7th May 2018

When Money Is Gone

Word From The Father

If there is money, you will not experience many things because you’ll live in comfort. But when money is gone, then your true nature will be exposed, and everybody will know who you are. I Am the Almighty God. Evil is an abomination to Me.

I said you should trained your children in My way, not in your own way, so that they will know that life is not about comfort. If you use money to train your children, what will they do if money is no more there? Money has its own spirit. All of you use money, comfort to train your children. I Am not a wicked Father. I love it when you’re progressing in Me. If you recognise Me as your Father, no matter how I bless you, you’ll still remain in Me. But if you don’t recognise Me as your Father and you live in comfort, what will happen when comfort is gone? I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Mighty Man In Battle. Nobody can destroy My Word.

If somebody is possessed by demons, and you’re spending money on him, pampering him, what will he do if there’s no money? I Am the Almighty God. My Word will never return back to Me. Every Word I spoke concerning this Earth will surely come to pass. All of you are breeding demons every day; you’re breeding serpents, lions, and tigers and you call them children. Yes, they’re children because you have money to care for them as you want. By the time I take away the money, then the true nature of the kind of children you’ve produced will be exposed.

Why did I drive Lucifer away from Heaven? All the demons I drove away now live inside your children because you failed to train them in My way. If somebody is mentally unstable and you’re giving him medications to swallow to suppress the power of the demons in him because you have money to buy medications, when there’s no more money, what will happen to him? He will run wild like a lion in the desert. Can you suppress the power of demons? You’re only killing the body of that child.

Every Word I spoke concerning each nation will surely come to pass. I Am not a wicked Father. All of you are disobedient children. Very soon, all of you will know who the Owner of this Earth is. I Am the Owner of the money and when I take it away, all of you will see the kinds of demons you’ve produced. They will run wild everywhere. How many will you lock up in the prison? Your prisons and hospitals will full up to the extent nowhere to keep them. You cannot ignore My Word and think you’ll have peace. I Am only buying time because fire will soon burn on this Earth.

My Emphasis

If a child has the knowledge of his Creator, he will know that comfort is not the most important thing in life, but the fear of the Almighty. I have said it times without number that those who live in a remote village in Africa are far better than those living in the Western world. They have no connection with the Father and they don’t want because that’s how they were brought up.

If Europe live in poverty for a year, everywhere will scatter because the children don’t know any other life different from what they know now. The generation that experienced II World War have almost died out. This present generation have no life at all unless the Father intervenes. And if He does, everything must first of all scatter before it can normalise again. But in doing this, millions of souls must have died.

I am therefore appealing to the household of the Father, those who have given their lives to Jesus to go back to the basics. The fear of the Father is the beginning of wisdom and only fools run away from it. Teach your children in the way of the Lord and give no room to demons to use your children as their hosts. Teach them what the Father wants, so that when the day of calamity comes, which is now approaching, they will escape the wrath of the Father.

My Task For Today

1) I will teach my children the fear of the Father.
2) I will give no room for Satan to invade the lives of my children.
3) I will live within my means and train my children how to live a contented life.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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