7th November 2018

Ungodly Associtation

Word From The Father

If you’re ignorant of something, then I know you’re ignorant of it, and whatever happens, I can defend you and fight for you. However, if you have the knowledge of it and you do it willingly and adamantly, that means you’re testing Me, and I can neither defend you nor fight for you. You’re on your own, and you will manage whatever you see. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Holy Father. I hate disobedient heart. I hate evil heart.

It is said that he who falls into a pit becomes an example for others. If you had a problem and you see someone who’s about falling into such a problem, what will you do? You’ll quickly run to that person to render your advice so that he won’t fall into that problem. Many of you will not listen because you’re the ones that own yourself. You believe since he could come out of that pit, you too can come out. Who do you think you are? If there’s nobody to alert you of the danger, I will understand your case. But if somebody alerted you and you still fall into that pit willingly and adamantly, I will not rescue you; I will be looking at you. Whatever damage you inflict on yourself, you’ll live with it.

It’s too late for the mouth to open after the head is cut off. You can open your mouth while your head is still alive. Once your head is off, sorry for you, there’s nothing else you can do. I Am a Father, and I hate when My children are crying and weeping. If I warn you and you fail to listen to Me, I will not answer even if you shed blood from your eyes. Every sin you commit day-by-day, you give Me extra work to do. All of you are joking and toiling with sin. If I asked you to stay clear of a particular situation, then stay clear. If you refuse to hearken to My voice, I will laugh at you whenever you’re weeping blood.

Can you tame evil? Can you shut up demons at will? How many legs do you have? Can you compete in a dancing competition with someone who has five legs? This is what many of you are doing and you think you’re wise not knowing you’re foolish. Many people are looking for someone to lead them, but they don’t have the opportunity. However, those among you who have such opportunity, who has My true servant to lead you misuse the opportunity. Whatever happens to you in your disobedience, you’ll use your own head to carry it. I Am the Almighty God and I Am not a wicked Father. But many of you are wicked children. If I asked you not to associate with evil people and you fail to listen, I will sweep you away with them when My time is ripe. Then it will be said of you, when a sinner is being punished, the righteous partake from it. You’re not righteous, you’re only foolish and you die in your foolishness, in your disobedience.

I Am the Almighty God and I can speak for twenty years without carrying it out. All of you will think, yeah, that’s how the Prophets always speak, they’re liars. Only one day will change the whole story. Just a day will change everything. Who can predict My action? Who can order Me to act? I Am the One who control Myself. I answer to nobody. If I choose not to act, it’s My own decision, and nobody can force Me to act. And if I choose to act, it’s also My decision, and nobody will force Me to stop. My name is Jehovah and I do as My heart desires. If you obey My Word, you obey it for yourself, for your own good. And if you disobey My Word, you disobey it for yourself. If calamity and disaster is falling upon the children of disobedient, you’ll partake from it because you too are children of disobedient, worse than those who don’t have My knowledge.

My Emphasis

When Jacob and his children fled from Laban, instead of them going straight to Bethel and fulfil the vow their father made to Jehovah God, they went to Shechem where Dinah his only daughter was defiled. This led to the slaughter of the entire men of Shechem. As a young girl, a young virgin who had her family around her, what was she doing with the daughters of the land? This was a family whom the Father had already made Covenant with. Why should she go to them in the first place? Because the sin of Jacob her father was working against her. If she had kept her place, she wouldn’t have experienced such a horrific act and face the shame that followed. (See Genesis 34).

Show me your friends, and I’ll know the kind of person you are. People can easily judge you and judge your character based on those you associate with. Blessed is he who associates with the wise because he will increase in wisdom, but he who associates with fools shall be called a fool. Blessed is he who associate with the righteous for the light of the Spirit of holiness shall shine upon him, and his light shall never grow dim, but he who associates with the wicked shall be cut off suddenly from the land of the living.

If you’re genuinely born again, and you keep moving with evil people, ungodly people, the light of holiness in you will be dimmed. The Bible says in the Book of Psalms 1:1 that, “Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful.” If you want to keep the fire of holiness in you burning, you must disassociate yourself from every ungodly people no matter how close they are to you. What kind of union is between darkness and light or between righteousness and unrighteousness? Every child of light walks in the light and Jesus is the Light, and every child of darkness walk in darkness and Satan is darkness.

If you claim you’re born again, people will only judge you by what they see; they cannot judge your heart. Only the Father can judge your heart. And if your heart is pure and holy, this holiness will ooze out of your inside to your outside. People will be able to see it. It’s like perfume that doesn’t speak, but through its distinctive scent, people can feel it in you. So is holiness, holiness neither speak nor shouts, but through your conduct and character, people will see it and give glory to the Father. Unfortunately, the name of the Father is being blasphemed because of you. Physically, you’re a Christian, but spiritually you’re of the world. You love darkness than light. If you love anyone who loves darkness, you’re automatically of darkness because your light will become dim.

If anyone who gives his life to Jesus Christ, He’ll remove darkness from him and wash him clean. If your white robe was dirty and you just washed it, you’ll always run away from anyone who carries charcoal. If Jesus Christ has forgiven you your sins and washed you with His blood, you must maintain it at all cost. This is the only way Satan cannot stain your garment again. I charge you, therefore, to disassociate yourself from every ungodly person so that you can remain focus on your journey. My prayers for you this day is that Jesus Christ the Light of the world and the Light of life will shine forth His light upon you and remove every darkness away from your life in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will disassociate myself from every ungodly person.
2) I will not allow my light to be dimmed again because I once walked in darkness.
3) I will not delay in speaking the Word of holiness to everyone that comes across my way, else, the Spirit of holiness in me will disappear.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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