7th September 2018

The Power Of Sin - Solomon

Word From The Father

Before Solomon was born, I’ve already bestowed My love and blessing upon him. He was a covenant child. But when he was born, sin was already waiting for his arrival. Whatever sin parents committed will rob their children of peace if care is not taken. I Am the Almighty God. I hate sin, I hate evil. Evil is an abomination to Me.

Solomon was a man I gave enormous wisdom, knowledge and understanding. His wisdom surpassed those who lived before and after him. I gave him ears to hear the language of animals and plants. He had great wisdom. His judgement is extra ordinary. Because of his father’s love for Me, I showered him with everything including fame and wealth. He too loved Me, but when sin mingled with one’s Spirit, everything will become hard.

When he started marrying wives like his father David, he didn’t stop at all. At the beginning, when he married the daughter of Pharaoh, he had good intension. He was a man of peace. But he didn’t know that no matter how much I gave him wisdom, there’s still a limit because he’s flesh. He shouldn’t have married the daughter of an Egyptian at all. As a King, whatever step you take, Satan is watching you. If you’re not careful, you’ll drown before you even realise it.

He married many women more than his fathers! All the nations I asked them to abhor, he married their daughters. It came to a point that whenever he closed his eyes, they were the ones he was seeing. Why? Because they were demons! If I asked you to abhor somebody, will you go there and marry his daughter? When I asked Abraham to send Ishmael away, why did he married another wife and gave birth to other children again? As a man, once you’ve committed sin before I called you, you’re the one who will take care of yourself, so that your sin will not sow evil into your blessing.

The soul of Solomon was terrorised to the point of death. The demons took his heart away. Sex is powerful and if you lay with a demon, who will deliver you? Nobody has power over evil. I Am the only One who can tame demons. I Am the only One who can put an end to their work in a man’s life. This is why I pity many of you who claim you’re serving Me but use women to surround yourselves everywhere. You don’t know those you use to surround yourselves. You surround yourselves with demons! Everything I’m asking all of you not to do is the mistakes that your fathers did. I don’t want you to make similar mistake, so that the Earth can give you and your generation peace.

My Emphasis

King Solomon was a man of wisdom. The Father blessed him in every area. He was an explorer, explorer of both good and evil. If he’s alive to speak today, he’ll tell you the deep down of sin because he passed through it. And any Christian who finds himself in association with strange women doesn’t know what he’s doing to his soul. What other sin did Solomon committed? Did he kill somebody and took his wife like his father? He killed nobody! All the women were all over him wherever he went. But he didn’t know that the spirit of sexual immorality he inherited from his parents was the one who connected all the evil women to him.

At a point, he taught they loved him, but before he could realise it, it was too late. Can you befriend evil? Evil can only be your friend for a while if you please the Father. The very moment you cross your boundary, that’s when you’ll know that no man can ever befriend demons.

If a man has more than one wife, his soul will become entangled with the things of this Earth. And if any of the women he married is evil, especially witchcraft, then he’s doomed. This happened to many servants of the Father in the time of old. Some married only one wife, but the wife they married wasn’t whom they should have married. Some of the Disciples of Jesus Christ passed through it as well. This was why they abandoned their wives and children and followed Jesus Christ.

The things of spiritual should not and must not be judged physically. If you do, you’ll miss it completely. Some people’s lives are like a man who saw serpent and purposely put his tongue into her mouth. Her venom alone will poison his soul to death. This was the case with Solomon. All the altars his father desecrated, he went ahead and consecrated them again because of his strange wives. A man who singlehandedly built a temple for the Father later went ahead and married demons as wives. And he also built temples for them. What happened to the wisdom given to him by the Father? Satan also used the wisdom in him to bring him down.

Beloved of the Father, sin has no remedy! If you’ve given your life to Jesus Christ, remain on that path, do not deviate from it. You cannot do good and evil at the same time. When Nadab and Abihu, the first two sons of Aaron thought that evil was just a mere thing, fire consumed them in the presence of the Father. I admonish you this day to recognise sin as sin and flee from it. You don’t have the power to fight. It’s better to run than to engage evil in warfare because you cannot stand what you’ll see. Keep your garment pure and undefiled. May the grace of the Father be with you. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will always ask the Father for forgiveness because I’m a sinner.
2) I will emulate nobody but only Jesus Christ because all men are sinners.
3) I will live my life in fear of the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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