7th June 2018

When Hagar Rules

Word From The Father

When Abraham wandered to Egypt, they gave Sarah a maid called Hagar. She was a young and beautiful woman. When Pharaoh wanted to take My son’s wife from him, I proved Myself and they were afraid of him. They quickly drove out My son and everything he had out of their country because they were afraid of them. They also drove out Hagar with them. But what happened behind the scene at that time still affect the Earth today. I Am the Almighty God. In Me there is no evil.

I promised Abraham to make him father of many nations, but he had no child. The same person that caused famine that made him wandered to Egypt also connected Hagar to him through Sarah, so he could destroy the Covenant I made with him. When she became pregnant, everything changed. The same girl who treated Sarah like her mother became unruly. She started behaving like Abraham’s wife. A sweet home then turned sour.

Many of you are foolish in your reasoning, the reasoning of demons. Some of you women, somebody’s wife, have single ladies as friends. Once you call yourself a Christian, your thinking and reasoning must change. You don’t take decision anyhow because somebody lurks in a corner waiting to strike. Why? Because he hates what’s good.

If you give any room to Satan, he will not hesitate to use it for his own advantage. Many homes have been destroyed because they lack wisdom. If a sister could take over her sister’s husband, how much more a stranger. Some would even take their mother’s husband because she gave birth to her for another man. Evil smells everywhere.

Whenever many of you heard that My servant impregnated a woman, you’ll open your mouth to judge what you don’t know. A wife could connect a strange woman to her own husband simply because she wants to bring him down. Everything is done spiritually. Who do you think such woman is? But she’s married to My servant! How do you think his life and ministry will be? This is what’s going on everywhere and I keep quiet. Will I keep quiet forever?

This is why I always capitalise on holiness. It is too late for the mouth to open after the head is already off. If you marry an evil woman, if she doesn’t do you evil in the morning, she will carry out her evil in the evening. But if you wait upon Me before you choose, I’ll give you the best. Many of you are suffering and you have nobody to talk to. Not everything My servants can understand unless I reveal.

My Emphasis

Many servants of the Father have impregnated some of their church members. Not just ordinary church members, but closed ones. Satan doesn’t act anyhow. Before he acts, he must have seen what he could use inside you. This will be the foundation upon which he would lay his destructive castle. Human being will only believe what they can see, but what’s invisible controls everything.

A DNA test will only confirm either a baby belongs to a man or not. A DNA test cannot prove how the baby got there. A DNA test cannot tell if Satan was the one that put the baby there or not. The spiritual side of life is very complex and you cannot know except God reveals. If many of you agree that water and milk that comes out of a man cannot produce children, then you’ll also understand where such confusion children come from.

It wasn’t easy for Abraham when the Father asked him to send Ishmael away. If he had known that Hagar would sow evil seed into the Covenant the Father made with him, he would have rejected her instantly. But Sarah herself was the main author who started the whole show. She was discouraged, made up her mind to leave Abraham and settle for Pharaoh, but the Father intervened because He had brought Abraham a long way. How many people have such opportunity? This is why the Father always give His chosen ones greater grace to go on the journey. The Father once told Me that seventy-five percent of women have such spirit like Hagar. She wasn’t a bad woman, but the spirit in her became a tool for the use of Lucifer when he wanted to hurt Abraham. This is why all of you should know and understand that any servant of God that impregnated another woman outside his marriage will only produce demon because Satan is the one who will plant the baby into the womb of the woman to disgrace him.

My conclusion, hold on to every Law, Ordinance and Word of the Father. This is the only way we can overcome the snare of the evil one.

My Task For Today

1) I will hold on to the truth in everything.
2) I will follow every Word of the Father no matter how hard it is.
3) I will evaluate myself every time to know where I stand.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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