenty years who found himself living in a mansion suddenly would forget everything he’s gone through. Why? Because his time of peace and abundance has come! Hardship, suffering and all manner of humiliation were gone and gone for good. While he was homeless, some people might have spat on him. Some might have even urinated on him. What a humiliating life! But when the appointed time came, he put everything behind him.

Hardship and suffering don’t kill those who’re destined for greatness! They only make them gain more experience of life. Whatever they’ve gone through will become the bedrock of their strength. My dear Friend, know it for sure you have a brighter and glorious future ahead of you. Hope, life, and prosperity are all found in our Lord Jesus Christ. If you surrender yourself to Him even in your darkest hour, He will be with you and guide you out of darkness and usher you into light through His light.

Job went through terrible and horrible time. He suffered emotional distress for years. But Jehovah God didn’t abandon him in his poor state. Instead, He guided him out of his problem by His power. Our Lord was in the grave, but the Father resurrected Him by His power. The same power that raise Jesus Christ from the death is available today. Just cast your burden upon Jesus and the rest would be a story.

My Task For Today

1) I will let the joy of the Lord flow through my soul.
2) I will give no room for hopelessness because I know my Redeemer lives, and even in death, He will redeem my soul.
3) I will close my ears to the outside world because they have nothing to offer.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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