8th July 2018

The Thief On The Cross

Word From The Father

If I gave any Ordinance, My Ordinance is not what any of you should put on the platter of debate. I Am the Almighty God. I know more than all of you. The spiritual side of every life you live each day matters a lot. Are you the one that created Me, or I Am the One that created you? Can you dictate for Me? All of you should be mindful of what you say when it comes to My Word. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. Holiness is all I need from all My children.

The thief on the cross paid with his own life. He confessed the little he could confess even in his pains. He admitted what he did, he suffered the consequence of his sin by paying with his own blood. His life, his sin ended at death. He confessed he was a thief, suffering for what he had done, but Jesus was an innocent Man suffering for what He didn’t do. He asked Him to remember him when He gets to His Kingdom. He wasn’t born a thief. Something happened in his family and generation that made hardship and poverty ravaged them. This was why he became a thief. His own case was settled at death because he shed his own blood.

As for you, you have many years to live. I gave you Ordinance of confession. This is the key to Heaven. Any life you’ve lived before continually live on in you, not only you, but your children and their generation as well. Haven’t you heard before that a little girl woke up in the morning and said ‘mummy, I saw your mother’. The little girl didn’t see her grandmother but a demon. The demon came to introduce herself to the girl, so she could continue her activity in her life. The grandmother committed sin and failed to confess it before she died.

Unconfessed sin is the reason for many problems all of you face on this Earth. Generation goes, generation comes, the Earth remains the same. But the kind of life a generation lived could determine how the next one would be. All of you don’t know anything. Those of you who have given your lives to My Son should empty your bottle before it’s too late. I gave you that bottle empty and clean and I want it back the same way I gave it to you.

If you say you’ve given your life to Jesus Christ and there’s no need for confession, the end shall tell who’s right and who’s wrong. If you’re the one that owns Heaven or I’m the One, We shall know whenever you die. My Word is powerful, and no one stands against it. If you willingly disobey Me, you’ll pay for it. Why is it difficult for you to confess your sin? My Son, your Saviour was crucified naked. He passed through all stages of humiliation because of you. As My servant, you must carry that microphone in your hand and confess your sins to your congregation. This is the only way I will pardon you.

My Emphasis

Many Christians have put this issue on debate several times. We’re not to dictate for the Father. Whatever Law or Ordinance He gave to us must be followed willingly and with all respect and dignity. We’re the works of His hands. We didn’t give birth to Him, but He gave birth to us. No matter how wise a child thinks he is, he cannot be wiser than his father because the experience of life he has is enormous.

Anyone who suffered the consequence of his sin with his own blood, if such person accepted Jesus Christ before he’s killed, his soul shall be saved. The demons have taken his blood and are satisfied, but Jesus Christ will receive his soul. But if he was sentenced to death and failed to accept Jesus Christ, though the demons sucked his blood, his soul will still suffer wherever he goes unless Jesus Christ atone for his sin. And if he comes back to live on this Earth again, the demons will continue where they stopped.

The thief on the cross was already humiliated. Therefore, he admitted his wrong. The fact that his life ended close the door for the demons to work upon him any longer. This is why it’s very important to preach to those who’re in the prison, or those awaiting execution, so that though they suffer death, their soul will be saved in the end.

But for those who have their freedom, you must confess your past sins openly. This is the Ordinance of the Father and there’s no cutting corners. If you have a spirit of witchcraft and you’re ashamed to confess it out, you must know what you’re doing to yourself. If you’ve taken somebody’s cup before, you’re guilty of Hellfire because of that cup. What happened to Achan and his family?

Therefore, my dear friends, it’s a dangerous thing to undermine the Word of the Almighty. If we have faith in the Father and His Son, we must also have faith in Their Word. There is no humiliation that’s more than that of Jesus Christ. Remember that bad news only lasts a moment, but not forever. Those who humiliated Jesus Christ, their generation is still paying for the consequence today. It is a gain for Satan when you committed sin and close your mouth and a disgrace for you, but if you open up your mouth and release it, it’s a shame and disgrace for them and a promotion for you. I pray that God in His infinite mercy will give you the boldness to do what’s right, so that your soul wouldn’t suffer in the end.

My Task For Today

1) I will follow every Word of the Father obediently.
2) I will confess my sins always no matter how hard it may be.
3) I will run away from sin and live a holy and righteous life.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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