8th August 2018

Respect My Anointed

Word From The Father

I Am the Master Builder. I have different kinds of tools, and each tool is used for different purposes, yet, they’re all very important to Me. I have different kinds of vessels, some unto honour and some unto dishonour. I determine each and every one of them. I have different servants. There are Prophets, and there are Prophets. There are Pastors, and there are pastors. In a forum of Chief Executive Officers, everyone has the same title, yet, they’re more powerful than each other because of the size of the company they head. I was the One that chose Moses and Aaron, yet, one is above the other. There are Prophets of Prophets and Pastors of Pastors. Whichever work I do is perfect. Nobody can fault Me because I Am not flesh. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name.

After Gabriel My Servant visited Mary, she rose up to visit Elizabeth as a confirmation of what she has heard. Mary was already pregnant when she visited Elizabeth. As she walked into the house with excitement, when Elizabeth heard her greetings from behind the walls, something happened in her womb. The baby in her womb bowed down for the baby in the womb of Mary. Mary carried My Son while Elizabeth carried My Messenger. One is above the other. Though They were both unborn babies, yet, They were grown up adults in Heaven before coming down to this Earth and They recognised each other spiritually. This was why John bowed down to My Son immediately he saw Him. Remember that the same John was once Prophet Elijah.

When They were born, as adult in the Ministry, one must go down for the Other to rise. When John was arrested, having testified before people that My Son was the Messiah, because Satan poured discouragement into his heart, he said what he shouldn’t have said. For Satan not to take him further, I had to withdraw him back immediately. What he said was also a disrespect to his Superior. Therefore, he had to die. This was why he was beheaded. I Am the Almighty God. Nobody goes against My Word and My will either in Heaven or on Earth.

A lot of things all of you do in My church today, nobody dare try such in Heaven. In a family with many children in the house, if one is older than the other with just two months, the younger must respect his senior. This is how Heaven is. As it is in Heaven, so I want all My children on this Earth to be. Many of you lack respect! I may use a junior servant to rebuke the senior. However, if he disrespects the senior because of that, I can cut him off suddenly.

Many of you will open your mouth and abuse My servants because you know how to speak. Even if he’s not up to the age of your father, the fact that he’s My servant alone placed him above your father. But you call yourself a Christian! Is that what you were taught? Haven’t you read in your Bible that you shouldn’t touch My anointed either with your hands or your tongue? Many of you share different kinds of messages judging My servants. Are they your servants? Are you the one that send them message? I will judge your heart and your filthy tongue.

When I asked Prophet Samuel to anoint David as King over My children because I rejected Saul, as Saul was chasing him around to kill him, when he finally had the opportunity where he should have killed Saul, what did he do? He refrained himself! He refrained himself because he had My fear. All of you should fear Me in all your ways.

My Emphasis

A newly ordained Pastor was once bragging that now he’s a Pastor like his General Overseer. Can you compare just a Pastor with a General Overseer? A Pastor oversees a branch of a church while the General Overseer oversees the entire church both nationally and internationally. You can see clearly that humility has departed amongst the children of the Father, especially His servants.

A junior Pastor can bypass his Senior Pastor and report directly to his superior. In the military, there’s always a chain of command. A soldier cannot bypass his commander to act. If not, he’s looking for trouble. The body of Christ is more than the military. In a church where the Spirit of the Father is highly present, death is closer to whosoever misbehaves.

Miriam was a Prophetess among the Israelites, and an elder sister to Moses. When she spoke against Moses because of his previous wife, what did the Father do to her? Did He spare her because she was Moses’s sister? No! She became a leper. Had Moses not interceded on her behalf, she would have died. But this was a close relative, how much more a non-relative.

A lot of things happened on account of Jesus Christ. Do you know how many people the Father destroyed because of Jesus Christ? Many things happened which were not recorded anywhere for people to read. In those days, a child is nurtured and trained not only by his parents, but by every adult in the neighbourhood. A child may do some things and you want to correct him as a child. Those who tried such thing with Jesus Christ paid with their lives. Right from the very day He appeared on this Earth, the Father didn’t leave Him alone. He was always with Him. The only time He didn’t feel the presence of the Father was when He turned His face away because of the horror He was passing through. Any servant of God who receives direct command from the Father shouldn’t be joke with because if he dares get angry, the Father will act.

When some youths mocked Elijah by shouting on him “Go up, you baldhead! Go up, you baldhead!”, when he turned back in anger, what happened afterwards? Females bears came out of nowhere and killed forty-two of them. If the children were trained how to respect their elders, they would have kept their lives. They insulted their elder, not only elder, a Prophet of the Father for that matter. This is the same thing many of you do on social media. Do you think it ends there? It’s waiting for you whenever you die because if you insulted any servant of the Father, you insulted the Father Himself.

Those who have given their lives to Jesus Christ should refrain completely from the way of the world. Let humility flow in your heart like a river. Pride comes before fall and humility comes before promotion. Every Word of the Father must be honoured! The Father is watching every step you take either good or bad. I pray for you this day that Jehovah God will purify your heart and your tongue with His fire in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will respect the anointed of the Father no matter how young he or she may be.
2) I will not allow my tongue to drag me into evil.
3) I will honour every Word of the Father as long as I live.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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